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After the attack on the lab last night:

  • One human escaped from the hotel (Mila). Some group might want to track her down (you can do this offcam if anyone wants to play with it).
  • The hotel group got a 13 year old girl named Crista. The lab group got Dr. Yu. Questioning commences, and they share (not willingly) that this is the only facility of its kind. Everyone was present. With this attack, production of the necrogenesis virus has been shut down - at least for now. Then you kill the prisoners.
  • Lots of injuries! Feel free to edit yours in:
    • Lucita died after a shot to the neck.

Next steps:

  • Those who are sticking with the group (it's up to you) are headed to Westchester, New York. Dr. Essex has shared that he has a method of obtaining uninfected mutants. History buffs might remember Westchester as the former location of Xavier's School.
  • The road trip will take all of Monday and most of Tuesday. Feel free to play roadtripping if it interests you.