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Jeremy Wallace
Alias Boomer
Gender Male
Age 41
Mutation Telekinetic Explosions
Birth 03/14
Height 6'1"
Hair Fluffy brown
Eyes Blue
Skin Fair
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation X-Men, Xavier's School
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Jeremy Wallace is a former X-Man, a graduate of Xavier's School and New York University, and is planning on opening a creative little operation out of Mutant Town.

Public Information

  • Xavier's School - High School Diploma
  • B.Sc. Criminal Justice
  • Employment at Wil Loyd's Bail Bonds & Retrieval Service
  • Employment at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters [Drama Instructor]


Jeremy has a highly specialized form of telekinesis. His range is about 50 meters square around him. He probably also needs line of sight; that is, he can make explosions where he can't see, but it's not really a good idea because they are explosions. His detonations range in intensity from precise and micro- (just small enough detonations of superheated air pockets to instantaneously bring water to a rolling boil!) to explosions of air pockets the size of a bowling ball (BOOM). His mutation is psionically powered, like all telekinesis, and can lead to psionic exhaustion and glucose deficiency if overused.


Mellow, good-natured, dynamic, good balance of practicality and idealism.


Jeremy Wallace was born the son of a couple of restauranteurs in western Oregon, the younger brother to a sister, Cora Wallace, who was everything her parents might have asked for. He was a little overlooked in the shining light of her academic prowess, sports ability, and musicality. That all changed when puberty struck Jeremy like a lead pipe. Everything exploded around him -- literally, up to and including a hamster. His powers were wild and dangerous: explosions ranging in size and strength in a short range field around his body, caused by a highly specialized form of telekinesis that superheated air pockets and led them to explode.

Xavier's School was the answer. Over the course of his high school education at Xavier's, he developed control over his powers and grew as a person and as a student. He developed life goals that he'd never had before, and started off adulthood on a great tide of optimism.

Of course, real life isn't a story, so this wasn't really an ending. Jeremy went back to Oregon and resided with his parents for two more years while he got his associates' degree at a local community college, and then applied with that AA to universities and colleges all over the country. He ended up back in New York at New York University for a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in social anthropology for the very good reason that even in those days, the mutant climate was such that everyone damned well knew what a high school diploma from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters meant. He found that he was mysteriously barred from numerous employment opportunities as an adult in the criminal justice system and ended up working for three years as a bondsman and bail jump hunter for an outfit working out of the Bronx that sent him all over the Eastern Seaboard.

In a fit of weird luck, Jeremy's operations as a modern day legal bounty hunter ran afoul of an X-Men operation that was about two days after Christmas. When he lost his job during the fallout from it, he ended up with an invitation to return to the fold, and reawakened all his old ties and old friendships with the X-School. His real life education and brief career on the legal end of vigilantism made him a real asset to the team, and he ended up Drama Coach and Community Service Advisor on Charles Xavier's payroll while he ran around with the team.

He dated throughout all of this intermittently and sometimes really heartachingly, and got married while he was with the X-Men only to be divorced pyrotechnically (only ... a little bit literal) four years later.

When the X-Men were shut down in the wake of Charles Xavier's death, Jeremy found himself at loose ends and began to seek out, with some of the other X-Men, some old X-Force hands to start up a little problem-solving business in the heart of Mutant Town. If there's one thing he learned out in the world and then back to the X-Men again, it's that mutant superheroes really gotta stick together.


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