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Begin Date 2016/11/11
End Date 2016/11/28
Location Necrogenesis Alternate Universe
GM Tat, Sao
Participants Kade, Ciel, Richard, Micaela, Diego, Will, Christian
Important NPCs Yusef Sterling

After several Xavier's students are abducted through a portal, government agents go in to rescue them.


  • November 13 - In the Necrogenesis AU, a group of mutants are called together to take down the lab making the anti-mutant virus. They destroy it and kill everyone involved.
  • November 15 - A portal opens on the Xavier's School grounds. Some of the students are kidnapped and taken to another universe.
  • November 17 - After a government team is sent through the portal but do not return, Colonel Sterling enlists X-Factor Solutions to go into the AU and rescue the students.
  • November 18 - X-Factor learns of a biohazard that kills mutants in the other universe. They cross over into the Necrogenesis AU, where they find Xavier's School is rubble except for a memorial wall.
  • November 21 - X-Factor rescues Sterling's men from slavery with surprising success.
  • November 23 - After tracking down the Essex base, X-Factor runs into the familiar yet unfamiliar faces of Alexandra, Vega and Jeremy and have a confrontation with them.
  • November 27 - After breaking into the base, X-Factor successfully finds and rescues the kidnapped children. There are some injuries on both sides and a few of the AU people are killed.


The children are rescued and both they and Sterling's men are returned to the universe they came from by X-Factor. Few will be the same as they were before traveling to the AU.


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