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  • Can we get a better view of the slave pens? Maybe general estimation of numbers? Anyone look familiar?

Yes, see above, and yes - one of the pens holds a handful of men (and one woman) who look oddly well fed and /very/ well worked over. One of them is cradling an arm that looks like it might be broken. Two more have broken noses, and several have deep gashes on arms and legs and abdomen. They're not clad in anything so obvious as body armor or uniforms, but closer inspection suggests that under all that dirt and blood, they're Sterling's missing military team.

  • What's the guard situation look like?

See above.

  • Does it look like there are active auctions going on at the moment?*

See above

  • What's the activity around the slave pens? Are people freely moving around in that area, or are non-slaves kept away?

Moving freely, checking out the wares. In addition to the guards at the pens, each pen has a handler who'll bring a slave over for up close and personal inspection on request, if you're registered as a buyer.

  • Since Will can get closest, can he get any more specific info about what's going on from actual chatter?

Chatter suggests an auction tonight, a lot of bickering over prices. He can probably pick up that everyone in the slave pens is human - no mutants.