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Hey guys,

I've had some additional contact with Lt. Colonel Sterling -- some of you were there for his first appearance in our offices at our anniversary party, which was the height of professional dignity for me as I'm sure you recall. The colonel is essentially the military liaison and commander of the project at Glen Haven. If you remember we did some work for them initially and they're primarily research scientists. He and his people have some questions about our uniquely quantum experiences. If anyone has classification levels that haven't been revoked, you're at the top of my list for talking to this guy because my credentials are pretty out of date, but in general, if they ask to talk to you ? I'm not your lawyer, and it's up to you. But Glen Haven is full of research scientists and what they're working on is legit.

Meanwhile, I've got a contact who may be willing to help us turn some of that hero's treasure y'all brought back into cold hard cash, if you don't mind waiting for a good return on your investment. I'm not sharing any details about this contact, at their request, but if you've got interest in liquidating some of those souvenirs for rent money, don't be a stranger -- I may be able to help you out (eventually).

Speaking of the kind of weird stuff we keep getting involved in lately, I've been thinking about this. A lot of us in this business have a lot of experience and we have a wealth of instructive expertise just kind of lying around. I'm not in a position to bankroll this excessively, but if you turn in logged hours of instruction time in self defense or marksmanship, I'll compile them for a special end of year bonus fund for your year's end reviews.

It's not much, I know. But some of us are still pretty green, even after Knowhere, and we keep hiring more all the time. It's a dangerous world out there. If you're willing to do this for your fellow employees, sign up. And remember your year end bonus.

Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. This project is doing better after a year than I dreamed it would, and I know a lot of you still have other real jobs, but I feel so much closer to real life making this work than I did last September.



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