2046-02-17 Was that meant for me?

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Was That Meant For me?
Date Posted 2016/02/17
Location Comm Network
Participants Sumit, Rohan
Summary Make sure you check who you comm to before you comm.
Plot Road Trip
{From Sumit to Rohan} Hey gorgeous, hows NY? Thanks for the pics by the way, no pool yet alas, but maybe tonight.

{From Rohan to Sumit} Was that meant for me?

{From Sumit to Rohan} Ah, no. Sorry. Sooooo, how is the cat?

{From Rohan to Sumit} And here I thought you'd come to a completely new appreciation of me. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that.

{From Rohan to Sumit} She's fine, and completely did not bring up hairballs on your bed.

{From Sumit to Rohan} I appreciate your samosas, does that count?

{From Rohan to Sumit} Only loved for my samosas. Story of my life.

{From Sumit to Rohan} Oh I don't know, that lass in Goa seem to appreciate you for.. other things

{From Rohan to Sumit} Don't even remember that one, mate.

{From Sumit to Rohan} we were quite drunk at the time

{From Rohan to Sumit} That was pretty normal in those days.

{From Sumit to Rohan} good times man, good times

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