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Template:Gm-reply What happened to you after going through the portal? You were clearly attacked at some point and imprisoned.

After their initial scouting through the immediate surroundings of the Xavier's memorial, the team followed muddy tire tracks and tracked them as best they could until they were ambushed out of nowhere.

What can you tell us about your attackers?

They were mutants. Some of them looked a lot like you guys. One of them looked a hell of a lot like your boss. They didn't take kindly to being surveilled and pursued from the portal and they took action to stop it with extreme prejudice. The mutants used their mutations to beat, torture, and generally extract information from them before dumping them off in the slave pens. Their field commander was killed in pretty dramatic fashion. The information they were looking for was primarily who Sterling's group was, how many pursued, how they discovered them, how well armed they are, and so on.

Did you ever see the children that went missing from Xavier's? Do they seem like they are being treated alright?

They saw the kids being transported. They seemed to be okay.

Overhear what they may have wanted those children for?

Not really. They missed that in between all the getting tortured.

Do you have any idea where they might have been taken or where they may be now?

They were headed back to their "underground base". Apparently, someone called "Essex" had a building setup they have access to off one of the currently disused subway tunnels.

Learn anything about what happened to this world?

It got fucked?