Adelle Moody

From X-Factor

Adelle Moody
Alias Timezone, Skip
Gender Female
Age 24
Mutation Teleport, TimeTravel
Birth July 12, 2021
Height 5'8"
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Gray
Skin Light Brown
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School
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Adelle Moody is a street-smart, talented musician and DJ who lives in Mutant Town and has a knack for finding trouble.

Public Information

Moody works as a DJ, primarily, picking up occasional temp work in retail and food service to make rent when gigs are scarce. She has a nice website with samples of her music and is readily available to play weddings, corporate events, or all night raves in the desert.


Known mutant teleporter, friendly, nosy, always turning up where she shouldn't be. Frequently wearing 'vintage' oversize headphones as a fashion statement and often trying to drum up roommates to help make her rent.


Spacetime Manipulation: Moody's mutation is actually a single mutation that expresses in two distinct ways ? teleportation, or moving around in space, and timewalking, doing the same thing in time as well. She's trained her teleportation abilities extensively at Xavier's School as a teen and continued practicing as an adult. Her timewalking was never that well-behaved.

Teleportation: Moody has mid-to-long range teleportation, topping out at about half a mile in distance. She needs to have a line of sight on her destination or otherwise be very familiar with it in order to teleport to it; she can teleport to her home very easily (though she's marked a landing spot on the floor with masking tape to denote Where You Should Never Stand Or Leave Crap, just to be careful). She can teleport 10-12 times comfortably before needing to rest at least an hour, and has trained specifically to use teleportation in fights to help her get around the field. Her max weight limit (mass, really) is herself plus about 200 pounds; she can go a little higher, as high as 300lbs, but it'll risk injury and strain to do it. If she's got a passenger, she can do half her regular distance and/or number of times before wearing out.

Time Sense: Moody has a basically perfect sense of time, down to the millisecond, which lends itself to an array of odd talents ? rhythm, for example, comes naturally to her, and playing against her in time-based video games is just unfair. She never needs a watch.

Timewalking: Moody is an inadvertent time traveller, and has basically no conscious control over this ability. From time to time, often when she's emotionally or physically stressed, she automatically travels forward or backwards in time and space. Interestingly, her spatial range seems to increase when this happens, though not more than 50 miles or so; she's appeared out on Long Island or even as far away as Trenton, depending on where she started. She's traveled as far back as 1922 and as far forward as 2104; traveling to the past seems to be much more common for her. She has a theory that it's not possible for two of herself to be in the same time concurrently, so whenever one of her past or future selves visits 2045, she gets punted out of the timeline to make room. It's just a theory, though. The time jaunts range from 20 minutes all the way up to 6 weeks (so far). The futures she's visited seem to have been "possible futures", so what information she gleaned while there was sadly not totally reliable. There's much to learn about this part of her ability, but she has yet to really explore it fully.


Music, DJing, hustling, breaking and entering, and the History category of Jeopardy.


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