Maxim Ulyanov

From X-Factor

Maxim Petrovich Ulyanov
Alias Max
Gender Male
Age 27
Mutation Strength, damage resist
Birth July 20, 2018
Height 6'9"
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Markings Many, many tattoos.
Skin Fair
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation Bratva
Playlist Listen

Maxim is a Russian cage fighter and former criminal trying to keep himself afloat in NYC.

Public Information

Very little formal information exists about Maxim, save for some very old school records from Russia and a documented prison stay from ages 16 to 18.


He's enormous, he fights in illegal cage matches and used to bounce at The Vault and for assorted shady types. He's known for working with X-Factor now and then, and hangs around Mutant Town.


Maxim has two mutations. The first is enhanced strength; he can comfortably lift about 1500lbs without straining, or up to 1700lbs with a risk of back/ligament injury or other damage. This includes grip strength, which lets him easily support his own weight for a very long time, and manifests physically as a powerful and muscular body (6'9", 380lbs).

Maxim's secondary mutation is damage resistance, or very limited invulnerability. His skin and muscles together are dense and resistant to damage, functioning something like body armor. Small arms (handguns without special ammunition, low caliber rifles like .22) and most knives don't do more than scrape him. Higher powered weaponry like sniper rifles or 'armor piercing' rounds do damage but at a reduced rate (roughly half their regular effectiveness). His invulnerability does not apply to toxins, oxygen deprivation, radiation, or anything other than raw physical impact.


Driving, thievery, pummeling people (generally with their consent), sewing & knitting. Likes chess but is far from an expert.


Russians don't have middle names but if they did, his would be 'control'. Orderly -- except when he loses his temper, which is a very dangerous thing to observe. Does not like yelling; amiable, generally, and quite protective of his friends.


Maxim appears to have broken with his former associates, though he won't talk about how that all went down; it may be related to how rival Russians badly injured him during the Ruskie Business invasion.


Annihilation Anew7 June 2016Something is knocking on the door between dimensions. X-Factor answers it - whether they want to or not.
Plant Pot15 April 2016Odd things are happening at an old estate in Upstate New York. X-Factor is called in to potentially assist.
Road Trip15 February 2016X-Factor is tasked with transporting an item safe and sound from Mutant Town, New York City to Glen Haven, Colorado.
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