Ruskie Business

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Ruskie Business
Begin Date 2015/11/12
End Date 2016/01/24
Location Mutant Town, NYC
GM Tat, Sao, Roz, Tez
Participants Maxim, Kazik, Alexandra, Riley, Ian, Eleanor, Huruma, Richard, Kaylee, Irene, Akihiro, Jeremy, Kade, Mikhail, Moody, Orianne, Rohan, Solomon, Talya, Riley, Rosalie, Sumit, Vega
Important NPCs Kitty Konstantinova, Igor, Anton, Erin Dubauer, Vitaly, Andrei, Anjhelika
Organizations Obtshak

There are some new Russians in town. They want to make a name for themselves.


  • Nov. 12 - Riley, Lexie, Maxim, and Kazik have a confrontation with some new Russians in town as they harass Avenue B Apartments.
  • Nov. 17 - Two Russians take over an inbound shipment X-Factor was hired to protect and chase off Sumit, Kevin, and Orianne.
  • Dec 08 - While staking out the Granger apartment building, Kade and Riley encounter Mikhail Leshin, a "luck maker," as he flees servitude to the Russian gang. He's pursued by Igor and a couple other thugs to a bodega, where a ruckus ensues. Mikhail escapes with Kade to the faraway land of Brooklyn. Riley - along with Rosalie, who happens to be there - delay the thugs with electric shocks and a very small blizzard.
  • Dec 08 - The Russians hit the Mutant Affairs department, using Kaylee amplified by Andrei to destroy parts of the precinct and injure people with her plasma. Kaylee and Irene are both dismissed from the NYPD when their mutations are revealed in this incident and Mutant Affairs is left in chaos.
  • Dec. 15 - Igor and Kitty bring an injured Vitaly to the ABC Clinic; Ian and Eleanor are there to recieve them under duress. In an effort to coerce faster treatment, Kitty shot Ian in the leg and Igor struck Eleanor. Vitaly received a patch-job before the cops arrived. Kitty and Anton made away with Vitaly, while Igor was taken into police custody for a short time.
  • Dec. 18 - Kitty and Andrei the amplifier roll by The Sloppy Pony after last-call to break windows and generally throw their weight around. Kade and Talya are there watching over the place, and their powers are amplified, with results the Russians probably didn't intend. Andrei escapes with some burns, but Kitty falls into a portal-gone-haywire and is presumably still trapped in the Rus.

  • Jan. 18 - Huruma and Mikhail are part of a public incident with Andrei behind it; his amplification led to a riot inside of the Queens Center Mall. Huruma escaped with Mikhail once she was able to get out of his range.
  • Jan. 24 - Information gained after weeks of surveillance and intel-gathering by XFS members is leaked to police. Detective Vega and several other Mutant Affairs cops raid the Bowery Mission in Mutant Town, which the Russian mafia has turned into a prostitution and human trafficking hub. Irene, Kaylee, Maxim, and Kade are on the scene to provide back-up. A fiery tussle with mobsters ensues, but nobody dies and casualties aren't so bad as they might've been otherwise. It ends in the arrest of the majority of the Russians who were plaguing Mutant Town.

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