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Utter Confusion
Date Posted 2016/08/30
Location Comm Network
Participants Rohan, Richard
Summary Rohan doesn't even know what to make of his conversation with Valerie.
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{Rohan} RIch? You there?

{Richard} yo man

{Rohan} Did you talk to Valerie?

{Rohan} I just had the weirdest row with her and I don't know what she's on about.

{Rohan} I am so bloody confused.

{Richard} uhhhh

{Richard} i may have

{Richard} run into her

{Rohan} So do you know why she's yelling at me about telling my friends she's off limits?

{Richard} well, that's not true, it's not like you ever said that to me

{Rohan} That's what I TOLD her.

{Richard} she was hitting on me and i was kind of like, you know, thanks but no thanks?? because i've got this boyfriend and also she is or was sleeping with my best friend and that's kind of weird

{Richard} but i SPECIFICALLY SAID that i knew it wasn't a THING

{Rohan} Oh

{Rohan} Well, she ran off on me yelling about how we don't have a THING

{Richard} but it's not like you guys have to be dating for it to be weird

{Richard} OMG I SAID


{Rohan} And I told her I know. THAT I TOLD MY FRIENDS IT WASN"T.

{Richard} she was totally about to freak out a little at the mention of your name tho so i changed the subject to maybe not be about that

{Richard} like she can blame my boyfriend

{Richard} sorry, man

{Richard} she was being pretty aggressive but we just had a dance and i kind of told her to knock it off

{Rohan} Aggressive

{Rohan} I am still so confused.

{Richard} i dunno man

{Richard} i definitely Did Not imply that you were a thing

{Richard} i feel like my reasons for refusal were PERFECTLY NORMAL

{Rohan} It's complicated, you know?

{Richard} i mean, not really

{Richard} you make things complicated

{Rohan} I mean, tbh, I'd rather you didn't. It's...weird.

{Richard} no i get it

{Richard} i wasn't making plans

{Rohan} But if you really wanted--I mean. You're an adult and she's an adult and I'm a--loser. We--could talk about it.

{Rohan} But

{Richard} wow we really don't need to have this conversation


{Rohan} Oops. Sorry. Caps.

{Richard} it's okay you clearly feel strongly about this :P

{Rohan} Maybe I'm unreasonable. I kinda haven't had a lot of close friends.

{Richard} no

{Richard} that'd be weird, it's not just you

{Rohan} I think when you go to bed with someone, you're...waiving your right to sleep with anyone close to them? Like...not forever forever. Things change. People can discuss things. Some people are just plain wankers. But.

{Richard} most people get a little skeeved out at the idea of sharing sexual partners

{Richard} uh

{Richard} except when you're doing it on purpose

{Rohan} Er. Didn't I sort of suggest a foursome once?

{Richard} see, that's on purpose

{Rohan} Yeah

{Richard} also that's hilarious i didn't even remember that

{Rohan} I am not sure I was entirely serious

{Rohan} But I am also not entirely opposed

{Richard} well i'll be honest i'm kind of less attracted to her if she's being a jerk to you

{Rohan} You are best friend

{Richard} yeah!

{Richard} i mean you shouldn't sleep with her either if she's being a jerk

{Rohan} This conversation is making me wonder if she's ever had a friend

{Rohan} Which makes me sad. For her.

{Richard} okay but like

{Richard} you gotta let her do her

{Richard} her hypothetical friendlessness doesn't excuse her being a jerk

{Richard} for the love of god don't make her a project to fix

{Rohan} I'm fixer upper myself. I don't think I'm qualified.

{Richard} sometimes being a fixer upper helps you figure out how to fix other people

{Richard} but usually not before you're fixed

{Rohan} Maybe if she's nice someday I'll suggest a threesome. Or foursome. Only if nice :P

{Richard} i've got a whole host of my own stuff to figure out

{Richard} but that's a conversation for another day

{Rohan} Do you know any cheap Mexican places with cheap tequila?

{Richard} good lord do i

{Richard} i'll send you a place and meet you in 20

{Rohan} I feel like this might make more sense if I'm pisswd

{Rohan} Ace

{Richard} see you soon

{Rohan} :D

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