X-Force Revenge

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X-Force Revenge
Begin Date 2016/04/25
End Date 2016/05/04
Location New York City
GM Scarletwitchy
Participants Kade, Irene, Vega, Ciel, Luka, Rohan, Armando, Rosalie, Ian, Jeremy, Eleanor, Mikhail, Richard, Alexandra, Armando
Important NPCs Echo
Organizations X-Force, Open Hands, Mutant Affairs

A villain from X-Force's past returns.


  • X-Force Flashback (2036) - X-Force faces off with Echo for the first time.
  • NYPD Flashback (2041) - NYPD encounters hypnotized thrall for the first time.
  • Siera at Open Hands is symptomatic.
  • Rohan attacks the residence of X-Force member from original encounter.
  • Pete Buchanan attacks X-Force member from original encounter at Oddball Coffee.
  • X-Factor responds to a distress call at Open Hands. They confront Echo.


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