2046-09-25 Dreams Deferred

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Dreams Deferred
Date Posted 2016/09/25
Location Jeremy and Kade's Apartment
Participants Kade, Ciel
Summary Hangovers and decompressing.
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A three-bedroom apartment, not much larger than the other units in the Avenue B building, but its limited space has been divided up into a few more pieces. This makes the common room and kitchen more cramped than in some of the two-bedrooms, but there's enough counter space to cook on, and and old futon and a couple of thrift store chairs give the living room a comfortable look. Some attempt has been made to keep the place cleaned up, though clutter occasionally accumulates. A hallway leads to a bathroom and farther back to the apartment's bedrooms. There's no view to speak of out the windows, save of the alley outside. It's nothing fancy, but it's not too shabby by Mutant Town standards.

Kade was NOT sober when he asked Ciel for a lift home from Diego's place last night. So he mostly just curled up and passed out when she got him home. And he has slept in LATE Sunday morning. It's almost noon when he manages to fully get up, shower, and de-zombie himself a little. A very little. He's still pretty hung-over.

Ciel has, in the meantime, made herself rather at home. She's been up, showered, and had a cup of coffee or two by the time Kade stirs. She eventually tucks herself back into bed next to him, nursing a mug and flipping through a newsfeed on her Eyes while he showers.

Kade doesn't really bother to get dressed again, beyond a pair of boxers and sweat pants. He has no plans to do much today that requires proper clothing. "Hey you." He eyes Ciel, in his bed, and seems inclined just to climb back into it with her. Though the coffee attracts some enthusiasm from him. "Oh my God. Is there coffee?"

Jeremy has connected.

"There is coffee that is several hours old at this point," Ciel answers Kade with a dry twist of amusement as she takes him in with an automatically appreciative linger of her gaze. "How bad do you want caffeine, is the question."

"Badly," is Kade's muttered reply. He shuffles to the kitchen to get himself a cup. Warming it up with a jet of heat from his fingertip as he takes it right back to his bedroom. He promptly in huddles in next to Ciel. "You are the best, I love you." He doesn't even reconsider that after trying the coffee. "Sorry about last night. I'd driven over to Diego's and taking my car home was /not/ an option." What with all the drinking.

Ciel shifts automatically to tuck herself next to Kade, letting her legs tangle with his as she sends her Eye feed scattering into the either. She's grinning on the verge of a laugh as she turns her gaze on him and says, "Yeah, I kind of noticed. Little bit. What was he feeding you?"

"I was bartending," Kade admits. "He gave me free run of his liquor cabinet. I think I invented something with tequila and rum and gin." Pause. "It wasn't a great. And I had like three of them, so I feel like I gave it a fair shot." He looks as hang-dog and blurry-eyed as one would expect, given the state of him last night. The grin from her brings an ever-so-slight smile to his lips, though. "You laughing at me? While I'm dying in front of you? Is that what's happening here?" His fingers tickle her stomach some, in case she needs encouragement to /really/ laugh at him.

"Tequila /and/ rum /and/ gin?" Ciel echoes with an expression that can only be described as 'horrified'. "How are you even /alive/--" she starts before his fingers find a ticklish spot and she squirms, squealing with brief laughter before she manages to catch at his wrist with her hands. "Hey!" she objects. "/Hey/!"

"My amazing stamina is how," Kade says. His stamina right now does not look particularly amazing. He mock-struggles briefly when she catches his wrist, before collapsing against her again. Chuckling as he resettles. "I don't think I'm going to make it a regular thing. I was trying to celebrate. Kind of. We were watching Diego's new show." Pause. "He's an actor now, apparently." Another pause. "I'm happy for him." Cleary so, so happy.

Ciel spends a moment nuzzling at his cheek as he collapses before she pushes him upward with a supporting shove at his shoulder. She's halfway through answering, "/Good/, because I'm pretty sure it might kill you--" when the rest of his words sink in, and she blinks. "Wait, what?"

"I guess his bull-fighting agent got him a part in a telenovela that films state-side," Kade replies. Before drinking some coffee. And doing a lot of heavy blinking. It takes him a beat before he resumes. "I mean, it's probably being done with a lot of foreign-financing, and some countries care less about the mutant thing. And he said he'd managed not to mention the X-Force thing. Maybe he can ride it without anyone digging too deep." Pause, and he repeats. "It's great. I'm happy for him."

"Oh," Ciel says. She spends a moment blinking as well, taking in the myriad of implications as she watches Kade with a sideways twist, half-curled against the headboard. "Oh," she says again. "Kade. Honey." Her voice is quiet, twisted with sympathy as her hand sneaks down to squeeze at his.

"I'm not..." But Kade does not finish that sentence. He lets out a long huff of a breath, his hand squeezing hers back. "...It's not even like I've /wanted/ to act for twenty years now. And he's my friend. And /any/ mutant getting a part on anything that's not on some rando's private Internet feed is good for us all. I just..." Shrug. "...I don't know. I feel kind of stupid about it."

"It was your dream," Ciel says quietly. "And he's got it. Hell, his experience after X-Force was... a fucking /world/ apart from ours. I'm a little jealous, too." She shifts against him, tucking into his side and sneaking a kiss up to land somewhere near his jaw. "You would have been damn good at it, too," she tells him firmly.

"It was my dream when I was ten years old. I'm not that kid anymore. I /got/ my dream when I was twenty. Or pretty damn close to it." And that also didn't end well, but Kade has spent /years/ dealing with that one. This is something he put away so long ago it's clearly surprised him that it still exists in a corner somewhere. "Maybe. It's a hard business. Hollywood was rough on my dad, and he didn't even have an X-gene. There are a /lot/ of wannabes who never get anywhere just because...they don't. Besides...whatever I missed out on, I got to actually /do/ a lot of shit. Not just pretend I was doing it. I wouldn't trade that for anything."

"And I'm damn glad you didn't," Ciel reminds with a ghosting smile. Her feet nudge against his calf. "I mean. Not only am I pretty thrilled to have you in my life, but you've pulled my ass out of the fire more than once. And a lot of other people's, too."

"I think we are more than even on the ass-out-of-fire score," Kade murmurs, taking a gulp of coffee before easing back into her. "Like, I don't want do-over in Hollywood. I just...maybe...I wish I had what I /did/ want to be, of the available options, figured out better at this point." Pause. "And. OK. Maybe I look at Diego and see his name come across cheesy opening Spanish credits...and I'm a /little/ jealous."

"I keep trying to wrap my mind around what he and Micaela managed to live in Spain, and I really can't," Ciel admits with a small, dry laugh. "I mean. The whole thing feels so far from what I know about people and mutants. And now he's on a tv show in Spain and the Friends of Humanity are burning down our playgrounds."

Kade shrugs. "His family has money. That covers for a lot. And, I mean, I shouldn't talk. It's not like my parents didn't help me out a lot after things came crashing down in DC, even if they can't get me an agent. I'm doing pretty OK, compared to what a lot of folks are going through." He nods to himself, when she mentions the Friends of Humanity. Though his expression is more thoughtful than angry. Which is a change, for how he usually reacts to this subject. "You know, that Misty girl ID'd another of the assholes from the park yesterday. Police actually did their damn jobs and got him into custody."

Ciel's brows shoot up at this, and she leans back a little to regard him with surprise. "Seriously? Are they going to charge him?"

Kade nods. "Yeah, I think so." He's not short on surprise, either. "It was pretty cool. Actually. Like, I was on the street with her when she pointed him out, and the asshole did a runner. But the crowd, like, didn't let him get away. And they didn't, like, try to fuck him up, either. They just blocked, while we waited for the police. Even Ainsworth was pretty helpful in keeping the whole thing from escalating." Yes, Kade is surprised by that, too. "I'd never really seen anything like that before. Not from, like, regular people, I mean."

Ciel answers Kade with a small snort for Rohan's involvement before settling back against his side. "I'm surprised it didn't turn violent," she admits. "But not that people helped. Mutant Town's usually pretty good about that, and people have their backs up. They're tense. We know what's coming next, you know?"

"Sometimes I don't know what to make of the mutant pride stuff," Kade admits. "I mean, yeah, I'm proud of what I am. But I don't have much use for the assholes who tag buildings with Revelation propaganda, or the mutants who mug other mutants on the streets or sell drugs and make that park a place you can't walk at night. But yesterday...that community thing people talk about here, I actually felt it. First time it really hit me. Maybe because I live here now. I don't know."

"The community isn't always about pride," Ciel says. She snuggles down a bit, leaning into Kade's side. "Sometimes it's about survival. I mean, literal survival sometimes, but also staying afloat. Keeping jobs. Keeping businesses open." She pauses for a moment, heavy with hesitance, before she allows, "I'm not saying I'm a fan of Revelation. But it's not hard to see what they're doing it."

"I mean, I get it. You make it so people can't get anywhere in the system, they go around it. Or throw fire at it. And I get that we were lucky, compared to a lot of what X-genes deal with. It pisses me off and makes me sad all at the same time. Most of the time. Yesterday I /was/ just proud of what this place was." He talks of it like this was big for him, even if he still doesn't quite know how to process it yet.

"It's not even that," Ciel says. She shifts again, a little restless now. "It's--" She pauses, her gaze drifting upward as she searches for words. "Like. I talked to Orianne about what happened in the park, and she said that she sent a dinosaur after them and they just lit shit on fire. And they could, because she didn't want to hurt anyone." Her gaze pulls down, turning back to Kade. "But Revelation. Even just the tags and the paint. It's about reminding them that if they start a war, we have firepower. We are not helpless. And we /can/ hurt them."

"I don't want to hurt anyone," Kade murmurs. His fingers tighten around hers again, but his attention goes to his off-hand. Eyeing the lines in his palm thoughtfully. "I never did. Even when I couldn't stop myself from doing it. Especially then."

"I know," Ciel says. She follows the direction of his gaze, and after a brief moment she says, quieter, harder, "But I still find it comforting that I can. If I have to."

"I just don't want to be the monster people like those fucking Friends say I am," Kade says, also quiet, turning toward her. To regard her for a moment, but then just to lay his head on her shoulder. "I mean, whatever happens down here, I got your back. Always."

Ciel tilts her head into Kade's, resting her cheek against his temple. "I know you do," she says quietly. She's silent for a moment, staring at some distant point on his wall before she says abruptly, "Ian yelled at me last night for not telling him about being trapped in an alternate dimension for a month."

"What?" It takes Kade a moment to process that. He's not in prime processing form right now. And probably wouldn't have taken it easily, even if he was. "Ian Eller?" Just to make sure this is the /right/ Ian. "How does he...wait. Back up. He knows we were trapped in an alternate dimension?"

"Mmmhm," Ciel answers. Her voice is quiet, but it's not hard to miss the sharp bite of annoyance in it. "I don't know who told him. And-- honestly, I'm glad he knows. I almost told him myself. But I was having a hard time being reasonable about his butthurt over not being in the know about that shit."

"Yeah. I can't say I'm shocked it's getting around. There were so many of us involved. Most of the folks who went aren't used to keeping things classified. Not to mention the ones who were nabbed by Ravenous and didn't even make the choice." Kade also sounds more relieved than worried. "One of us should let Jeremy know it's getting around, but maybe that's not even bad. More and more these days, I wonder if we shouldn't have just started screaming about what really happened after Staten Island." He frowns, when she mentions 'butthurt'. "He was mad at /you/?"

Ciel nods in slow answer to Kade's musings. Her lips twist in an annoyed smile for his question. "Like, I didn't tell him, and I should have. He said something about not being part of the X-Factor circle. Which-- is true, I guess, but I'm not really sure-- I mean, we're /friends/, but we're not super close. And Dr. Rutledge had already cooked up some lie for him and I would have felt really shitty blowing her cover, you know? On /top/ of the whole classified thing."

"It's a lot to get your head around. He's probably still shocked," Kade says. Propping himself up on an elbow so he can look at Ciel more straight when he talks to her. "He'll probably calm down in a few days, is what I'm saying. He's not just going to drop you. Whether you're super-close or not, I know his friendship is important to you. He's one of the few people in Mutant Town who's just...normal. That's part of why I like hanging with him."

"I know," Ciel says, but her voice is sharp with frustration rather than understanding. "I mean. Fine, whatever. But I don't like being blamed for shit that's-- whatever."

"I bet he would've bitched out Dr. Rutledge, or me, or Lex, just the same," Kade says. "You were probably just the first convenient target. I'm sorry he took it out on you, though. What were we supposed to do?" He snorts. "Post 'Ask about our alien kidnapping experience' in the X-Factor ads now?"

Ciel shrugs, slumping down into the bed with an annoyed noise. "I don't know," she says. "I shouldn't have brought it up. Now I'm all grouchy.

Kade makes a "Hrmph" sound and resumes slumping as well, nuzzling Ciel's shoulder. "You had to deal with me complaining about petty jealousy toward my old colleague. Besides, I want to hear about all the things that make you grouchy." He noses her again. "Lets me know how hard I need to work to distract you."

Ciel twists her head to look over at Kade with a flash of amusement in green eyes. "Ooooh," she draws, twisting just a little to slide her palm flat against the warmth of his bare chest. "Does that mean you're properly woken up now?"

"I think so. You have test my recovering stamina," Kade says with a deep chuckle. "Want to just..." He nudges her teasingly. "...hang out with me here today? I see no compelling reason to get out of bed."

/can/ test...

Amusement breaks to laughter, and Ciel's hand slides high enough to curve against Kade's cheek as she drops her head to meet him for a quick kiss. "I wonder," she considers slowly, "how many things we can get line-of-sight on if we open your door. Like, can we order pizza and pay for it without ever leaving bed? Maybe I can lean far enough to portal into the fridge door."

Kade grins. "I want to see you try. I believe in your vast powers, fly girl. And I'll be happy to, like..." He waggles his fingertips. "...fry things from afar. If that's useful. When my hands are not otherwise occupied." His fingers move back down to try and tickle her under the covers again.

"Hey hey hey!" Ciel objects, squirming away with hands shooting down in search of his. She's not terribly successful, and she collapses into a writhing mass of giggles that eventually ends with a gasped, "No fair!"

"I'm occasionally capable of fighting dirty, Kane," Kade says, beaming at her giggles. He always looks a little proud of himself, when he makes her laugh. Even when he's not playing fair. But he stops tickling her pretty quick. It makes it easier to kiss her.

"Oh, baby," Ciel answers with a brilliant grin. "I love when you fight dirty." She cuts off in the face of his kiss, and then she's quite thoroughly distracted for a very long time. They may not make it /all/ day without getting out of bed, but it comes close.

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