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Dominika Volkov
Alias Krysa devochka
Gender Female
Age 23
Mutation Human Cannonball
Birth 1/12/2023
Height 5'2"
Hair Brown
Eyes Aquamarine
Markings Prominent scarring on her right shoulder, a full scarred ring on her left ankle, a spear-head shaped scar on her left hand
Skin Pale
Previous Affiliation Bratva
Journal Feed:Dominika


Public Information

Attends local Community College for engineering


Able to boost kinetic energy in order to boost force of impact.

GM Notes

Mutation can be dodged, or potentially rolled against, but resisting a strike/tackle at full speed would be essentially impossible for an un-mutated person. Thickness of material being struck would add to the challenge of a roll, whereas age/structural instability/brittleness would add modifiers in her favor


Decent at math, decent cook, stupid fast runner (As far as humans go)