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Hey guys,

Happy Hallowe'en. I hope none of you are hung over. I'm in no way hung over right now because telling you that in a work communication would be pretty unprofessional.

But for a totally unrelated reason, I'll get right to the point:

New jobs!

  1. 1) Atlantic City high level talks. There is a Chinese company doing a business meeting with a NYC local business. This is a Chinese conglomerate looking to expand its territory with an American tech company whose business arm is operating off of Wall Street. It's strongly expected that the Chinese will bring mutant bodyguards to this party. Kelly Fisher and Jim Michaels of KCA want to make sure they have mutants. I know one or two of you have told me you want to avoid contact with Chinese agents, so you don't have to do this one. KCA will pay for your fancy hotel room in Atlantic City for three nights and I successfully negotiated a $75 per diem meal allowance for each of you. Everything else will be out of pocket. Have fun, but not too much fun. (You will want to look fancy professional. I will loan you money for duds if you need it but I don't have enough cash in the kitty to handle actually buying your wardrobes.)
  1. 2) Bounty for Fyodorov. Trafficking in stolen property, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. Perpetrator is an international flight risk. If he gets to the airport (any airport), we may be screwed. $20k bail, $5000 bounty.
  1. 3) Fast courier service. Local law firm will pay for same-day service of process. I'm told by my contact that if we provide satisfactory service there will be more for us from them in future. Classy joint. They have gargoyles on their building. Why don't we have gargoyles on our building?
  1. 4) Erin Dubauer, the nice lady who owns my building, is getting threats from Russian mobsters who are trying to move in on the territory, apparently. They've cased the joint three times in the past week and she got a brick through an upper story window with a nasty note on it this morning. If we can protect her building from these guys, she'll cut X-Factor Solutions personnel a deal on rent and utilities and will give us free laundry cards. I know affordable housing is an issue for a lot of us and plus she's a nice lady. Let's look into taking care of her.
  1. 5) Mutant moving service requests: two of them in Brooklyn, one from Astoria to Jersey. Is anybody commuting from Jersey?
  1. 6) There's a gang of young, dumb mutant muggers that have hit around Tompkins Square Park a few times in the past couple of months. Mutant on mutant crime frosts my cookies. Nobody's paying us for this separately but if somebody wants to keep an eye out for them and do a little impromptu superheroing I can afford a small bonus for you. (I don't want permanent injuries here, guys -- just ... let's clean up the neighborhood a little.)

Remember, if you shake out work on your own, that commission bonus is all yours!



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