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Kitten Pick-Up
Date Posted 2016/07/14
Location Rohan and Sumit's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Rohan, Alexandra
Summary Lexie comes by to finally pick up her kitten, and she and Rohan talk a bit about current happenings.
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This apartment sits in a corner and that is perhaps why it seems a touch larger than the average Mutant Town apartment of its ilk. Some of that extra space appears to have gone to making a kitchen that is larger than the norm for the area and which might, indeed, be almost functional to cook in. It's possible, also, that some of the feeling of (slightly) greater airiness comes from the fact the place is very bare, as if it is occupied by people who do not particularly care about decor, or, for that matter, furniture.

Otherwise than the size, it is an unremarkable apartment. The walls are painted a dreary shade of grey-yellow, there are two bedrooms of roughly equal size, and a narrow bathroom. A L-shaped common area around the kitchen serves as living room/dining room. The distinction between the two would probably be clearer if the occupants believed in furniture.

At certain times of day, light spills through the windows and illuminates the whole apartment. It just makes it all the more obvious how shabby and bare it is.

Rohan opens the door quickly for Lexie--just an inch at first, and then wide enough for her to enter. "Come in quick," he says. "They're started escaping." And, indeed, a tuxedo kitten's break for freedom is thwarted by Lexie's shins. Rohan sighs, and grabs said kitten.

"Oops." Lexie totally helps by nudging her feet gently inwards to help corral any escaping kittens back towards Rohan. "No no," she tells little tuxedo. "You belong in there with your dad." She offers Rohan a quick, tight smile after she manages to squeeze all the way in and get the door shut behind her. "Hey."

"Jack, you little bugger," sighs Rohan, setting the tuxedo kitten down in the middle of the floor once the door is safely shut. Said kitten is immediately pounced on by a playful ginger. "They're getting too big for this place," says Rohan a little ruefully, raking a hand through his hair. "Sorry about that."

"No, it's cool; I pretty much know I'm coming into the Cat House when I come over here," Lexie informs him. Her expression is serious, but her eyes are bright behind a certain cast of weariness. "Anyways, I told you I'd be taking one like -- forever ago. And then we went into space. So."

"That's me," says Rohan with a faint sigh. "The Cat House." He pauses for a moment, glancing to the kittens playing on the floor. He's dressed for an evening in, in t-shirt, sweat pants and a generous covering of cat hair. "You haven't changed your mind, have you? Because the rescue approved it and she's seen the vet and she's all ready to go. When you're ready."

"No, no," Lexie says, quick and almost a little urgent in case he's about to get panicked. "No, I'm here for her! I'm ready to take her home. Sorry, I'm just a little tired because everything's been kind of crazy with--" She hesitates. YOU KNOW.

Rohan relaxes. "Oh, good," he says. "Good homes aren't that easy to come by, you know," he adds. "But you can certainly take her now--where is she?" he interrupts himself, turning around in a circle. "Rooooosie." The answer to his question is behind the couch, waggling her fluffy grey butt. As he calls, the kitten leaps out, pouncing at Rohan's leg, wrapping her forelegs around his ankle with a mew of triumph.

"Does she know her name?" Lexie wonders, trailing after him as he turns in search of the kitten. "Like, do I need to stick with that? I mean, I don't have a /problem/ with the name, I'm just -- asking." A little bit of a smile tucks into the corners of her mouth when the tiny grey attacks Rohan's ankles.

"Argh," Rohan says loudly, with exaggerated pain. "That's it. You win, Rose. You got me. I'm dead." He clasps his hands over his heart and staggers a bit in some overdone acting that surely the kitten does not appreciate it. He reaches down to gently untangle the tiny grey kitten, and smooth her fur. She purrs, proudly. "She knows it, I think," he says. "But she's young enough that she'd adjust to a new one. If you want to change it, it's all right. I won't be offended or anything. She's your cat now, after all." He pauses for a moment, stroking the kitten's head with one finger and adds, softly, belatedly, "And I do know. That's why I wasn't bothering you about it right now."

"Okay," Lexie smiles, albeit with a bit of an unsure smile at his reassurance, like she doesn't quite believe it. She lets him hold the kitten, though, and doesn't reach out to RUTHLESSLY TEAR HER AWAY or anything. Her gaze skitters away. "I don't -- know what to do," she admits. "I mean, I'm doing everything I can /think/ to do, but this is, like -- kind of beyond my investigative experience? And she's just so--"

Rohan smooths the fur atop Rose's head, and holds her out to Lexie, one hand supporting the kitten's hindquarters so she doesn't dangle. "You're asking me?" he asks. There's a quiet vein of irony in his voice, a little note of self-deprecation. "I've sort of fallen at fence when it comes to her, after all, haven't I?" There's sadness in his voice now, too. He adds, quietly, " there, I think. For her. Help with what you can, but, there."

"I mean, I wasn't /technically/, but I guess you're volunteering." Lexie's smile is like quicksilver: there and gone again, mostly lost in the distant thoughtfulness of her expression. "Yeah, I know all that stuff. Like, I'm a total expert at being there for Ciels. It's just frustrating." She carefully takes the kitten in her hands, curling one underneath her hindquarters like Rohan was doing and scratching gently at Rosie's ears with the other.

"Yeah," says Rohan quietly. "I know." His smile is a twisted little thing. "It's...a weird and improbable situation, and--I know it hurts. And half the time I'm afraid to say anything to her because I'm not sure whether she'll bite my head off or fall into my arms, you know? Well. To be fair, most of the time it's somewhere in between and it's very rarely the latter, but. It hurts to see her hurt." He turns away, moving to the kitchen. "I'll give you some of the food I've been feeding them," he says. "You can change it if you like, just do it gradually. Do you have a litter box?" He opens a cupboard and pauses. "I used to be a big bad mercenary," he says wryly. "Now I just want to make things better, and most of the time it doesn't work."

"Well, to be fair, that was kind of your guys' thing even /before/ this," Lexie points out. She follows Rohan around like an obnoxious duckling. "Um, of course I got a litterbox; how unprepared a person do you think I am?"

"Hey, you didn't give me any warning," points out Rohan. "I didn't know if you were planning or decided on the spur of the moment to go pick up your kitten." He puts a couple of cans of kitten food in a plastic bag, and then fills a small bag with kitten kibble. "Litter?" he checks.

"I thought I'd just use your ashes," Lexie deadpans.

Rohan turns around, plastic bag in one hand, and considers Lexie. He considers her for a long time, eyebrows raised. "I am seriously concerned right now, Alexandra Brady, Concerned and scared." he tells her. He waggles a brow mischievously. "And maybe just a tiny bit turned on, but don't tell Max."

"Ugh, ew, you're like a billion years old." Lexie reaches to try and snatch the bag from him. "Who gets turned on at people threatening to burn them into ashes? You're so weird."

"Women who can kill you are sexy," Rohan tells her, equally deadpan. Said deadpanness then dissolves into a laugh. "That was a joke," he informs her, properly handing her the bag. "You're far too young for me." Except for the fact she's a year younger than his...something, but he doesn't know that.

Alexandra considers him with clear suspicion. A joke, huh. "I mean, I /could/ kill you," she tells him, just in case he didn't realize. "I'm super deadly." She takes the bag he proffers and rolls her eyes expansively.

"Totally deadly," Rohan assures. "I completely believe you could kill me right now, just like that. Just like that, while holding a kitten."

"I feel like you /don't actually believe that/," Lexie says, growing more bothered by the moment. With her kitten. "I could literally electrocute you /just by touching you/, you know. To death."

"I know," insists Rohan, wide-eyed and earnest. "I completely believe you."

Lexie's gaze narrows. She looks /exceedingly suspicious/ of his earnestness. She reaches out with the hand holding the plastic bag and tries to boop his nose with a painful jolt.

The jolt draws a sound from Rohan that is suspiciously close to squeak. "Hey!" He rubs at his nose. "I said I believed you," he tells her, his expression aggrieved. "That was sort of like the sort of shock you get when you groom a horse on a winter's morning while wearing rubber boots."

"/Oh my God/, it is like you're /asking/ for it," Lexie huffs dramatically. "Do you get off on this or something? Are you trying to goad me into shocking you so you can go jerk off or something? Because that's gross, too." Like his gross age.

"I believe you!" insists Rohan. He looks momentarily, but genuinely offended. "What do you think I am? Besides," he adds, "trust me, I do pretty well for myself these days."

"/Ugh/." Rohan should totally be flattered: this is probably how Lexie responds to talk of her brothers having sex. "Gross, I'm leaving now. My kitten and I are leaving." She curls her hands a little firmer around said kitten, plastic bag hooked into the crook of her elbow, and turns for the door.

"Sure you can get her all the way up stairs without her running away?" asks Rohan, all politeness, "I could loan you my cat carrier."

"I can carry a cat, Rohan!" Lexie claims haughtily as she tries to get the door open with both hands occupied.

"If you insist," Rohan says, a touch of a tease in his voice. He takes a step toward the door, and opens it, with a cautious eye on the other kittens. "Take care of her," he adds, more earnestly, "Both of them."

"I will," Lexie says, glancing over at him and studying his expression for the briefest moment before claiming, "I always do." She offers a wry smile, and then she's gone.

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