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Hey everyone. A few new jobs on the docket this week .

1) Jennine Park of Long Island is convinced her house is haunted. She's got five cats that apparently keep freaking out at one of her closets. She's offering pretty good pay for dealing with whatever it is.

2) We've had three requests for bodyguards who can also pass as impressive dates for a rooftop gala hosted by Barbaro Law. No idea where they're all getting our name, but let's do a good job with this one, folks. They pay well, and the food should be great. And free.

3) Dianna Lieber (yeah, that Dianna Lieber, CEO of that Eye game Coderunner - don't lie, I know you're all playing it) is convinced she's got someone leaking info to her competitors, but she can't find any solid proof. She's offering a hefty paycheck if we can turn something up by means she can't. She doesn't care if it's admissible in court, but she does care that we can prove it to her.

4) Stagram & Wolf has another heap of papers that need serving. They're a steady customer, let's keep them happy.

5) Security for Open Hands is still paying.

6) Neighborhood watch services. Patrol in the Mutant Town neighborhoods esp between the hours of 11 PM and 4 AM.



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