2046-02-16 You Fought Who Now?

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You Fought Who Now?
Date Posted 2016/02/18
Location Comm Network
Participants Sumit, Moody, Jeremy
Summary A flurry of communication ensues.
Plot Road Trip
{From Sumit to Moody} Just met a lass named Famine, fucking laugh a minute her and her pals.

{From Moody to Sumit} Famine? Wait, what?

{From Moody to Sumit} You guys were attacked by REVELATION!?

{From Moody to Sumit} are you okay is jeremy okay oh my god

{From Sumit to Moody} I'm fine, some bint with knockout breath had a go, look on her face was priceless. She got Jeremy with it though, but he'll be fine. Others are okay too, though I think the Russian, Mamim, ended up blind for a bit, but that passed. Got the cargo out too, so pretty good outcome all told.

{From Moody to Sumit} holy crap. just a second, am hyperventilating.

{From Moody to Jeremy} OH MY GOD ARE YOU OKAY??? ////REVELATION////

{From Moody to Sumit} OK. I think I'm recovered. Jesus.

{From Sumit to Moody} want me to call you?

{From Moody to Sumit} Yeah.

{From Jeremy to Moody} Yes. We got away clean with cargo intact. Will debrief when we get back.

{From Jeremy to Moody} Rogue wasn't there.

{From Moody to Jeremy} Jesus. OK. Take care, J.

{From Jeremy to Moody} Hey, at least we got to be heroes.

{From Sumit to Moody} Okay, give me a min to get to somewhere where I can talk

{From Moody to Jeremy} Big damn heroes, it sounds like. I hope you guys get a big tip!

{From Jeremy to Moody} Hah. Cross your fingers.

It's maybe three or four minutes later when Sumit tries to call Moody directly, rather than use the rather inelegant text comms. Having found a quiet spot where he can talk work he hugs his coat tight around him to try and combat the mountain chill.

"Hey," Moody answers, a little breathless. There's a soft rattling of metal spoon in ceramic cup, probably the kitchen in her apartment. "So I know I said the middle of the country is kind of boring, but let me reassure you, /typically/ there aren't terrorist attacks on your average road trip."

"I think we'd all take boring right now," Sumit replies, suddenly craving tea, "full marks to them though the picked pretty much exactly the ambush point I'd've used. Tried to talk us until standing back and just letting them take the cargo though, rather than all guns blazing, so we managed to break loose. Fuck me though but do I want to know what we're transporting now. If it's something that's going to be used against us by your government then I'll destroy it now. Contract be damned"

"Jeremy'd never do something like that," Moody answers at once and with total faith. "I mean, he'd never work with someone who'd make something to use against us." She turns on the faucet briefly and then her breath puffs a little as she sits down, sipping her tea. "God, though, I can't even imagine that -- fighting Revelation, I mean. They're dangerous as hell."

"Thats the thing though," Sumit replies, sounding like he's still running on a reasonable percentage of adrenalin, "Richard got the contract, and he doesn't know whats in it. They didn't say it was to be used against us mind, just that they wanted it, so there's a good chance it's kosher in that regard at least. I was so fucking close to blowing her brains out though, bad-breath woman not Famine, glad I didn't need to. Dunno know why, but fighting our own never sits right, not unless their Chinks and asking for it. We got out though, and I'm rambling. Sorry. Still, it'll be someone else's problem soon, then we can go back to boring on the journey home. Speaking of home, how is New York? Still as called as a... every.. cold.. thing?"

"I'm on my second hot cocoa of the night," Moody admits. There's a smile in her voice, though. "It's fine. I was -- out -- this morning, but it was a short one. Back by lunch. I'm playing a party tomorrow night, god willing, so hopefully rent won't be a problem. It's boring here." In New York. And with time travel. She sighs a little, hesitant. "I'm glad-- nobody was hurt."

"You considered putting some booze in it?" Sumit asks, sounding a little more relaxed, "I reckon I might drink deep tonight." Then there's talk of time travel again and his voice tenses just a fraction. "How far? Everything okay I take it? I'd say good luck for tomorrow, but you won't need it. Knock 'em dead though, and I'm glad too. That's not a fight I want to pick, especially when woefully unprepared for it. Not quite as scary as that nullifier, but closer than I'd've liked."

"This morning? Oh, it was a cake walk. 1992 and I was only gone for a couple of hours. I took a nap at the New York Public Library. Most of the time it's pretty boring, to be honest. I'm pretty good at keeping my head down. You don't need to worry." Moody shifts, then there's a sort of muffled rustling sound. "Sorry, had to take off my sweater. Orianne's got the radiator cranked to 'equatorial'. Are you guys still planning to be back on Friday?"

"You sure you're out of range?" Sumit replies sounding almost faintly asmused, "equatorial sounds pretty damn good right now. Not sure on eta home I'm afraid, will depened on how shaken up people are, and if there's any complications. Not heard that it won't be Friday though."

Moody snorts softly with laughter, "It's good until the bill gets here. I can't knock her too hard for it, though. Poor kid is freezing. Oh -- I keep forgetting to mention, but I found a gym with a kickass co-ed sauna. You still interested? It might be a nice treat after being stuck in a van all this time."

"Okay, thats definitely good flirting," Sumit replies, his grin likely evident in his tone, "if I wasn't so far away, and it wasn't frigid, I'd be taking my clothes off now. It'd be amazing to be properly warm again."

"Consider it a reward for a mission well-done -- and an enticement to stay out of trouble, okay?" Moody teases.

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