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Alexandra Diane Brady
Alias Lexie
Gender Female
Age 29
Mutation Electrokinetic
Birth March 26, 2021
Height 5'5"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Fair Caucasian
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Journal Feed:Alexandra

Alexandra, commonly known as Lexie, is a private investigator in New York City and a contractor with X-Factor Solutions.


Alexandra is an electrokinetic. Her body has the ability to generate electrical charges which can take the form of anything from the tiniest static spark to balls or arcs of lightning. Her power can be used in a variety of controlled applications, including powering, overloading, or mapping electrical systems; providing services as a human defibrillator; electrocuting others by touch; charging objects to conduct electricity; charging your cell phone; tripping certain security systems; and more! She's a bit reckless in testing the limits of her powers and finding out different subtle ways to apply them, which helps when you have professionals in the family who work with mutants to do just that.

Like an electric eel, her body also emits a form of passive electrolocation that can give her a mental map of the objects in her immediate vicinity -- just about twenty feet. She can extend this to about one hundred feet of active electrolocation with by emitting an electrical pulse, but it only gives her a snapshot rather than the sort of "live feed" her passive electrolocation provides.

All of this, of course, has limits, the results can range anywhere from fatigue, headache, and hunger to a coma or death if she were to expend every ounce of power she had.


Alexandra Diane Brady was born to bend the world to her whim. She'd bend it to her will, but that would require a level of seriousness or possibly ambitions of world conquest that she doesn't quite have.

Lexie was a surprise. (It's possible that she took this to heart for how to live the rest of her life.) She was the third child of Harrison Brady and Samantha Sikorski, conceived out of nowhere a couple of years after fertility treatments had blessed her parents with the overachievement of her twin brothers. But what was done was done, and so Alexandra arrived as a beautiful baby girl with her father's straight nose and her mother's mischievous eyes. She grew up excessively underfoot, delighting in drawing attention and keeping her father wrapped firmly around her little finger, even throughout her rebellions.

Though Harrison left X-Force early in his marriage to Samantha, Lexie grew up fascinated with his former work, and her oldest brother -- the one from the previous marriage -- and sister-in-law's continued position in the organization provided a great target for harassing questions. Her sister-in-law Isabel had family history in private investigation, and Lexie badgered every answer and lesson she could out of her, likely to the disapproval of her brother Tom, depending on the subject. (What harm is there in teaching a twelve-year-old how to pick a lock! Jeez.) Isabel was the super-cool sister-in-law, Tom the disapproving brother, and the twins her occasional partners-in-crime. She loved all of them, as well as her parents, with a fierceness that characterized most of her closest relationships. She delighted in the other family friend members and ex-members of X-Force, including Jean-Paul Beaubier's niece Ciel. She had about a decade on Lexie, but quickly became a makeshift older sister who totally encouraged and participated in the younger's rebellion.

Her manifestation at eleven was not exactly a surprise; Harrison and Sam always expected the possibility, so when ittybitty Lexie started shorting out everything she touched, it at least had the benefit of being familiar. Having taken after her electrokinetic father, she had the benefit of a teacher with a lifetime of experience to guide her through it, along with two family members with experience in professional mutation training. So, really, what was the point of Xavier's School? Instead, she got to keep growing up at home with family and friends surrounding. Way better.

So what was there after graduation? Everything. That's kind of what Lexie wanted, anyways. She inherited some of her dad's talent and interest in mechanics, so for a while she took some classes in engineering like maybe she was going to go to college like a normal person. But then she decided that was silly and why didn't she just move to New York to be a heroic private investigator? X-Force had too much oversight and authority, after all, and this way she didn't have to answer to ANYONE BUT HERSELF.

It wasn't as immediately exciting as she'd hoped, but she did kind of fall in love with the city and its people and the /mutants/. So many mutants, even for someone who grew up around them. Here was a community that she could help and defend and be a part of, that she could fight to protect, that could be a new part of her badass family. So she made her home there and called her parents to tell them she was staying. Sure, a lot of private investigation is way more boring than she'd dreamed, but amid the usual, she was eventually able to start nabbing the occasional more interesting job, and there was the thrill of being someone that her fellow mutants could specifically hire when no one else would take them.

Okay, so she might have a hero complex. So sue her. She's here to stay.


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