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Head Paige Northrup
Size Disbanded
About 60 at its height

X-Force was a top-secret government organization: a team of mutants formed to deal with exceptional circumstances in a world where conventional solutions no longer seemed to apply.

They operated in the United States and overseas, as called upon by the United States government, and performed both as spies and as a strike force.

X-Force was disbanded in 2040 after an unexplained incident that left most of Staten Island in rubble.

Purpose & Goals

Mission Statement: X-Force is the nation's hidden line of defense. We accomplish what others cannot accomplish and go where others cannot go. X-Force's interests are the interests of the American government, and X-Force serves and defends those interests uniquely among other organizations.


X-Force had considerable resources, including state of the art weaponry, numerous aircraft, and top-notch training facilities.


On its founding X-Force was headed by the oft-heard-rarely-seen Nina Irwin, code-named Carpenter. Carpenter was succeeded by Paige Northrup in 2019.

Northrup generally made assignments and accepted reports, while day to day activities were overseen by Area Heads, in charge of training and preparation, and Mission Leads, who oversaw various missions.

Other Information

  • X-Force dealt with AUs a number of times in their history. The existence of these Alternate Universes remain largely unknown among the general populace.
  • X-Force members lived and trained on Chemeketa Military Base, code-named Old Home, in Los Gatos, California under the cover of Titan Enterprises.
  • After X-Force went public, the organization's headquarters moved to the Washington D.C. area like the other members of the United States Intelligence Community. At this point, secrecy regarding employees' status began to mirror those often employed by such organizations as the CIA. Some lower-level employees could say they worked in X-Force, while those higher in the organization, including field agents, would have a general cover of working in some other branch of government in the area.

Important Figures

Formerly Affiliated

  • Jamie Madrox (Staff NPC) - Jamie Madrox is a self-replicator living many lives across the world. (Duplication).
  • Paige Northrup (Staff NPC) - Paige Northrup served as the Director of X-Force from 2019 until its disbandment in 2040. ().
  • Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller (PC) - Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller is a charming speedster and former X-Force agent. He is also a bullfighter of significant renown who spent the last few years in Madrid with his wife Micaela Teller. (Speed/Agility).
  • Miles Harper (PC) - Miles Harper is an unassuming Bartender who works in Mutant town. He is quick, perceptive, and mixes a mean cocktail. He's a graduate of Xavier's academy, with some rumors of shady government work following. (Super Agility, Senses).
  • Jens Lakomski (PC) - Jens is a veteran of X-Force and a new hire of X-Factor Solutions. Slow to trust new faces, he's prone to overlook before leaping. (Metal Form).
  • Kade Caruthers (PC) - Kade Caruthers spent more than a decade as an X-Force agent. With that imploded (both figuratively and literally), he's trying to figure out what his life is now. With limited success. (Heat Generation).
  • Cody Quinn (PC) - Cody Quinn is a friendly stoner bro and ex-X-Force agent who likes chill thrills and growing plants with his mind. He can hook you up. (Plant Manipulation).
  • Samad Gonzalez (PC) - Formerly an X-Force agent, Samad is a video game developer for a prominent gaming company. He recently relocated to New York from Beijing with his husband. He also volunteers his time in an administrative capacity at Open Hands. (Pain Inducement).
  • Dani Li Song (PC) - Dani Li Song is an abandoned daughter of famous parents that latched onto X-Force and then gave up on everything when it fell apart. (Gravity Manipulation).
  • Richard Rider (PC) - Richard Rider was once an X-Force agent who fell into an AU rift. He came out twenty-eight years later and caused its disbandment. He's kind of depressed about it. (Supersonic Flight).
  • Micaela Teller (PC) - Micaela is a fiery flier and former X-Force agent. She has spent the last five years being a minor celebrity in Spain, in part due to marrying Diego. (Aero/Pyrokinetic Flight).
  • Riley Carter (PC) - Riley Carter is a cheerfully enthusiastic former XS student and X-Force agent with a decently good head on her shoulders despite her tendency toward overt friendliness. Has a decent work ethic, and is expressively inclined via sparkles and baked goods (a+ vision, light bending).
  • Ciel Kane (PC) - Ciel is a former X-Force member, a former mercenary, a current PI, and the daughter of a couple of terrorists. She likes partying hard and working hard. Also flying. (Flight, Portals).
  • Isabel Weiss (NPC) - Isabel Weiss is a telekinetic who worked as an X-Force agent from 2010 until its collapse in 2040. (Telekinesis).
  • Tom Sikorski (NPC) - Tom Sikorski is Lexie's uptight older brother. He is also married to Isabel Weiss. (Telepathy).
  • Harrison Brady (NPC) - Harrison Brady was an X-Force agent from 2009 until 2014, when he retired and married Sam Sikorski. He is the father of Alexandra Brady. (Electrokinetic).
  • Adam Rutledge (NPC) - Adam Rutledge is mostly retired. Before that, he was a member of X-Force from 2010 until its disbandment, where he served in later years as a primary governmental liaison to various security councils under Paige Northrup. (Dreamweaving).
  • Ilad Tal-Shachar (NPC) - Ilad was part of X-Force from its second year of operation through approx 2026, when injuries on the job rendered him paralyzed and wheel-chair bound. He writes young adult novels with queer and mutant themes and serves as a local part-time rabbi. (Pyrokinesis).


  • 2009: X-Force is founded as a secret agency of the US Government.
  • 2017: X-Force becomes public knowledge after al-Sahra leaks information about their existence and some of their members' identities. The agency's headquarters moves to the Washington D.C. area.
  • 2027: X-Force apprehends many key members of al-Sahra, and victory over the organisation is declared.
  • 2040: X-Force is shut down amid a public furor after causing significant, unexplained damage to Staten Island.

Important Activities or Projects

  • X-Force spent a great deal of time in its first 16 years responding to the world-wide organization al-Sahra. When they captured many key members in 2027, it was considered a coup for X-Force.
  • Agents dealt with all manner of threats to the United States, such as securing weapons of mass destruction, preventing assassinations, identifying and shutting down human trafficking and drug rings, and investigating unusual occurrences that seemed likely to be related to mutant powers. They often worked in cooperation with other agencies on the latter.


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