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Xavier's School
Head Scott Summers
Size ~100

Xavier's School is a government-run home which boards and educates mutant students. It began as a private institution founded and run by Charles Xavier and came under government control upon his death in 2044.

Purpose & Goals

To educate young mutants and teach them to keep their mutations in check. To keep mutants out of the public foster system in New York.


Scott Summers serves the school as headmaster. He answers to the division of child and family services of the state of New York, in particular to their liaison, Elia Corath.



  • Scott Summers - Machine Shop
  • Kitty Pryde - Computer Science
  • Piotr Rasputin - Art



Charles Xavier established his school for 'gifted youngsters' in the 60s. It was not until the 80s, however, that it truly became a private educational institution. He recruited young mutants as near to their manifestation as possible and brought them to the school for both a traditional education and training in their mutation.

The school operated as a secret haven for mutants until 2007, when Xavier and Jean Grey announced its existence to the world. For thirty-seven years, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters took in and educated a remarkable number of mutant students, often providing scholarships for those most in need. They persisted in their autonomy despite the growing public distrust of mutants.

In 2044, the State of New York took control of the school following the death of Charles Xavier, citing public safety. Whatever negotiations took place were not public, but in the end, the school was allowed to remain just that, though its numbers were swollen by any mutants that found their way into the public system.

Scott Summers became headmaster, and many of the original staff remained. Mutational education shifted largely to aspects of control rather than use, and the school was renamed to simply 'Xavier's School'. The State views the school as a means to keep young mutants largely quarantined and to teach them to keep dangerous mutations in check.

Important Figures

Currently Affiliated

  • Nina Caruthers (NPC) - Student at Xavier's School and the only daughter of Kade Caruthers and Sierra Oliva. (Heat Generation).
  • Scott Summers (Staff NPC) - Scott Summers is the former leader of the X-Men and the current headmaster of Xavier's School. (Concussive Blasts).

Formerly Affiliated

  • Jacque Hart (NPC) - Jacque is a licensed psychologist. She practices primarily out of her own home in Mutant Town but volunteers a great deal of her time at Open Hands. She is married with no children. (Empathy).
  • Sergio Mireles (NPC) - Sergio attended Xavier’s but was expelled for fighting. He was arrested once in 2044 and once recently for aggravated assault. He currently resides at Open Hands while pursuing his GED. (Photokinesis).
  • Logan (NPC) - Logan was a principal member of the X-Men and a keystone of the Xavier's School staff until shortly after Jean Grey passed away. (Adamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factor).
  • Bobby Drake (NPC) - Bobby Drake is one of the X-Men and a former student at Xavier's School. He disappeared off the map 30 years or so ago on a mission. Even Charles Xavier wasn't able to locate him using Cerebro. (Ice manipulation, ice form).
  • St. John Allerdyce (NPC) - St. John Allerdyce was a student at Xavier's School before he joined Magneto and the Brotherhood. Now he is with Rogue in Revelation. (Pyrokinetic).
  • Talya Rasputin (PC) - Talya is an illusionist and teleporter who can't teleport. She has a hint of fey old world about her, but hides it under snark. (Illusions and New Rus).
  • Lydia Moore (PC) - A native to New York City, Lydia Moore is graduate of Xavier's Institute who wants to work as freelance artist but pays the bills as an employee of X-Factor Solutions. (Prehensile Hair).
  • Kaylee Thompson (PC) - Kaylee Thompson was an officer in the NYPD Mutant Affairs division, until her mutational status—and her past—caught up with her. She stayed behind in the Annihilation AU after the events of Annihilation Anew. (Plasma Manipulation / TK).
  • Akihiro Howlett (PC) - Akihiro has been around the block a few times. He's survived suicide missions, had many lovers, made a few enemies, and even survived subbing at Xavier's for forty years. (Adamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factor).
  • Jeremy Wallace (PC) - Jeremy Wallace is a former X-Man, a graduate of Xavier's School and New York University, and is planning on opening a creative little operation out of Mutant Town. (Telekinetic Explosions).
  • Luka Zdravkovic (PC) - Disgraced former member of the X-Men, Luka ran a halfway house for young adult mutants called Open Hands which he opened in 2038. He was recently arrested for the murder of Mikhail Lesin. (Death Sense, Healing).
  • Zev Kamdar (PC) - Zev is a British expatriate who'd been in the U.S. for over a decade. Formerly a Xavier's student, then a bouncer, then back to Xavier's as administrative staff and a member of the X-Men. He now works for X-Factor Solutions. (Endocrine Control).
  • Riley Carter (PC) - Riley Carter is a cheerfully enthusiastic former XS student and X-Force agent with a decently good head on her shoulders despite her tendency toward overt friendliness. Has a decent work ethic, and is expressively inclined via sparkles and baked goods (a+ vision, light bending).
  • Will Hunt (PC) - Will works at a couple bars and has been seen around 18th Street and X-Factor Solutions. Irregular work here and there, he's much like any other person trying to keep his head down and make it in Mutant Town. (Light-based Illusions).
  • Adelle Moody (PC) - Adelle Moody is a street-smart, talented musician and DJ who lives in Mutant Town and has a knack for finding trouble. (Teleport, TimeTravel).
  • Tiffany Newetner (PC) - Tiffany is an impoverished poet living in New York who has spent most of her adult life being a notorious screw-up. She is largely reliant on her middle-class parents and only slightly more successful older sister, a therapist who works in Mutant Town. (Psionic Travel).
  • Lucita Arroyo (PC) - Lucita is a second-generation Puerto Rican, born in Detroit but raised on the streets, who is entirely too close to Will Hunt. (Inorganic Disintegration).
  • Kade Caruthers (PC) - Kade Caruthers spent more than a decade as an X-Force agent. With that imploded (both figuratively and literally), he's trying to figure out what his life is now. With limited success. (Heat Generation).
  • Laura Kinney (PC) - Laura is a former member of the X-Men. However, even among her peers, little is known about her. Many former X-Men believe she is Logan's daughter. (Adamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factor).
  • Armando Aguilar (PC) - Armando is a winged barista at Oddball Coffee and occasionally bartends at the Sloppy Pony. (Flight/Enhanced Vision).
  • Miles Harper (PC) - Miles Harper is an unassuming Bartender who works in Mutant town. He is quick, perceptive, and mixes a mean cocktail. He's a graduate of Xavier's academy, with some rumors of shady government work following. (Super Agility, Senses).
  • Eric Smith (PC) - Eric Smith is former X-Men and an up-and-coming local personage of Mutant Town, though less for his heroics than his frequent presence at its more... charming drinking spots. (Sound Manipulation).
  • Jens Lakomski (PC) - Jens is a veteran of X-Force and a new hire of X-Factor Solutions. Slow to trust new faces, he's prone to overlook before leaping. (Metal Form).
  • Heather Walker (PC) - Heather is... a garbage pail mix of Australian insults and a will to lend a helping hand to the poor bastards who are forced to eat their dues with a boot atop their head. (Tendrils,Regeneration).
  • Donny Donahue (PC) - Donny Donahue is the resident zen-master, looking to try and make his way in the big city, after a lifetime of struggle. (Plasma Form).
  • Rogue (Staff NPC) - Rogue was once a key member of the X-Men, once an Xavier's School student, and is now the leader of Revelation. (Powers absorption).


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