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Partius Interruptus
Date Posted 2016/09/14
Location Lounge - X-Factor Solutions
Participants Alexandra, Kade, Jeremy, Ciel, Lea, Rohan, Richard, Huruma, Maxim, Rosalie, Orianne
NPCs Yusef Sterling
Summary X-Factor Solutions celebrates one year of business -- with an unexpected party crasher.
The lounge is the one place in X-Factor that shows some signs of personality, and as such, it's far more comfortable than either the sterile neatness of the front entrance or the sleek tech of the conference room.

One wall has been painted kelly green, a color which sets off the less-exciting black of the refrigerator, cabinets, and microwave that make up the tiny kitchenette area. Another wall has already earned some graffiti. It's become common for new employees to leave a signature of sorts, scrawled somewhere on the wall in varied-colored marker. They range from literal signatures to symbols and pictures depicting mutations or call signs or some other mysterious image. They appear to be getting more elaborate as time goes on.

One wall has been kept clear for a holoprojector that can be configured for use with any number of technologies, though its most common use is as a television. A pair of couches long-since worn down into narcoleptic comfort flank it, and a single wingchair sits opposite the coffee table set between. Behind the comfortable cluster, a small round table can seat four, and next to it a staircase leads up into the offices.

The X-Factor lounge isn't particularly large, which means that a party strains it at the seams a bit - particularly now, a good hour into the festivities, when champagne has been poured and mixed drinks composed of whatever the guests have brought passed around and few people are left sober. At times, it floods over into the entryway, and very occasionally even onto the sidewalk outside.

There's music pounding over the holoprojector's speakers, just loud enough to allow dancing, if anyone chooses, but not so mind-numbing as to prevent conversation. There's food, mostly in the form of pancakes, which Jeremy's still cooking at an impressive pace on a griddle in the kitchenette. And there's alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. Most of it's an eclectic mixture donated by guests and left on one of the tables for mixing as you please. All in all, it makes for a CELEBRATION.

"Oh my Gooooood, did we run out of champagne?" Lexie is looking downright /panicked/ at the prospect. "There's more, right?" She opens the fridge. CHAMPAGNE. WHERE ARE YOU. She's been dancing and drinking to excess all night, so it's not like she /needs/ the extra alcohol, but clearly she disagrees.

Kade brought beer and a cooler. He claims the beer pairs well with the pancakes. He's enjoyed them both together tonight, at least. At the moment, though, he's got a glass of champagne in hand while working the pseudo-dance floor. He hasn't had /that/ much to drink, so it's still mostly coordinated bumping footwork. It's unclear if he has a partner. He spins merrily up to and away from the others out there as the mood strikes him. Currently he seems to be dancing with himself. The song moves him, apparently.

Jeremy has finally quit his station behind his portable griddle to sprawl into the corner of one of the couches with a paper plate hosting some of the fruits of his labors, soaked in butter and syrup. It's possible he's trying to undo all in one night the good that weeks of his rice and beans diet did for his waistline. He had some champagne at one point, but his glass seems to have gone elsewhere. "I dunno, did you bring more?"

"Maybe we should get pancakes, Lex," Ciel suggests with a tip toward her roommate and the refrigerator door. It's not that she's not had any alcohol - she definitely has, and she's still nursing a mix of something in the tried and true red solo cup - but she is most definitely more sober than her roommate, and she reaches to tug on her elbow with something like responsibility.

Lea has spent the past thirty minutes or so - late arrival as she was - hiding in another couch corner with a plated pancake on her lap and a glass tucked at her feet. She's barely touched the latter, but the former is long since gone. She watches the general process of the place with a sort of detached clinical interest. Or maybe that's just what sobriety looks like.

Rohan spent some time offering helpful advice on pancake making to Jeremy. Helpful advice, from one cook to another. You know, the sort of helpful advice from someone to whom these type of pancakes are not a regular food item in either culture to someone who's been making them all his life. At least he didn't suggest curry powder. As Jeremy quits the station, Rohan leans against the wall, beer in hand. It's his first beer--he's been pacing himself carefully. "If we're out, I suppose I could go and get some." He takes a sip of beer. "Maybe. Out of the generosity of my heart."

You know who you're dancing with, Kade? You're dancing with Rich. As of right now. He's got a beer in his hand, but he's wiggling it out on that tiny little dance floor they've made. He's looking a little flushed but happy enough, like he's hit his exact sweet spot as far as drink, socialization, and dancing goes before it gets too much.

"But /champagne/!" Lexie whines at Ciel as her roommate tries to tug her away. She is beyond the sweet spot. She is on her way, although not quite to, the almost sloppy spot. "We never have champagne! And it was here!" She offers Rohan a truly pathetic puppy face. Look how sad.

The fledgling company is not so fledgling anymore; Huruma has said at least once by now that she's shocked it lasted this long-- probably to the shock of nobody. Someone else had to be thinking the same, right?

As reclusive as she can be, she wouldn't miss this one. Huruma has taken up along the wall near the couches, and ate her way through a surprising number of pancakes before drinking anything-- and even now she only nurses the plastic cup in her hand, for the moment content with mingling and small talk, and the buzzy feelings in the room.

"I know, sweetie," Ciel says, shifting her grip on Lexie's elbow toward a pat at her shoulder. "But there's lots of people and there wasn't that much! You want some soda? There's totally soda." She glances up at Rohan's half-hearted offer and narrows her eyes on him with a slight shake of her head. Don't you /dare/, Ainsworth.

Rosalie is here. Sort of. She hasn't had pancakes. She hasn't drunk. She's sitting primly on the couch, looking pink-cheeked and a little martyred.

Kade spins around quick, and realizes he's dancing with Richard. He lets out a loud, woo-y sort of laugh. "ALL RIGHT, RIDER! Tear it up!" He doesn't grind on Richard or anything, but he moves boisterously to the rhythm and falls in time with the other man in a way that's vaguely coordinated. He manages to bounce without spilling his champagne. But it's three-quarters gone now, so that's not particularly impressive.

"I think those puppy dog eyes might earn you sparkling apple juice, Alexandra," Rohan tells Lexie with a chuckle. He takes a swallow of beer and does not acknowledge any eye-narrowing.

"Hey, don't knock sparkling apple juice. I always bought it for cast parties." Jeremy scoops up a big bite's worth of pancake stack.

"Were you afraid people would get too drunk?" Lea wonders, lifting her voice to call over the music as she turns slightly toward Jeremy from the opposite end of his couch.

"No, I mean, I was just teaching high school." Jeremy gives Lea a sunny smile. "Unless you mean now, in which case no, it was just that I was too cheap to buy more."

"I'm not knocking sparkling apple juice," Rohan calls back to Jeremy. "It's not alcoholic. Also...a lot cheaper for my poor battered pocketbook."

"I am /so nice/ to you!" Lexie claims at Rohan, glaring fiercely at him. The glare is not /quite/ so fierce when she looks to Ciel, but it's also not /gone/. "Yeah, I wasn't /asking/ for soda, thanks, mom. I'm twenty-five years old."

Jeans, work boots, t-shirt. This is the Max Post Work (or Workout) outfit, the kind of thing he throws on after getting cleaned up from whatever. He's not especially dressed up as he makes his way into the lounge, a bottle of something in a brown paper bag tucked beneath one arm. It's got the foil-wrapped top that suggests whatever it is has contents under pressure. As he steps in, he announces sort of generally, "I am sorry I am late -- I had to try two bodega to find champagne." He only has one bottle. Hope nobody's too thirsty.

Ciel has known Lexie long enough to know when chipper suggestion should really be abandoned. Now looks like it's really that time. She releases Lexie entirely, lifting a hand all 'sorry' as she takes a step back juuust in time to catch Maxim's entrance, which she answers with a glare. /Seriously/ Maxim? SERIOUSLY?

"You are very nice to me," Rohan tells Lexie. "I think of you as a little sister. Most of the time. Which is why I probably won't buy you champagne, and has nothing at all to do with your flatmate glaring at me."

"Oh, right," Lea tells Jeremy. Her smile is less sunny (and less certain), but present nevertheless. She leans forward for her own cup, which still boasts champagne. "I kind of forget you did that."

Huruma has the feeling that Lea is on the right track regardless, given the state Lexie seems to be in. She's still salvageable. Probably. She makes no comment on apple juice, but does start to finish whatever is left in her cup. At some point she wrote her name on it, you know, just in case. That's a good thing, because when Maxim strolls in with a bottle of champagne under his arm, Huruma can't quite stifle her deep laugh and has to spit her drink back into the cup. Burns the nose a little, don't it?

Richard's grin turns a little bashful when Kade starts /yelling/, but he keeps going. He's a good dancer, which is probably surprising for people who mostly know him as a depressive underground cage fighter. But after a minute he has to succumb to the awkwardness of not enough people in the room dancing as well. He is not quite as good at that part as Kade.

Maxim blinks at Ciel and /almost/ takes a half a step back. He does look behind him. Just in case someone who needs to be murdered is standing behind him.

"I'd try and prove it but I think most of these adults are probably not drunk enough to play scenes from a hat," Jeremy says peacefully, slicing off another forkload of pancake. "I wonder where my mimosa went."

Kade offers Richard an upraised palm, for a high-five. "Up-top, Rider. Good spin." He does /not/ seem the least bit awkward about bouncing around when other people aren't. But he's also not sorry to slow down a moment and gulp what remains in his champagne glass.

Breaking with her traditions, Orianne actually enters the offices through the front door for a change rather than climbing in a window off the fire escape. She's halfway through the door right behind Maxim when he turns around, causing her to /actually/ take a step backwards. She's just here for the pancakes, please don't kill her!

"Oh my God, Ciel is not the /boss of me/--" Lexie has just started to snap at Rohan when her boyfriend helpfully arrives with the very thing she's craving. "Max!" she squeals, shoving through the cramped room to leap on him. Because even when his hands are full, he never drops her. "You brought me champagne which is the exact thing I wanted that we were out of!" She is /drunk/.

Maxim loops an arm around Lexie and catches her easily, because relatively speaking, she weighs less than a motorcycle. Also, she is squishy and pleasant to squeeze in comparison. "Hello, iskra." He drops a kiss on her curls and looks pleased by the reception, though the drunkenness is definitely noted, if the quick blink of comprehension is any indicator. It's super subtle, yo. "What is celebration without champagne?"

Ciel is close enough to catch Lexie's snap, which means that she sidles away quickly. It takes her only a moment to fix on Kade as he breaks away from Richard, and she slips through the crowd with her cup raised to her lips to pull up next to him. "Help," she says, lacing her arm through his.

"I didn't say she was," says Rohan. "Definitely not the boss of me, at any rate." He considers Max for a moment, and his lips quirk in a grin. "You brought me champagne, mate. How thoughtful."

"In my defense, we had champagne. It just got drank." Jeremy considers. "Drunk?" A beat's pause. "I wasn't an English teacher."

"You don't strike me as a teacher at all," Lea tells Jeremy. She pauses post-sip, adding, "This is pretty good, actually. The champagne. Did you buy it?"

Richard snorts a quiet laugh, but he does lift a hand to high-five Kade. "Yeah," he says agreeably. HE'S JUST A LITTLE MORE SHY THAN YOU KADE OKAY. He glances over at Maxim and Lexie and the potential brewing fight, and then over at Jeremy and Lea. When Ciel comes to Kade for help, he sidles over towards his boyfriend. "Really? He always struck me as someone who'd be a great teacher."

"I drank it all," Lexie informs Maxim before kissing him thoroughly in the middle of the room in front of everyone. "Ciel totally thinks I'm drunk although she won't say it but /you'll/ give me more champagne," she tells him. /Tells/ him.

"Hey there, dancing king," Jeremy says, reaching out to nudge at Richard with his foot against his leg -- because his hands are largely occupied with fork and plate of pancakes. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. -- Yeah, I bought it. I took a course once in college about wine selection. That's actually true, by the way. Electives are weird. -- Did you happen to see what happened to my mimosa?" It's a mystery.

"Well. You know him better than I do," Lea demurs as Rich appears. She watches the pair of them for a moment over the lift of her cup, then lowers it to cradle it between her hands as her gaze flicks back out toward the crowded room. She sinks a little further into her couch corner.

"Hey-hey, fly girl." Kade responds to Ciel's request for 'Help' but slinging an arm around her shoulder and leaning over to kiss her cheek. A big 'Muah!' sort of thing. It's not so much sloppy as enthusiastic. And, indeed, not shy. "Did you see that? Rider can actually dance! You believe that?" It takes him a moment to blink over at Lexie. "Did I miss a fight?"

Mmmf. Eventually, when his lips are free again, he lifts his head, "Da, you are grown woman. If you want to be sick and have hangover, that is your right as American," Maxim agrees cheerily, "Do you have cup? I can open bottle." He doesn't set her down, though, unless she starts doing that thing where she wiggles loose.

"I believe that," Ciel agrees with a quick smile that grows easier for Kade's enthusiastic kiss. She turns into him, setting her free hand at his hip as she shakes her head. "No, I ran away before she could do the drunken meltdown at me. She's Maxim's problem, now."

Huruma slips off behind the couch to find the garbage bin, hand lifted to her nose and brow knitted downward. She listens to the chatter around her in her relative silence, soon devoid of her trash and giving Lea a short stare that is difficult to miss before she looks away again; her gaze skims amused over the antics that Maxim seems ready to handle.

"I'm not going to get /sick/," Lexie says, frowning swiftly at Maxim. How quickly they lose favor. She /does/ start wiggling to get free at that point, relying on his quick compliance (as she usually does). "Why does everyone think that!" She stomps off to go find her cup.

"Oh my God, please don't call me that," Richard says, but he's laughing, so he can't mind it /that/ much. He offers Lea a quick smile. "I mean, probably." /Probably/. "And you met him under pretty different circumstances."

Rohan shrugs, a little apologetically. "Look after her," is all he says to Max, before turning to wander off toward Richard and Jeremy.

"Well, there you go!" Kade says, like redirecting the drunken meltdown was the /perfect/ solution. He eyes Lexie some, but stays well clear of her and her search for her cup. "She'll be OK." Pause. Does he really believe that? "If you and Max need a hand getting her home later, I will totally help." Unlikely that Max will need help lifting anything, but he can lend moral support or something. "Are there pancakes left? I kind of want more pancakes."

"Well, I wasn't going to call you dancing queen," Jeremy says to explain his totally reasonable substitution. "Did you get enough pancakes? I used all the flour, so I really hope you got enough pancakes."

"I will," Max answers Rohan, though he gives Lexie a bit of a sigh as he begins to peel off the champagne's foil. The cork he pops out with a simple twist of the fingers and no real effort whatsoever. "As for why people think you might have hangover, I think it is only that you very rarely do things by half measures. But it is fine. Hangovers are not so bad." -- says the guy who has never been /visibly drunk/ in the entire time they have been dating, which is something that might someday occur to Lexie, come to think of it.

"I am an /adult/ and I have /self-restraint/ and fuck all of you." Lexie slams around for her cup, gives up on finding it, and grabs a new one. She turns back to Maxim and shoves the cup towards him.

"Well, thanks for that, I guess," Richard says solemnly. He looks over to Rohan with a quirk of a smile. "You can have mine if you want. I really don't need the empty calories." He glances around. "I don't actually know where mine are. Someone may have eaten them already."

Orianne has claimed a nice plate of pancakes; it's unclear whether or not there's any left for Kade, as she makes her way over to the couch to savor them. She pauses for just a moment, bending over the plate protectively. The pancakes are hers, and none shall take them!

A second Orianne pokes her head in through the door, two plastic containers held out in her hands. "I didn't know if there was going to be enough to eat," Orianne-2 notes. The plastic trays are filled with vanilla cupcakes, each topped with a swirl of brightly-colored frosting in fall colors, and garnished little plastic jack-o-lanterns on sticks. Apparently, the market was getting an early start on Halloween goodies.

"We'll see," Ciel says, dubious, but not overly concerned. "At least we're not at a club." She lifts her cup for another sip, then pauses to grin up at Kade. "No idea. Jeremy stopped cooking a while ago. Wanna go see if we can steal anything left?"

"Someone ate your pancakes and drank my mimosa," Jeremy says mournfully.

Maxim obligingly pours champagne into Lexie's cup until she tells him to stop and/or it's about to spill over the top, whichever comes first.

"I was going to make English pancakes," says Rohan, relocating to stand by the couch. "But possibly that might have been purely to confuse people and wasn't a very good idea in the first place."

"Little bit," Lea agrees to Richard with a quick smile that's dry around the edges. She meets Huruma's stare for a moment, blinking at her with a lift of her dark brows before she looks away to Jeremy and Richard, watching them for a silent beat.

Kade side-eyes Lexie like he's considering approaching her. Then the cup-slamming happens, and he doesn't. "Let's find some grub," he concurs simply with Ciel. "Does the Puppet you eat?" he asks Orianne, as he gets a couple of plates together. There's enough remaining for him to scrounge some apparently. Once he's got some food, he ends up leaning against the couch near her. "Don't sweat. I'm not going to swipe any of either of you alls. Just curious."

"Clearly we've got an invisible guest stealing what we put down." Huruma mutters to Jeremy when he mourns the loss of pancakes and drink. In this crowd, though, you never know.

"She doesn't need to," Orianne-prime tells Kade. At least she's presumably the primary; she's the one with the pancakes, after all. "She can, to fake being normal, but it doesn't really have any benefit. That's why I gave money to my puppet and sent her to get cupcakes; I was hungry, and eating as a puppet doesn't help at all." She nods towards the puppet, now edging through the crowd to deposit the cupcakes on the table. "I know they're not quite the same, but... pan-cakes, cup-cakes, they're all just cakes associated with some piece of kitchenware, right?"

Lexie narrows her eyes on Maxim as he obligingly fills her cup, as if she's suspicious of him harboring more thoughts about her having hangovers tomorrow. She pulls back her cup when it's full and takes a gulp that's enough to maybe mollify her a bit.

"Are English pancakes different?" Richard asks Rohan, leaning against the sofa.

"Oatcakes? Or are those Scottish?" Jeremy squints up at Rohan with his fork halfway to his mouth. He widens his eyes at Huruma, then, and smiles. "Could be," he says with a laugh on his breath. "I trust someone would figure them out eventually, though."

Into the mix that is X-Factor appears a figure entirely unfamiliar and entirely out of place. A tall man in a well-fitted uniform of navy (Air Force) blue steps through the door with a cap tucked under his arm. Its lines are sharp and sleek, and they do their very best to set off the man wearing them. Not that they has much work to do. The dark-haired man who pauses in the doorway taking in the whole of the party is well-muscled, with a neatly-trimmed beard and sharp brown eyes that miss very little. Close inspection by those who recognize such things reveals the rank on his shoulder to be Lieutenant Colonel; the shiny silver of his nameplate reads 'Sterling'.

Once Lexie's taken care of, Max takes the bottle of champagne over to the shared whatnot table and sets it down, mindful of stray bubbles, and his attention is caught by Orianne's cupcakes. "Ooh." He grabs one, glances around as if he's considering taking another, but then lifts his chin and sticks to one. It's almost funny how small it looks in his hand.

"I'm good," Ciel tells Kade as they close in on pancakes, but she's quick to lift her cup again, draining what's left before she adds, "I had like, three when I got here. Wallace has a talent." She grins for Orianne's explanation, and her lips part halfway to a response when the man in the doorway catches her attention, and she leans over to elbow Kade with a jerk of her chin toward him.

"They're...more like crepes, but different," Rohan explains helpfully. "Thin. You eat them with sugar and lemon, usual--" He pauses mid-word as the door opens, and his dark brows fly open as he looks toward the newcomer.

"Hey, I will take cupcakes or any kind of cakes," Kade replies to Orianne. He looks curious when she mentions her puppets /can/ eat. And looks on point of asking more questions about that, as he takes Ciel's cup to refill it. He's in the process of doing that when Ciel elbows him, and he blinks up at the stranger. In his uniform. "Hot damn..." he murmurs.

Huruma seems at least entertained by the widened look she gets from Jeremy, honest or played at, it doesn't matter. She spares him a tiny smirk a few moments before her features shift and she looks up towards the door before the stranger actually moves into it. Huruma is staring over when he enters, immediately appraising.

Lexie is in the midst of gulping down champagne when the unfamiliar military man enters the lounge. She chokes a little, staring at him. "Who invited the brass?" she wonders loudly. Because that's her volume when she's drunk.

Jeremy startles as he looks at this entrant out of officialdom from his perch on the couch. Nominally in charge, he is a man in a T-shirt with pancakes on his lap. "Er," he says. "Maybe Tiffany was right about that receptionist thing. Hey there, we're, uh--" He laughs and, as he stands, accidentally knocks over the mimosa glass that was on the floor the entire time, which spills half a glass of champagne and orange juice all over his sneakers. "--shit," he complains, and then, "--uh, after business hours. Can I help you ... sir?"

Sterling clears his throat as various attentions are directed his way. "Ah--" he starts, and then says, "X-Factor Solutions? This is 'mutants for hire', no?" His gaze shifts to Lexie's loud question, and he answers it with a dry smile. "I don't generally require an invitation." His gaze shifts as Jeremy stands, and it's perhaps to his credit that he does not laugh, or even twitch, at the mimosa. Instead he steps forward, one hand outstretched as he says, "Ah. Wallace, yes?"

"If you don't require an invitation," reasons Rohan, with an eyebrow raised, "then it's not a social call. Or not a very polite social call." He takes a swallow of his beer, and watches.

It's with a mouth full of frosting that Maxim notices the navy man, and he swallows, hurriedly brushing away the crumbs sticking to his fingers. He looks around like he'd like to maybe dive behind some curtains or something but since he's Maxim (the size of a minivan) this is not exactly a good plan.

Richard is almost completely sober for once, and so his gaze is rather sharply focused on the new arrival. He straightens from his lean against the sofa, taking a step or two closer so he can kind of hang around near Jeremy's shoulder. You know. Just in case.

"Dude, you're fucking /hot/, you don't need an invite," Lexie informs their new best friend in a totally appropriate manner.

Jeremy clears his throat. "Yeah, uh, Jeremy Wallace." He looks around the room. He thinks about saying that he runs this establishment. At the moment, this establishment is an inebriated pancake party. He looks back to the colonel and says just, "That's me."

Kade moves to stand over by Jeremy for moral support. Giving his head a little shake to try to return himself to maximum sobriety. He's not /that/ buzzed, but he's more buzzed than he'd like to be for the appearances of people in uniform. Lexie exclamation is side-eyed. He might sigh. Just a little.

"And Rider," Sterling adds without missing a beat. His gaze on Richard is a bit sharper before it returns to Jeremy. His smile warms just a touch to reach an acceptably professional level, but there's a hotter flicker of amusement in his dark eyes as he takes in those who shift nearer their boss. "Lieutenant Colonel Yusef Sterling," he supplies. "I work out of Glen Haven. Perhaps-- I had better come back tomorrow."

Orianne-2 vanishes, while Orianne-prime watches the attractive stranger with frank curiosity (and perhaps just a hint of appraisal) from her spot on the couch. She remains silent in an almost wary manner, however. Her experience with the US military thus far has only been in the form of an unpleasantly pointed interrogation after their return from another realm; she's quite content to let the boss do any talking.

Maxim stiffens up a little bit and frowns at the newcomer. It has nothing to do with the way his girlfriend just declared the man 'fucking hot'. (His eyebrows are lying)

"Good to meet you, Colonel," Jeremy says. He looks a little flummoxed, his teeth grazing his lower lip as his eyebrows fly up. He starts to gesture like he's going to offer a handshake of some kind and discovers he's still holding pancakes. He looks down at them, betrayed by breakfast food. "Glen Haven, damn. Um, maybe tomorrow would be better."

"Although if you wanted champagne and pancakes, Colonel," says Rohan from his indolent lean against the wall, with the sudden flash of a bright grin. "We could help you there."

"What's this about, exactly?" Kade asks the lieutenant colonel. Not impolitely, but with a firmness. It makes his unease. To those who don't know him well, at least.

Ciel has followed Kade, but she hangs behind him rather than join the crowd around Jeremy. She raises a hand to rest against the back of his shoulder in silent support.

Huruma draws a thumb over the corners of her mouth out of a self-cleaning habit, eyes on the military guest as he introduces himself to Jeremy and Richard in turn. Seems like something bigger than a pancake party, once he mentions Glen Haven-- and Wallace's reaction just confirms that much. "Provided that it can even wait until then..."

There's a moment when Richard tenses upon being recognized, and then his back straightens when the colonel mentions where he's from. He takes a step forward, the briefest flash of concern in his eyes. "Is there -- something wrong?" he asks, a note of fear in his voice.

"Not at all," Sterling answers. He takes his cap in hand, dark eyes shifting among the gathered. "This is simply a matter of-- follow up." He nods shortly at Jeremy, taking a step back. "Tomorrow, then," he says. It leaves no room for argument or discussion. Or questions. Sterling turns sharply on his heel and disappears shortly into the Mutant Town night.

Jeremy squints after him in visible bafflement, still holding his plate.

Kade lets out another, "Huh." Reaching a hand behind to grasp for Ciel's automatically. His eyes flick to Jeremy, but go over to rest on Richard. He is more sober than he'd like to be right now.

"...Curious." Huruma's mouth twists in a little line. It wasn't urgent, and yet he seems to have come all of this way for a 'follow up'?

"I do not like it," Maxim announces, and folds his arms across his chest with a brooding flex of biceps.

"Flark," Richard mutters, and then he steps away from the group and pulls out his phone and starts doing something that looks a lot like old-fashioned texting.

"I find when uniforms are involved, things are bad," says Rohan, with a swallow of his beer. "But, to be honest, I come from a particularly biased background." He glances over the others, eyebrows raised.

Ciel twists her fingers through Kade's as she comes up next to him, watching Sterling's back. "I suppose we should have expected it," she murmurs, leaning into him a little.

Jeremy's brow is knit. He leans down to set down the paper plate with pancakes on it on the nearest table-like surface and then slumps off to the kitchen to collect paper towels so he can clean up the mess he made of his mimosa as best he can. "Hell if I know," he says, "but whatever it is, it looks like it's something we'll -- I'll -- be dealing with tomorrow."

On the couch, Lea looks between Jeremy and the other gathered. "So..." she says. "What's Glen Haven?"

Rohan glances toward Ciel for a moment, and then snorts, glancing away. "Let me know if I can help with anything," he says to Jeremy. He pauses for a moment. "Even if it's drastic help," he adds, voice very low. "I don't offer that lightly, but you know. Sometimes you have to do what you do to survive." His mouth twists ruefully.

Kade leans back on Ciel. They prop each other nicely, is the combined effect. "Suppose so. If it can wait the night, maybe it's not so bad as all that." Not that he sounds convinced, and his eyes follow Richard to his texting.

"What is everyone freaking out about?" Lexie says, rolling her eyes and tossing her hair. "Like, who cares if some hot military guy wants to come sniffing around?" She gulps down the rest of her champagne, tosses the cup aside, and grabs Maxim's hand. "Dance with me."

"Glen Haven was military base we went to in Colorado," Maxim answers, reluctant, but allows himself to be tugged into dancing. Awkwardly. It's a good thing he makes money in other ways because his moneymaker is not really up to snuff.

"Well, you know, it's a little weird, but it's not that weird. We're almost getting into a habit here of being ... quantum leapers, or whatever." Jeremy kneels before the spilled beverage on the floor and starts sopping it up with a very serious expression.

"Mmm," Ciel says, and straightens away from Kade to announce, "Time for another drink."

"X-Factor did some transport work for them last year," Kade replies to Lea about Glen Haven after Max does, while getting another drink. One he hands off to Ciel, and one for himself. Because he also finds it necessary right now. "I wasn't on the Colorado trip, so I can't speak to it much more than that. Maybe this is about more work." Not that he sounds remotely like he thinks that. He makes a hand-wave gesture at Jeremy, when he starts mopping. "We can help you clean up tomorrow, dude. Wouldn't be a party unless there was some carpet damage."

Richard texts for a few moments before finally lifting the phone to his hear and shouldering out of the room to find someplace more private. "No, he just showed up--" is audible before he's out in the hall.

"Ugh, who cares." Lexie tugs harder on Maxim's hands to try and square his attention on her. "/Hey/." Stop worrying about clearly important things and focus on dancing.

"I think if it were about more work it'd probably be from--" Jeremy lifts his chin, tipping his head in a gesture that follows Richard's depature, "--our previous contact." He settles back on his haunches, looking up at Kade with one hand bracing at his knee as he sighs. "Right, I guess."

Kade reaches out to try and briefly clap Jeremy's shoulder. Head half-turning to listen to what he can hear of Richard's conversation. He lets out a long breath. "We'll findo out soon enough, it seems." And then he settles in for some more drinking. And dancing, after he's done the more drinking.

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