2046-09-01 A Crushing Victory

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A Crushing Victor
Date Posted 2016/09/02
Location Viranthe
Participants Moody, Huruma, Micaela, Diego, Christian, Orianne, Alexandra, Talya, Rosalie
NPCs Kashana, Cheso, Onata
Summary In which X-Factor storms a castle. With a storm.
Plot The Tougher Guide to Fantasyland
Scene GM Sao
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As the sun begins to peek over the horizon, Castle Viranthe is borne towards them out of the distance amidst a bank of rolling clouds. The spire and parapets of the castle peek through the misty shreds, eerie and strange and pink and gold in the dawn light. Kashana stands ready, watching the castle approach with her back to one of the overgrown trees, as Onata kneels in the dirt and makes her own private preparations. Gorgeous has her wings spread, ready to launch at a moment's notice with her passengers -- room for Cheso and one other strapped in -- on her back to bear aloft.

It's a beautiful dawn, and if it were not for the castle moving in the distance Huruma may find it in herself to enjoy it. But the shape of it makes a mark on the sky that leaves a bitter taste in her mouth and questions in her head. The light armor she wears has been given a layer of charcoal, tinting the metal in a dusty black, some faint furrows from the lines of working fingers still visible against the joints. She stands back at the rim of the trees with the other tall earrir, hand resting on her belt, slung with the pistol she brought from home and two long daggers, her borrowed sword sitting on her back.

Orianne is doing her best to look like a seasoned warrior. Sadly, she falls slightly short; she manages only to look like she's /trying/ to appear confident, rather than actually appearing confident. She's used the last of her travel wipes to try to feel less grimy, and her hair is bound up in a bun. Her bow and arrows are slung in place, and she tries to look like she believes a week of intensive practice will make her remotely useful with them. She periodically glances over at Huruma and Christian, as if trying to take mental notes on how to look experienced and confident.

Diego looks like he walked out of some terrible novela with a his cape fluttering over his shoulder and his shirt partially unbuttoned above his chest. His sword gleams at his hip, his beard long beyond a five o'clock shadow at this point, while his dark eyes watch the sky.

Rosalie does not look impressive. She looks grubby and uncertain, worrying at her braid with her fingers and her lower lip with her teeth. For all her fidgeting with bow and arrow, she's carrying her stinger. Granted, if she gets things right, she doesn't really need weapons, but, you know…

"And gentlemen in England now a-bed, shall think think themselves accurs'd they were not here," murmurs Moody to herself. She has her knives at her belt, sheathed, and her stinger at the ready -- the better to handle combatants at range, and maybe not get herself into quite so much trouble.

Catching Orianne’s glance ...because, well, never mind what he was staring at-!- Christian abruptly turns back towards to the castle. Covered in a fine white shadow of budding scruff, his jaw clenches up as a flustered blush creeps up it. The archer shifts his weight, scuffing his boots against the dirt and grass as he visibly wills himself to concentrate on the task at hand.

Talya 's hair is braided very tightly back, so it doesn't even dare to wisp free. She's comfortable otherwise, with her sword at one hip and a knife at the other. She wanders over by Orianne for something to do, and catches Christian's blush with raised brows. O really?

As the castle and its escort of gathering clouds crest over the hill, Kashana angles the blade of her sword at a cant in Rosalie's direction. Her glance takes in both the small weather witch and the mighty empath warrior as she says, "Bring it down."

Inappropriately, Cheso whoops even though nothing has happened yet. He's just gotten carried away by the moment.

Micaela smirks and crosses her arms over her chest with a short laugh. "I like your enthusiasm," she says to Cheso. Because of course she approves of inappropriateness. She's standing near Diego, and tosses him a smile that is not a smirk.

Orianne fidgets with her bow, eyes still on the castle. When Talya joins her, she offers a nod in greeting. Because, you know, brave warriors don't smile; they nod in a curt and confident manner. Right? She's pretty sure that's how it goes in movies, anyway. (She might still glance over at Christian and Huruma now and then, trying to adjust her posture.)

Rosalie takes a deep breath, and squares her shoulders. She looks tense. Very tense. She folds her hands in front of her, and stares at Kashana for a long moment, wide-eyed. Her cheeks go pink. The air turns slightly warmer.

Huruma watches the castle afar until she catches the look before the instruction. She spares the construct one more look before making her way over to Rosalie, settling one hand on her shoulder and stepping up behind her with no uncertain confidence. Perhaps it can transfer a little. The dark woman lifts her free hand over Rosalie's shoulder to point straight at the castle.

"Are you ready? Concentrate--" It's practically a rhetorical question, as no sooner has Huruma finished asking, Rosalie's nerves are steadily being overtaken by an illogical and righteous sense of anger.

Rosalie's cheeks go from pink to red. Her fingers tighten on each other, showing white at the knuckles. The sky darkens, and the winds pick up, swirling about the sky. Faster and faster the wind comes, whipping at the castle's clouds, bringing with them lashings of rain. The sky rages.

Moody has her hood up to help (and a helmet!) but even still, the winds whip the fabric up and she hunkers down, covering her head with her hand, grinning ferally as she looks up at the sky. Burn baby burn!

The griffon opens her beak to let out a shrill cry, flapping once or twice even as the wind and rain pick up to snarl the castle's progress high above. There's a scent of scorched ozone that seems to come with the bursting clouds and howling wind. It cracks against the stone walls high above and there's a moment of sickening sideways progression before the lance of sheeting rain begins to force the castle down, down, down--

The wind screams. The bedraggled trees around them seem to pull and rattle in the raindrops. The sun seems to vanish as the clouds boil up to snarl through the sky above and around. Somewhere aboard the staggering castle, an air mage frantically works his hands to try to force the enchantment to keep working, and his power versus the natural forces Rosalie commands brings the searing crack of a lightning bolt down to jolt the castle's spire as it hurtles to the earth.

The impact hits hard. Damp earth ripped by its crash flies out amidst sheeting rain and angry winds. The castle is down.

Micaela laughs once as Diego wraps an arm around her and they both watch the bright dawn disappear into a storm. Around her, the air is warmer and the winds don't have as much bite as they do elsewhere. She bounces a little on the balls of her feet, ready. "Whoo!" She says, jolted a little by the vibrations of the castle's crash.

Talya's presence beside Ori prompts Christian to continue to look pointedly away. Their chumminess makes him nervous enough to fumble some as he produces his bow. Either that, or the castle falling out of the freaking sky does. His body gives a shudder as the structure makes impact.

Huruma's hand lingers on Rosalie's shoulder, her eyes on the girl's hair as she draws her hand away, thumb brushing against the back of her neck. "Remember what this feels like." And just maybe, next time, it will come back when bidden. Thunder rattles her teeth as she closes her mouth, wind tugging and snapping at the trees behind them.

The shake of earth rumbles into her boots when the castle comes down, scraping the ground below it. The air mages and Rosalie can only combat each other's influence for so long.

Moody puts her fingers to her mouth and gives a short whistle, a call to action, and she hustles towards the down castle intent on getting right to the mayhem. They've got a mission!

Rosalie just...stares. She stares at the ruins of the castle, the hurricane that rages and roars around them. She does not move, not yet, her attention on the castle. "Holy shit, man." Lexie stares at the castle, the storm, all of it. She glances back over at Rosalie, and her gaze is clearly impressed.

Orianne simply lets out a gasp as the castle crashes to the ground. Then she glances over to Rosalie with awe... and perhaps just a small hint of fear. But then Moody's whistling and heading off, and with a glance to the others, Anne sets off at a quick clip behind her roommate.

Diego only /looks/ unmoved as the ground vibrates beneath them. A victorious grin crosses his features as the castle crashes to the ground. "Bravo!" He cries, applauding Rosalie. "Now we fight."

"Hold tight," carols Cheso, as Gorgeous bunches beneath them, and then charges off across the ground toward the castle, running at a smooth and fluid pace with her wings spread for the leap she's poised to take. She does not launch for flight while the winds still howl at breakneck speeds. It's very little like riding a horse.

Talya hurries after the rest, hand on her sword. She tries to adjust her stride to stay with Orianne. "Stay near me if you want to be out of sight at first," she says. She glances around for Christian, willing to make the same offer to him as well.

"A fine job." Huruma smiles to herself and gives Rosalie one last soft pat on her shoulder before slipping out from behind her and after the others, carrying herself at a swift, stealthy pace but refraining from the sounds some of the others make. She only has one thought in mind, and that is to get to where the castle has landed.

"Yes, sir," Lexie nearly purrs behind Cheso, because how can she not. She squeezes tight. Hey bb.

Balls crazy charge? Aw yeah. Moody keeps pace with Kashana, trying not to get too far ahead of her, her stinger ready to leap up and zap anyone who gets in their way.

As Huruma draws closer to the somewhat wrecked castle, she can sense the swarm of minds inside as the occupants -- many roused from sleep to great uncertainty -- scurry about in a mess of chaos and disorder. A few more orderly minds try to rally or corral the rest. The air mage is panickedly trying to study the wreck of his aerodynamics enchantment while the wind and rain whips at his longjohns.

Deep in the heart of the castle, she can sense the hard, sharp glow of a powerful psionic.

Christian may not be looking directly at Talya and Orianne, but that is not to say that he is still not painfully aware of them both. He hears the offer. In risking a glance out of his peripheral towards the pair, he sees Talya extend it to him. Nocking an arrow, he cautiously inches closer and closer until he is within what he considers to be the illusionist’s range.

Rosalie shakes herself out of her trance, and follows the others with a quick step, her cheeks still flushed. She lifts her stinger, but her other hand lifts to call out to the storm.

"Meet you at the castle?" Diego says to his wife with a grin before taking off in a burst of speed. His pace puts him just behind Kashana.

Rosalie shakes herself out of her trance, and follows the others with a quick step, her cheeks still flushed. She lifts her stinger, but her other hand lifts to call out to the storm.

Micaela manages to get a slap on Diego's ass just before he vanishes in a burst of speed. "Leave some for the rest of us!" She yells after him, breaking into a run. Fucking speedsters. She doesn't worry about being seen. Between the yelling and the griffon and everything else, she never even spares a thought for stealth.

Cheso grins a little like an idiot as Lexie holds on tight around his lean frame, and he leans into his griffon with the squeeze of his knees at her sides. Her wings beat the windy, rainy air, and as she charges toward the castle, she finally leaps despite the risks of flight.

Someone inside the castle is trying to laboriously close a front gate that most often stands open to permit the air force free access to the courtyard, since, after all, the castle is usually FLYING in the AIR where no one can get in. Meanwhile, scrambling guardsmen strapping on quivers are starting to stomp out of one of the towers along the back wall to set themselves up.

Kashana is charging for the gate, but at her merely human speed, it looks like she won't quite make it in time.

Moody runs up behind Kashana, saying as loudly as she can, "Hold on, I'll get us in!" And she loops her arms around the warrior woman's waist, hefting, and teleports them in through the closing gate. Nice try, gate guy!

Diego doesn't worry about moving at human speed as they attempt to force the gate closed. While Moody handles Kashana, he moves in a burst of speed attempt to find the lever for the gate and disable it. "I have the gate!"

Huruma's mind flickers over the surfaces of those inside the castle. They definitely have the element of surprise, at least for now; those inside are moving to cover for it, though. When her senses drift over that of the psionic deeper within the castle, they sharpen and bristle in response before pulling away. She follows the others at a clip, long legs giving her one distinct advantage over some. Still, it appears Moody and Diego have the gate covered. Nice grab.

There's a startled man in heavy armor working the lever as Diego suddenly appears inside. He fumbles for a weapon, but the one he's holding is a longbow that he can't use very well in close quarters. He starts to fall back, shouting, "They're inside! We're breached!"

Kashana and Moody appear past the gate in the courtyard garden, where a marginally broken fountain seems to be spraying a fine mist of water in every direction rather than in fountaining spouts the way it's supposed to. Footsteps pound through hallways deeper inside the castle and, somewhere, someone is shouting.

"Whoa, hey, who said they could set up a defense?" Lexie is giggling and cackling and positively /vivid/ as Gorgeous takes to the air. She peers down at the soldiers on the back wall. "Do you think I can hit them from here?" she wonders over the whip of the wind, and then she lifts one hand from Cheso's middle to find out.

"Sir, really you should not..." Diego begins and then there is /shouting/. So he does the only sensible thing and tries to shut the gate keeper up, after helpfully locking the gate in an 'open' position.

Moody stays on Kashana's side, backing up the warrior woman -- or at least using her to figure out where they're supposed to be going next. She lifts her stunner and aims at the first spooky person she can spot, firing with as much intent to startle as to drop them.

While under Talya's cloak, Orianne is free to devote more attention to... well, other bodies, as it were. The storm makes it more than a little difficult to create a flying puppet, however, and so in lieu of her dragon, Orianne produces... a triceratops? Well, a dinosaur is /sort/ of vaguely like a dragon. This particular dinosaur, meanwhile, seems determined to do its best imitation of a battering ram, as it lowers its head and, with a snort, charges straight at the castle gates. KNOCK KNOCK.

They've breached, alright. Micaela enters the castle not through the front door like some of the others, but fairly leaps up onto the wall with a burst of flame that propels her upwards, flying through the air to land on the wall before she opens fire.

Rosalie is behind the others, moving slowly, still in wonder at her own hurricane. She hesitates. The hurricane winds whip at her braid. At the back of the group, she lifts both hands, now, trying to gather up the storm's lightning, not to do anything with it yet, but only to see if she /can/. Her stinger is at her belt.

This might not be such a good idea.

Moody give another little Harpo whistle and fires again at the person she shot last time, doing what she can to guard Kashana's flank while the woman fights the thugs.

Talya keeps moving until just before the doors, when Orianne stops to work, so Talya stops to shield her. She braces her feet, the effort of concentration on the illusion showing in the tension across all of her muscles.

Ducking gracefully under the Thug's swing of the bow, Diego pivots back as Kashana attacks before pushing back with a strick of his own. His blade strikes true, but rings out as it connects with armor rather than flesh.

Gorgeous soars in close to slash and snap at the men on the wall. It's not the easiest thing to do, shooting from a mobile griffon who screams and bites and slashes in the rain and wind. Cheso's crossbow bolt smashes uselessly into the stones.

The guard fighting Diego and Kashana throws down his bow and moves to draw his sword instead. He's definitely not fast enough to both do that and actually keep fighting Diego.

The water mage -- also in her pajamas, incidentally -- lets out a cry for the zot of electricity that sears through her unprotected leg. She tries to channel her magic through the pain, and the mist from the fountain seems to coalesce around her for a moment, but it doesn't immediately do anything else.

Two more armed men lumber out into the courtyard, bearing their bows. "The Devil! The Red Devil!" one shouts to the other.

Drawing up his bow, Christian stops alongside Talya and at the ready, aims towards the doors. He's ready to put an arrow between someone's fucking eyes.

"Ugh, fuck that shit." Lexie twists behind Cheso, trying to get a better angle to reach out with her hand and thrust a surge of electricity at the guard.

Micaela fires are the guards on the wall and what hits surprisingly pings off of armor with a resounding clang of metal on metal. She is not so lucky in return, the point of an arrow finding a weak spot in her more modern armor and sinking painfully into her sit. "Fuck!" She grabs at it briefly, but leaves it in with a hiss of pain, wobbling once on her feet before firing defensively.

Rosalie's slender shoulders shake with a deep breath. With a quick flick of her hands, she flings lightning, the light illuminating her slight figure, toward the guards at the wall.

Lightning jolts through one of the armored figures on the wall and he lets out a surprised scream as he cooks a little inside his armor, but he while he seems rattled and scorched, he doesn't seem to be dead.

The charging triceratops rams into the heavy gate and its force and momentum are such that the gate cracks, metal rending and whining as the impact tears the gates asunder and allows the dinosaur to storm through into the garden courtyard.

The armor Huruma wears on her frame allows the arrow that hits her to skitter off and veer into the dirt; she is gunning for the gate while in the wake of Orianne's large, angry dinosaur. Her hands grip around the wraps of her long daggers, and as the gate comes tumbling in, the empath follows behind with a leap up over the rubble and into the courtyard beyond it.

Moody looks ANNOYED because she would like to stop shooting the water mage and yet she's still upright. Stupid water mage.

Rosalie's lightning strikes--but the guard remains upright. Rosalie bristles. She draws herself up taller, casting shadows in the flicker of lightning and storm shadows. Her dark eyes smoulder, her chin set in determination, and she gathers up lightning for another strike. DIE GUARD DIE. THE WEATHER WITCH COMMANDS IT SO.

The water misting around the water mage coalesces into an icicle that slices through the air to wing across Moody's arm. It's a trifling injury compared to some of what Moody has suffered; her reflexes are quick enough to let her dodge the brunt of the launch.

Moody dodges out of the way -- and with a blip, tries to teleport right behind the water mage and shoot her from point blank range.

As soon as the gate comes down and the trio enter the courtyard, Christian locks onto a target. From behind the veil of invisibility, he shoots an arrow. Without so much as a batted lash, his hand darts over his shoulder to his quiver to produce another.

With a thundering GROOOOOOONK! -- that being the best dinosaur-noise that Orianne could think of -- the triceratops shakes its head, dislodging a last bit of gate from the horns. Letting out a 'huff' of breath, it swivels to examine those present with a measuring gaze. There's an almost intelligent look in its eyes, as though it were trying to decide whether impaling or trampling would be more effective. Hopefully the horned dinosaur is more intimidating than its puppeteer would be.

Meanwhile, Orianne draws her bow under cover of Talya's veil, taking aim at one of the thugs trying to harass Kashana.

Talya is looking a little bit impressed at the dinosaur as she ushers the others into the courtyard. Her hand settles on her sword, but there's too much to keep track of, and she settles for giving the others the opportunity to shoot unmolested.

"Hah! Yeah, fuck you! Oh my God this is amazing." Lexie clings tighter to Cheso with one arm even while she's zapping around with the other one. Literally zapping. Like, lightning zaps from it.

The archer that Rosalie strikes with another burst of lightning staggers, teeters on the wall, and does not immediately fall over, but he does seem dazed, and does not immediately knock another arrow to his bow.

Huruma sets her sights on the first bow or blade she sees-- in this case it is one of the bowmen in the garden filling her comrade with arrows. She darts past the haunches of the puppet as it turns, and she slips forward to strike at the guard, coiled, blades out like snake's teeth. In her head, her ability fires out, lashing out with fear around her as she moves in.

Speed is not enough to overcome armor and another lash of Diego's blade scores across the thug's neck without penetrating. Cursing in Spanish, Diego ducks A's blade and resumes his attack. A high cheer escapes him at the sight of electricity crackling down from the sky.

Gorgeous takes another clawed swipe at the archer but he dodges out of the way. He can't avoid the jolt of electricity from Lexie, though, as the griffon swoops by, and his eyes roll back up in his head as he slumps to the wall.

Meanwhile, Micaela's shot sends the other archer hurtling from the wall in a crack of armor against the ground.

Moody dances around the water mage, hissing, and fires. Mind controlled or not, this is VERY annoying.

DIE GUARD DIE. Rosalie is taking this guard's refusal to die personally. She is angry. She is /furious/. Anger leads her a dignity she normally lacks, well beyond her stature. The hurricane winds lash at her poised figure. She glares at the still upright guard. How dare he defy her.

She gathers lightning to hurl again.

Into the courtyard from within, three figures walk. Two are identical to each other: tall and slim with flowing black hair and bright black eyes, one with crags of stone floating about his head, the other with spinning steel daggers around his waist. They are both wearing slapdash outfits like they were not wearing much and grabbed whatever was handy.

The figure behind them is shorter, stockier, with short steely curls, and with eyes that glow white. As he steps out into the rain, there's a thin shield that ripples above him and seems to deflect it. His eerie glowing eyes sweep the onslaught, and for a moment, all he does is smile.

Alexandra startles a bit when the guy actually /slumps/. Is he--? She pulls back her hand rather suddenly, hesitating in her seat behind Cheso.

Gunfire rings out from atop the walls of the castle as Micaela continues to shoot her pistol, blood leaking slowly from her wound as the arrow is still stoppering it from being much worse. "Get...fucked," she spits vengefully as a bullet impacts into one of the guards and he topples off the wall entirely. Still, the fighting continues.

Talya didn't come here to stand around being a veil the whole time, though. She touches Orianne, Christian's shoulders, whispers, "Get ready to be seen," and then moves off taking her invisibility with her, not yet questioning that someone might see through it eventually. She circles to try to come up behind Cyenar, drawing her sword.

"Hey, you all right?" Cheso hollers to Alexandra as he pulls another bolt to slide into his crossbow, while Gorgeous pummels at the air with her wings and screes nastily after the falling man, beak snapping.

Huruma strikes in at the bowman again, whose armor and movement stop her efforts just short, though she can feel his natural fear under the surface. The blunt force that careens into her breast sends Huruma stumbling back from the hit, the dent in her armor clear and her attention pivoting from the bowman she was attacking to the Stone Mage and his fellows. Her sight lingers long enough to take the three in before her senses reach out to latch onto the Stone Mage; Huruma's shout snarls out of her, a yell of ferocity as she moves for the mage and tries to press the ice of fear through his blood as she bears down.

Whirring through the air, Christian's arrow darts into the thick neck of one of the henchmen attacking Diego. As blood spurts out, the white haired young man lifts his upper lip. One corner of his mouth twitches up in a bit of a satisfied sneer. As the three newcomers arrive, he pivots to take aim on them. Notching another arrow, he draws back his elbow and raises up his bow. "Stay close," he warns Orianne. Another of his arrows soon follows.

There's something distinctly strange as the press of fear Huruma wields sinks well into the mind and heart of the Stone Mage. She can sense a peculiar sort of doubling sensation from him. His fear is real, but so is the compulsion that bids him fight.

Rosalie's eyes flash in satisfaction as the guard tumbles to his...death? She'll settle for his maiming. She gathers lightning to her, and stalks forward, as fierce as a tiny lightning-hurtling lioness, through the gates, and into the courtyards. She ignores the remaining wall guard. Just a gnat.

The Steel Mage watches as his flying dagger spins to slice into Diego, watches as the speedster rounds on him. He smiles, just a little, but it's weirdly remote.

Distracted in his combat with the Thug in front of him, Diego doesn't mind his back. He cries out with a grimace as the Steel Mage's blade rakes through his right arm, tearing rents in his white shirt. Blood drips freely down his arm, pooling around his grip on the blade. Dark eyes narrowing, he flicks his cape back over his shoulder and points the silvered tip at the Mage before moving in a burst of speed.

"Did I kill him?" Lexie blurts out with a sudden (figurative) vomit of feelings. Her gaze flits across the courtyard below them rapidly, eyeing the newcomers. "Is that--?"

Orianne tries not to crow triumphantly when she actually lands a hit on her target; that would ruin Talya's work at keeping them hidden. But then newcomers arrive, and everyone's attention seems to go to the guy with the glowing white eyes. Being sharp, Orianne can deduce this is probably The Person To Take Down, and shifts her aim.

An arrow bites through Cheso's armor as they sail over another pass, and he chokes and coughs before he passes out. He dangles in his strips, loose and limp -- maybe not dead, but definitely not well, and meanwhile, Alexandra is suddenly flying on a griffon with an unconscious pilot in the middle of a storm.

Gorgeous screams.

As Kashana charges toward Cyenar, it is with a shout of, "You bastard!" but as her weapon slices down across his armor, she takes an arrow in the arm. Too many arrows; she crumples to the ground, and crawls a few feet on her elbows before her winged helm falls to clank against the ground.

"Cheso!" Fortunately, Lexie is well-positioned to at least keep the boy from falling off. However, she might not be able to keep /herself/ on the griffon for long. "Please don't drop us!!" she yells at Gorgeous as she tries to lean forward alongside Cheso's limp body and take the -- are there reins? "Shit shit shit--"

When Moody sees Kashana go down, her heart stutters -- that is not good, definitely not good, no, definitely not -- and she sheathes her stunner. Her knives are sheathed on her belt, easy to grab, and she draws them quickly, taking a breath. But Cyenar's mind whammy field slows her hand, confuses her, just enough that she doesn't quite leap to the fight the way she intends.

Moving in a burst of speed around blades and knives, Diego's cape flares behind him as red as his blood. His own steel flickers in the air with a shimmer of silver as it slives across the Steel Mage's abdomen. He watches Kashana go down with a clench of his teeth, dark gaze flickering towards Cyenar. One thing at a time.

Gorgeous seems pretty upset -- and there aren't really reins -- but as she backwings and arches, she seems to read enough in Alexandra's body language to remember that her other passenger is there and, well, a friendly, because she doesn't start trying to do a barrel roll and drop her. Instead, she gives out an anguished scree, but turns and starts sinking towards land, fighting wind and rain to do so.

Rosalie advances, majestic and vengeful--and. And. She frowns. For the flicker of an eye, she seems--confused. Then, with a sudden swirl of movement, she turns, lightning upraised, on her friends.

As Talya's veil drops, Orianne shakes her head in momentary confusion. She frowns, and then lowers her bow as if uncertain what to do. The triceratops blinks out of existence. "Please don't drop us, please don't drop us, please don't drop us--" It becomes a litany as Lexie clings to Cheso and Gorgeous while the griffon fights her way down to the ground. "I'll pet you /so much/ if you don't drop us--"

Rosalie's lightning bolt strikes searingly close to Orianne, but it actually just splits the stone of the courtyard nearest Orianne's foot. Eep!

"/What are you doing?/" Christian demands of Orianne as she lowers her bow. Furrowing his brow, he reaches for another arrow. He flinches, but remains grounded as lightning strikes so near. With his previous target eliminated, he takes aim on a new one.

Gorgeous sets down on the ground outside the castle courtyard, twisting her head to try and preen anxiously at her unconscious pilot. She hunkers low, tail lashing, a deep growl resounding in her throat.

Cyenar's white eyes flash as his power ripples through them. He inhales a long breath through his nose and then says, "This unprovoked assault upon our sovereign throne requires that I make examples of each of you." He closes his eyes and begins to chant. The glow begins to burn its way out of his feet into the stone surrounding him.

The Steel Mage cries out even as the Stone Mage falls, as though they are linked in some way. He disengages from Diego, but he doesn't pursue Huruma. Called by his master, he turns to come to his more immediate defense.

Moody's knives come up -- the haze passes as she stares at Cyenar, eyes narrowing, and she leaps to attack. She's practiced this before, but the possibility of wearing herself out and losing the possibility of quick escape -- she swallows. No. Time to fight, here and now, which means going full on Nightcrawler -- teleporting and stabbing in a blur with the intent of using her mutant ability to overcome her target's resistance. BLIP STAB BLIP STAB BLIP STAB.

The red tail of hair is what Huruma sees go down in the corner of her vision, and like Diego she knows to take care of one thing before the other, even as her blades cut into the chest of the stone mage, and then whirl back to dig into his arm and throw him into the ground with the force of the strike. Her daggers are slick now, and for a moment it seems as if she will make sure he's dead-- until she turns her attention on Cyenar, pivoting on her heel and letting her senses move towards him like a thousand invisible arms.

When he closes his eyes, and the light seeps from his feet, Huruma's empathy attempts to latch onto him, those hands scrabbling and pulling to fill him with a sudden horror.

Up on the wall, Micaela misses and then misses some more. She curses, then steadies herself carefully, taking a moment to line up a better shot. She breathes out and squeezes the trigger again.

As Huruma launches her empathic assault, it is not entirely unlike a clash of titans, mind to mind. The glow seeping out around Cyenar's feet dissipates as his magic fades, and he focuses all his strength on fending off her attack.

"Shh, shh, it's okay--" Lexie slides off of Gorgeous's back -- not without significant relief -- and pets anxiously at her neck as she tries to get Cheso dislodged as well. She keeps glancing anxiously over her shoulder at the others trying to deal with Cyenar. She tugs faster.

This time Rosalie's lightning bolt strikes in a rattling scorch that shakes Orianne to her core. She feels the electrical burn, especially around the center of her body, but she's definitely still standing. But man, lightning.

It's not that hard to get Cheso down off of Gorgeous, once his straps are undone. Gorgeous headbutts Lexie anxiously while she pulls him down.

The fact that Orianne is somehow still alive -- much less still standing -- seems to surprise her as much as it might anyone else. She actually stares, shakily, down at her hands. But then, angrily, she conjures the triceratops again and sends it charging at Rosalie. She's not going to hurt her -- much -- but she's going to try to knock her down.

Oh dear. There is a triceratops charging at Rosalie. Under normal circumstances, this would probably would make her faint. Instead, she eyes said triceratops coolly, and, this time, attempts to summon a blast of hurricane winds, aimed right at the triceratops. How much wind makes a triceratops topple?

Christian doesn't look up as Orianne is struck by lighting. His expression goes a bit lax. Confused, even. With a blink, he lowers his bow.

Moody doesn't have that much left in the teleport department -- maybe one more go at the blip-blip-blip and she's done, from an energy perspective. Still! She's not out of the fight yet, and she has knives, and there's an intentness to her expression. Maybe she's figuring that if she can just drop this asshole, everyone else will stop fighting. Oh, please, let that be true.

Diego points his blade at Cyenar but as if repelled by magnetism, it slides off the other man leaving him target-less mid charge. A flicker of motion catches his eye as the Steel Mage moves to strike Talya. Pivoting on a foot he slips past the Steel Mage's guard to parry and counter the move, his cape nearly brushing Talya as he moves. Briefly, he flashes the Russian woman a smile. It shatters abruptly on his lips as forgoten Guard A stabs him in the right hand. It is enough that he drops his blade for a moment, before moving to catch it with his left hand with quicksilver ease. Frowning, he licks the blood from the back of his hand.

Shaking his head, Christian grits his teeth in determination and raises his weapon once more. Taking aim at Cyenar, he draws back an arrow and fires it into the air.

"I know, I know," Lexie mutters urgently as Gorgeous headbutts her. "Come on." She half-drags, half-carries Cheso away from the thick of the fighting, finding a safe distance for him to be unconscious. Which takes her out of the fight for now.

"I know, I know," Lexie mutters urgently as Gorgeous headbutts her. "Come on." She half-drags, half-carries Cheso away from the thick of the fighting, finding a safe distance for him to be unconscious. Which takes her out of the fight for now.

Huruma spends 1 luck points on Huruma's gonna fuck up Cyenar and his brain-juju..

Huruma does not relent, when she can see that she brings the two of them into an invisible battle; his magic wanes and his concentration moves to her. She moves ahead, daggers akimbo and her teeth bared, eyes flashing when she concentrates all of her power to him in return. Those thousand hands tug, pull, shred and tear at him from the inside.

Talya follows her attack on Cyenar through, and only when it glances off armor does she reel back, hand going up to the shaft that has made it through. She has the presence of mind to jerk it off, not yank it out, and then belatedly she notices Diego as he helps her. Something she calls out might be thanks, possibly in Russian. Then her illusion snaps back up, automatically, while she presses her free hand to her chest.

The Steel Mage cries out and all his floating weapons drop to the ground as he runs to his twin brother's side.

Rosalie's winds howl and blow with a ferocity of force as the triceratops puppet bears down on her, but unfortunately the dinosaur's solidity is not to be denied, and its advance will not be stopped. It's not until after she's knocked flat that the force of Cyenar's control melts away. It's probably disorienting to come to herself on the ground in the rain, freshly pummelled by a triceratops. That doesn't happen every day.

Rosalie squeaks as she comes to, on the ground and triceratops-tumbled. Apparently the raging dark queen phase is over.

"My expectations should never had been so high." Huruma speaks down at Cyenar as he crumples to the ground under the suffocating weight of his fear, and the ringing strikes to his remaining armor follow. "Pitiful." She hisses between her teeth, ready to bear inward to help end this.

Orianne is in a startling amount of pain, by her standards; with the initial shock of the lightning strike past, she's beginning to pick up on just how much she hurts. One arm hangs semi-numb and useless, and every inch of her skin hurts. So perhaps she's not really quite as aware as she could be of anything else in the courtyard; her world has narrowed to pain, and a desire to keep Rosalie from hitting her with another lightning bolt. "Stay! Down!" she yells towards the other woman.

The triceratops adds an extremely emphatic "GROOONK!" to punctuate this.

Christian follows his arrow as it whirrs through the air and pierces through Cyenar's abdomen. He does not hesitate to continue drawing, aiming, and firing.

Down? That just means he's easier to hit. Moody's eyes, narrow and pale, focus on the back of his head and she leaps in with her knives. (This is why she was never invited to join the X-Men, for reals.)

The X-Factorites who are left standing raise their blades as the others lower theirs. Diego moves in a swift blur, piercing sharply through the soft point of the man's neck and shoulder towards his heart. Watching the body buckle, he takes a step backward and bows invitingly to Huruma. A vicious smile on his lips.

Christian's arrow sinks into the mage's stomach, Moody's strike comes from behind, and Diego's digs in at the front. Huruma nears still, eyes flicking from Diego's step and smile. The one she gives him in return is white and sharp, a breath passing through her lips before she leans in to snatch Cyenar's head by his short, curly hair, tip his head back, and hack deftly through his exposed throat.

Hopefully you all wanted a prize.

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