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Our target is the abandoned Rainbow Hotel and Casino. From the outside, it looks abandoned. Intel tells us that it's not, though, and closer inspection reveals that it not only has power, but it's drawing an awful lot of it. At night, the hotel windows are blacked out, but during the day, occasional movement can be seen inside the rooms.

Lucita's intel indicates that the former hotel is serving as living quarters for the cell here, while the casino floor - windowless and with few entrances and exits - is home to a research lab.

She also indicates that the cell that held her relied heavily on high-tech robotic sentries for security. They apparently stole the plans from a technopath at some point and have been churning them out to make up for their limited manpower.

We don't know much more. We don't /need/ to know much more - the idea here is to torch the place to the ground, with everyone who knows anything with it. Except for the guy we're going to force to spill any intel he has. We do want one of those, preferably.