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Roomie Reunion
Date Posted 2016/09/05
Location Alexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Ciel, Alexandra
Summary Lexie's back from a fantastical adventure. Ciel is concerned and skeptical.
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Their journey now has ended. Lexie ends up at the apartment looking gross and sweaty and smelling a little rank, but totally beaming. Her pack is perhaps bulging a bit more now than it was when she left. She unlocks the door and shoves it open, then closes it behind her and leans her pack back against it. She takes a deep breath of that sweet, air-conditioned NYC air.

Ciel is sitting at the desk that takes up the bulk of their living room, her head bent over the spread of a tablet against its surface. At the sound of the door, her head jerks upward, and her gaze fixes on it for a beat. By the time Lexie's pushed it open and stepped through, she's on her feet and halfway to the door, arms spread wide to sweep her roommate up in a fierce hug. "/Lexie/!" says she, heartfelt and earnest.

Alexandra squeaks loudly at the hug, but she's laughing moments later. "Oh my God, you do /not/ want to touch me, I am /so gross/," she cackles. "Fuck, I'm really glad that like twenty years didn't pass or anything. Holy shit. I have /treasure/."

"I don't care," Ciel says, holding Lexie firmly close with an even more emphatic squeeze in answer to her protests. "I will hug your gross self as much as I want. I /missed/ you." Despite her words, she does eventually loosen her grip, giving her roommate a modicum of space as she checks, "You're okay? Everyone's-- okay?" She does not /say/ 'Christian', but it's plainly there in the quick, worried doubt of her expression.

Alexandra does press her face into her roommate's neck for a brief moment in that hug before they part. "Yeah, everyone's fine," she says with breezy cheer. "It was /crazy/ over there. Like, for real, it was like being in a fantasy movie or something."

"Seriously?" Ciel steps backwards, raking her eyes down Lexie's for in search of any injuries she might be forgetting to fess up to before she frowns at her roommate. "What's that mean?"

Alexandra probably has some bumps and bruises -- maybe even a scrape or two -- but there's no sight of serious injury. "What do you mean what's that mean? I mean it was like a fantasy thing! Like -- middle ages, wizards and magic and shit. Fantasy!"

"Magic?" Ciel remains skeptical on this point, which is clearly harder to wrap her mind around than cosmic space adventures and aliens. "Is that how they explained mutation?"

Alexandra huffs a dramatic sigh at her roommate. "No, like -- /magic/. Like, they said that some people were born with an aptitude for it, but it's not like here: they have spellbooks and stuff and they have to study and -- whatever. Like Harry Potter or whatever."

Ciel's eyes narrow slightly, still clearly disbelieving, but she doesn't press the point. Instead she waves Lexie in toward the couch, checking, "Do you want something? To eat, or drink, or--?"

"I am in /desperate/ need," Lexie declares, "of a /shower/. But then I could totally devour a pizza or something." She drops off her pack in the living room by the sofa and starts shrugging out of her outer layers on the way to the bathroom.

"You shower, I'll order?" Ciel suggests, her gaze trailing after Lexie as she strips. "Then you can tell me everything that happened."

"Yes. That thing." Lexie disappears into the bathroom, and her noise of pleasure is audible a few minutes later when she steps into the hot shower.

Ciel spends a moment standing still and quiet in the living room, listening to the sound of the shower. The sound of /someone else/ living in her apartment again. Eventually she shakes it off and treks through the living room, scooping up Lexie's discarded things to toss them into her room before placing a quick order for pizza. She gets at least double what they'll need, and all of it Lexie's favorites.

WHAT A GREAT ROOMMATE. Lexie's usually quick in the shower, but she may linger a few minutes longer than usual just to enjoy the hot water. Soon enough she's back in the living room in pajamas -- short boxers and an oversized shirt that might belong to Maxim -- with her curls damp and her body /clean/. "Oh my God, I missed showers," she says, collapsing on the sofa.

"Magic, but no hot water?" Ciel presumes. The pizza has only just arrived, and she's spread the boxes (PLURAL) atop the kitchen counter and dug out plates. She piles one high and delivers it to Lexie, piping hot. "Sounds terrible."

"You are a saint," Lexie declares as she takes the plate. "Mostly we were, like -- washing off in rivers? When we could. More like 'magic, but no indoor plumbing.'" She carefully gathers up a slice and tries to get its triangle end in her mouth.

"You're definitely not making me regret deciding to stay," Ciel says, dryly teasing on her way back into the kitchen. Her tone sobers a little as she turns back to Lexie with another plate, and her words come a little slower as she says, "So what... happened? You guys were gone. Longer than I expected." There's a tense, quiet note of worry in the question.

"Well, basically there was this, like -- evil overlord guy? But he could, like -- enthrall people or whatever. So he had all these mages that he brainwashed into working for him, and then he had this flying castle that went around that we had to find. Also there were griffons and I got to /ride/ one with this super hottie griffon rider." Lexie patters at a brisk pace in between bites of pizza. "Do we have booze?"

It is impossible for Ciel's skeptical face not to make an appearance during the course of this. I mean. It just is. She makes a valiant effort, hiding it in a bite of pizza here and there, but at the end of the day: skeptical face. She looks a little relieved at the tangent of Lexie's question, and she's on her feet in an instant. "Rum, beer, vodka, wine...?" she offers up.

"Vodka, if we have anything worth mixing with it." Lexie finishes off a slice of pizza and leans back against the sofa cusions, looking, for the moment, sated. Until she starts her next one. "It was pretty epic. We saved a whole world."

"Soda?" Ciel suggests, already tugging the fridge open with a glance over at Lexie. Her smile is faint as she says, "What, again? Careful, that shit's addictive."

"/Right/?" Lexie's eyes are bright with an expression Ciel probably recognizes -- not necessarily from Lexie herself, but from her own X-Force days. "Yeah, soda, do we have sprite or something? Or juice. Shit, I don't even care."

"Mmhm," Ciel confirms. She marks Lexie's expression with a faint smile, then turns her attention to mixing Sprite and vodka in heavy proportion before she asks, "How'd-- Christian do?"

Alexandra hesitates at that. It's a brief moment, but likely recognizable by her roommate. "Honestly, he's a bit--" Again with the hesitations. She searches for a word. "...hardcore?"

Ciel's expression flickers briefly unsettled before she locks it down. She crosses to the living room to offer Lexie her glass, keeping a second for herself as she settles on the sofa next to her. "What's that mean?" she asks, careful.

"Umm." Lexie's gaze flicks away and then back, and she kills a moment by taking a gulp of her drink. "Just -- you know, you can really tell he spent a lot of years in survival mode, I guess. He's pretty -- focused."

Ciel is silent for a beat, though she dips her head in a slow nod. She lifts her glass for a similar sip, then lowers it to her knee to murmur, "I guess that makes-- sense."

"He was just a bit -- aggressive." Lexie gnaws on her lip, glancing a touch worriedly at Ciel to see her reaction. "I mean, sometimes we had some disagreements. But it was fine! Everyone came out okay."

"Disagreements?" Ciel's gaze darts back toward Lexie as she leans in for her plate. "About?"

"You know, like, 'Stop pointing your arrow at that guy and give me the fucking magical amulet that translates so I can talk to him.'" Lexie shrugs. NO BIG.

"Mmm," Ciel says in that way she does. That way that means 'interesting' and 'worrying' and 'I'll have to think about this' all at once. She gives Lexie's shrug a side-eye but doesn't push it further. Instead she says quietly, "Well. Maybe Open Hands will be good for him."

"Maybe," Lexie says, but her voice is perhaps a touch skeptical. "I mean, I hope he doesn't solve /all/ his conflicts like that."

"I wish he hadn't gone," Ciel says around a bite. Her eyes flick sideways to Lexie. "There's enough-- shit. He has enough shit to deal with. You know? He needs some time to-- settle."

"It /is/ kind of crazy," Lexie agrees readily, maneuvering another slice between her fingers. "Like, he /just got back/ after /ten years/ or whatever, doesn't he want to just -- be here?"

Ciel shrugs, then exhales a quiet sigh as she looks over at Lexie. "I never really asked him," she admits after a beat. "Maybe he wants to be /there/. It's a big change. Fuck, moving here the /first/ time was a big change."

"Nobody wants to be living in an apocalyptic ice age wasteland," Lexie says, immediately dismissive of the whole idea. "Maybe he got /used/ to it, but that's different. He wants to be /here/."

"Mmmm," says Ciel again. She downs a quick bite of pizza, then gives Lexie a fast smile. "We do have hot water and plumbing," she says.

"See? You literally cannot beat that. It's impossible." Lexie finishes off her last slice and sets her plate on the coffee table so she can curl up with her drink. "You should've seen Rosalie. She got a little scary. Made a fucking hurricane."

"What, seriously?" Ciel turns to face Lexie in disbelief, her plate balanced against her knee. "Like. On /purpose/?"

"Well, she can't quite control it, right? It's all tied up in her emotions." Lexie leans forward a bit, eyes a little wide. "So Huruma /made her angry/."

"Shit," Ciel says quietly. Now her expression is painted over with worry. "On purpose? I mean-- Rosalie let her?"

"Yeah, on purpose," Lexie says with a jerk of her chin. "It was all planned. We needed to knock a flying castle of the sky."

"Right," Ciel says, frowning. "No. Of course you did."

"Did you know Rosalie's never had an orgasm?" Lexie blurts out a bit suddenly.

Lexie has super timing. Like, really super. Ciel's just swallowed a mouthful of sprite and vodka for this, and she chokes on cue, sputtering. "/Lexie/!" she says.

"She hasn't! She's never had sex, and she's never had an orgasm! She's /that/ tightly wound, and now she's totally scared of it because of her powers." Lexie's expression clearly suggests this is a /great tragedy/.

"How did this-- no. No. Don't tell me how you know this," Ciel says, wiping a hand across her mouth. "I do not need to know."

"She told me," Lexie insists, looking vaguely insulted at the idea that she'd get this information through UNSAVORY METHODS. "Because I'm nice and friendly and people tell me things."

"So they do," Ciel agrees without argument. She gives Lexie a suspicious look and says, "I hope you didn't make her feel bad."

"I did /not/ make her feel bad," Lexie says, even more gravely insulted. "I wanted to /help/."

"Does that mean you got her off?" Ciel wonders, brows lifted over a smile curved upward with faint amusement.

Alexandra takes a deep breath and exhales a deep, tragic sigh. "No," she says. "I mean. You know. Maxim."

"Maxim," Ciel agrees, picking at her last slice of pizza. "I mean. I guess I /knew/ that you guys were-- y'know. Exclusive and stuff. It's been a while."

"I -- shit. /Fuck/. It's almost like a year?" Lexie looks briefly terrified, and then hops off of the sofa to go distract herself by zipping into her room where Ciel moved her pack. "I got you a thing!" she tells her.

"I know," Ciel says, watching Lexie's expression with a quiet edge of worry. "Kade and I've been dating for nine months-- oh?" Her interest perks instantly at Lexie's announcement, and she twists to watch her.

"I knew I had to pick you out something from the horde of treasure they dropped on us," Lexie says from her room. She comes back out with a small bundle of black cloth that she sets on the coffee table to carefully roll out. Inside is a necklace of inhuman delicacy. The metal of the chain seems almost woven, and a subtle, intricately shaped dragon with gemstone eyes of red looks like it would sit just below Ciel's collarbone. "They said the gems were dragon's blood and I was like, literally?, but they just seemed confused by the question so honestly I have no idea."

"Holy shit, Lexie," Ciel says, leaning forward over the coffee table with eyes gone wide. "That's gorgeous." She glances over at her roommate, then back at the necklace, one hand lifted but not actually /touching/ the thing.

"Right? I'm not making shit up when I say we literally saved their kingdom and they showered us with gold and jewels." Okay, maybe it's a figurative shower, but still. "Anyways you're totally welcome. I have no idea how I'm selling the rest of my share for cash."

"You have /more/ of this shit?" Ciel straightens, turning toward Lexie, and then insists, "Show me!" And thus does the evening devolve into a truly magnificent game of show and tell.

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