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OOC: Plot & RP Hooks


Tiffany Hooks

  • Poetry
    • Book signing?
    • Fan? Opposite of fan?
  • Succubus
    • Sugar Daddy? Sugar Momma?
    • Affair with former professor
  • X-Factor
    • Jobs
    • Forever Poor
  • Xavier's Institute
    • Flashbacks!
  • Psionics
    • Spying
    • Invisible
    • Psionic Defenses - 0 to Low against other Psionics
      • Fainting/Dizzy Spells
        • Protective headgear?
        • Wheelchair?
      • Body failing to hold her mind
        • Healed by telepath/psionic?
        • Placed in new body?
        • Body dies while she is away from it? Forever ghost?
  • Sister
    • Open Hands Counselor
    • Psionic Empath

Samad Hooks

  • Open Hands
    • Looks for Donors for funding - Fancy Parties?
    • Administrative
  • Mystery! Game Co.
    • Video Game Guru - Samurai Girl? Sucked into a video game type shit? Whut?
    • Maybe gets a protege?
  • Husband
    • Wandering Eye - Flirty. Dama? Jealousy?
    • Want Family/Baby - ...adopt Mutant? AU orphan?
    • Mystery! Game Co.
    • Beijing
      • Needs English tutor?
    • Vega’s Cousin - Drama?!
  • X-Force
    • Kung Fu- Eagle Claw
      • Shifu? Master?
    • Strategist
    • Hero Complex
    • Flashbacks!!
  • Ornithology
    • African Grey Parrot (Armando)

Christian Hooks

  • AU Baby
    • Culture Shock - Over-react violently to something?
    • Badass
      • Training?
      • Sibling Portal Combos?
      • Send someone to Africa? (Underwater)
      • Snowpocalypse?
      • Crocodile? Hippo?
  • Music
    • Tautirut
  • Open Hands
    • Needs GED
      • Tutor?
  • Probably Needs Job
    • Meat Shack?

2046-06-08 Watching the Stars

Watching the Stars
By T. Newetner

Released by one of the few publishers willing to work with the mutant community, Tiffany's debut book of poetry begins appearing online and on bookshelves in early June. The pocket-sized, mauve-colored book goes otherwise unannounced on the poet’s social media and even to those she interacts with daily. It is potentially very easy to overlook, particularly given how small interest in the poetry community is. There is no photo of Tiffany on the book’s jacket or in the e-reader edition, but she does not bother to use a nom de plume.

Dotted with politely worded trigger warnings, the book attempts very little finesse in its use of vivid imagery to launch unabashed attacks on phallic imperialism. Raw and emotional, the series of often sexually explicit poems paints a rather empowering message to women and girls of all walks of life. It does make a calculated effort to speak to those in the mutant community without being wholly unwelcoming to readers outside of its walls.

<FS3> Tiffany rolls Mind+Literature: Great Success. (7 3 2 6 6 7 1 7 3 7)

OOC - Question Meme!


Ask me questions about my characters and I will answer. The meme is entirely OOC, questions and answers both. Use it as a fun time to find about characters' choices, motivations, feelings, actions, or anything else you've been wondering.

AMA: Tiff or Luka

2046-02-22 To: Jeremy

To: Jeremy
From: Tiff

(HR Incident Report that Tiffany obviously got from somewhere else. Note: All the i's in her name as it appears below are dotted with hearts.)

Time and Date of Incident: February 22nd, 2046 like noon
Date and Reporting Timeline: February 22nd, 2046 *Moody’s Chinese Takeout Receipt stabled here with time circled*
Bureau/Office/Division: Psychic Fembot Ghost Squad 1,000
HRSQ Staff Conducting the Investigation: Tiff
Parties Involved:
1) Me
2) Your boyfriend
2) (Hand drawn Penis with sad face)
2) MY BAD! Oops?
Investigation Summary: (Stick figure girl saying, 'Sorry!' and hand drawn Penis smiling and saying, ‘I forgive you, Tiffany!’)
Recommendations (specific to individual and/or group):
1) Further Time Dilation Required/Recommended

2046-02-17 Roommate Wanted Posting


Roommate Wanted

Semi-responsible, non-serial-killer in her mid-twenties looking for housing/roommate(s). College graduate here with psionic powers. I don’t have pets but I’m not allergic. Also, I don’t have any furniture so I’m super not cluttery.

Please no pyrokinetics. Sorry, but I’ve been burned before.

OOC: Posted on community message board at XFS and wherever people post craigslist ads in the future.