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X-Factor Solutions
Head Jeremy Wallace
Size ~25

X-Factor Solutions is a year-old company located in Mutant Town. It employs a wide variety of mutants and offers their services for sale. No job too big or too small.

Purpose & Goals

Right now, X-Factor employees are just trying to make a living in a world where finding employment as a mutant is hard.


X-Factor is low on resources, but it does have an office in Mutant Town with a small gym, a conference room, a lounge, and several oddly-furnished offices upstairs.


Jeremy Wallace is the primary 'boss' of X-Factor Solutions at startup, being one of the founding members and the guy behind the scenes who knows how to work the bookkeeping software and the spreadsheets.

Employees of XFS are of roughly equal footing.

Bringing in a job for the team earns an employee a commission bonus in addition to pay for taking part in the job, so you eat what you kill. Basic pay and extremely limited benefits are all we get at startup.

Jobs can be just about anything that people will pay us to do (within reason, like, okay, nobody take out a hit on somebody or anything all right). An active roster of XFS employees will be maintained at the office, and a team from that roster will be assigned to assist with a given job inside their skillset (hopefully).

Important Figures

Currently Affiliated

  • Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller (PC) - Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller is a charming speedster and former X-Force agent. He is also a bullfighter of significant renown who spent the last few years in Madrid with his wife Micaela Teller. (Speed/Agility).
  • Sumit Nehru (PC) - Sumit Nehru was born and grew up on the sub-continent. The son of a fisherman and until recently an active member of the Garuda Mercenaries before turning up unannounced in New York. (Atmospheric Adaptation / Time Dilation).
  • Will Hunt (PC) - Will works at a couple bars and has been seen around 18th Street and X-Factor Solutions. Irregular work here and there, he's much like any other person trying to keep his head down and make it in Mutant Town. (Light-based Illusions).
  • Rohan Ainsworth (PC) - Rohan is a recent arrival in New York, possessed of a bright smile and a Yorkshire accent that some find at odds with his appearance. (Memory Manipulation).
  • Solomon Hayes (PC) - Solomon is a former cop turned Marshall. He's lived, lost, and if you buy him a drink he might tell you how he got his scars, physical or otherwise. (Marksmanship).
  • Alexandra Brady (PC) - Alexandra, commonly known as Lexie, is a private investigator in New York City and a contractor with X-Factor Solutions. (Electrokinetic).
  • Reya Torres (PC) - Reya is a former paramedic and (semi-) reformed troubled youth who has apparently given up on her-- apparently blossoming-- career in order to join X-Factor and help her cousin, Santos, run his little corner bodega in Mutant Town. (Power Negation Field).
  • Riley Carter (PC) - Riley Carter is a cheerfully enthusiastic former XS student and X-Force agent with a decently good head on her shoulders despite her tendency toward overt friendliness. Has a decent work ethic, and is expressively inclined via sparkles and baked goods (a+ vision, light bending).
  • Lucita Arroyo (PC) - Lucita is a second-generation Puerto Rican, born in Detroit but raised on the streets, who is entirely too close to Will Hunt. (Inorganic Disintegration).
  • Irene Atwell (PC) - Irene is a former Detective of the Mutant Affairs division of the NYPD. You've probably seen her and her partner around Mutant Town. (Invulnerability).
  • Talya Rasputin (PC) - Talya is an illusionist and teleporter who can't teleport. She has a hint of fey old world about her, but hides it under snark. (Illusions and New Rus).
  • Jeremy Wallace (PC) - Jeremy Wallace is a former X-Man, a graduate of Xavier's School and New York University, and is planning on opening a creative little operation out of Mutant Town. (Telekinetic Explosions).
  • Santos Torres (PC) - Santos is the owner-operator of a corner bodega on the edge of Mutant Town known for its convenience, coffee, and taking on an occasional job with XFS. (Power Mimicry).
  • Rosalie Wentworth (PC) - Rosalie is a weather manipulator with issues. Don't startle her. (Weather Manipulation).
  • Kade Caruthers (PC) - Kade Caruthers spent more than a decade as an X-Force agent. With that imploded (both figuratively and literally), he's trying to figure out what his life is now. With limited success. (Heat Generation).
  • Vega Zhang (PC) - Vega Zhang is a former Mutant Affairs Detective with ten years of experience in the NYPD. Most recently, she has joined up with X-Factor. Her technopathic abilities are not widely known, especially among the mutant community, due to her former position. While with the force, she was often seen with her ex-partner and also former MA Dectective, Irene Atwell. (Technopathy).
  • Richard Rider (PC) - Richard Rider was once an X-Force agent who fell into an AU rift. He came out twenty-eight years later and caused its disbandment. He's kind of depressed about it. (Supersonic Flight).
  • Orianne Dembele (PC) - Orianne is the younger sister of Carole Dembele, a generally cheerful and creative transplant from the Cote d'Ivoire. (Puppetmaster).
  • Tiffany Newetner (PC) - Tiffany is an impoverished poet living in New York who has spent most of her adult life being a notorious screw-up. She is largely reliant on her middle-class parents and only slightly more successful older sister, a therapist who works in Mutant Town. (Psionic Travel).
  • Maxim Ulyanov (PC) - Maxim is a Russian cage fighter and former criminal trying to keep himself afloat in NYC. (Strength, damage resist).
  • Huruma (PC) - Huruma is an empath of ambiguous and morally questionable intent. An independent contractor of various means, she somehow manages to find herself a niche wherever she lands. (Empathy).
  • Ciel Kane (PC) - Ciel is a former X-Force member, a former mercenary, a current PI, and the daughter of a couple of terrorists. She likes partying hard and working hard. Also flying. (Flight, Portals).
  • Lea Baumann (PC) - Lea is a small town girl turned theatre major turned member of the resistance on an apocalyptic Earth in the Annihilation AU. Coming to a different universe is kind of messing with her head. (Phasing).
  • Micaela Teller (PC) - Micaela is a fiery flier and former X-Force agent. She has spent the last five years being a minor celebrity in Spain, in part due to marrying Diego. (Aero/Pyrokinetic Flight).
  • Eleanor Rutledge (PC) - Eleanor Rutledge is a doctor with an astral mutation that enables her to slip into minds by the back door. (Astral Walker).
  • Rebecca Reed (PC) - Bonus arms, a long leather coat, and red dreadlocks. (Four Arms, Omnidexterous).
  • Adelle Moody (PC) - Adelle Moody is a street-smart, talented musician and DJ who lives in Mutant Town and has a knack for finding trouble. (Teleport, TimeTravel).
  • Mariama Rodriguez (PC) - An international photojournalist, who after finding out she is a mutant, now focuses on New York City and mutant stories. While it may not exactly be by choice, she takes comfort in the fact that she is attempting to make a difference. (Gravity Maniuplation).

Formerly Affiliated

  • Arturo Ridley (PC) - Arturo Ridley is a podcaster and producer. His show tends to critique the portrayal of mutants in popular culture. He sometimes gets more political. He has a feral mutation that he can cover up with an illusion - but he usually doesn't bother. (Feral/Self-Illusion).
  • Oscar Andrews (PC) - Oscar is a newly hired security specialist at X-Factor Solutions and a recent arrival in Mutant Town. He is a former police officer, but remains tight-lipped about how and why he left the NYPD. (Power Negation).
  • Eric Smith (PC) - Eric Smith is former X-Men and an up-and-coming local personage of Mutant Town, though less for his heroics than his frequent presence at its more... charming drinking spots. (Sound Manipulation).
  • Laura Kinney (PC) - Laura is a former member of the X-Men. However, even among her peers, little is known about her. Many former X-Men believe she is Logan's daughter. (Adamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factor).
  • Miles Harper (PC) - Miles Harper is an unassuming Bartender who works in Mutant town. He is quick, perceptive, and mixes a mean cocktail. He's a graduate of Xavier's academy, with some rumors of shady government work following. (Super Agility, Senses).
  • Gunther Volfram (PC) - Gunther Volfram is a leading authority on biomechanical engineering and scion of the wealthy and prominent Volfram family. He may be investing and providing contracted services to those nice X-Factor kids.... (Sensory Manipulation).
  • Akihiro Howlett (PC) - Akihiro has been around the block a few times. He's survived suicide missions, had many lovers, made a few enemies, and even survived subbing at Xavier's for forty years. (Adamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factor).
  • Raquel Isidoro (PC) - Raquel is an idealistic young woman who's quick to jump to the defense of her fellow mutants. A Brazilian by birth she seems preternaturally healthy. (Physical Perfection).
  • Kaylee Thompson (PC) - Kaylee Thompson was an officer in the NYPD Mutant Affairs division, until her mutational status—and her past—caught up with her. She stayed behind in the Annihilation AU after the events of Annihilation Anew. (Plasma Manipulation / TK).
  • Ryker Wolfe (PC) - Ryker is a former UK journalist. A smarmy bloke with a love for any sort of substance that can make his head feel funny. Really quite a loveable sort once you get passed his oddities. Recently joined X-Factor Solutions. (Bone Manipulation, Healing Factor) (Bone Shaping, Healing).
  • Lydia Moore (PC) - A native to New York City, Lydia Moore is graduate of Xavier's Institute who wants to work as freelance artist but pays the bills as an employee of X-Factor Solutions. (Prehensile Hair).
  • Kevin Gardiner (PC) - Kevin is your friendly neighborhood speedster. He also delivers things. Packages, food, pain, whatever you may need! (Super Speed).
  • Zev Kamdar (PC) - Zev is a British expatriate who'd been in the U.S. for over a decade. Formerly a Xavier's student, then a bouncer, then back to Xavier's as administrative staff and a member of the X-Men. He now works for X-Factor Solutions. (Endocrine Control).
  • Kosei Sato (PC) - Kosei is a new arrival to Mutant Town, but the Japanese expatriate seems to be outgoing and confident, nevertheless. (Superior Physicality).


  • Mikhail Lesin (PC) - Mikhail is a luck-maker who used to belong to the Russian mafia. Then he belonged to himself. Then he belonged to Luka, who ate his death like a vampire. (Luck maker).


- September 2045: X-Factor is founded.


  • All plots centered around X-Factor Solutions, which means that we encourage all players to have at least one character who is at least a part-time employee.
  • Getting Hired
- Hiring on is generally done off-cam - you can presume that you have been hired and provided a contract as soon as you hit the grid. If you want some contact with XFS employees before hand, that's also fine, but the actual 'signing up' should be assumed off camera.
  • Jobs
- Staff often posts job lists which are available for RP. Feel free to RP completing any of these jobs and to make up details surrounding it unless specifically stated otherwise.
- Characters also bring in their own business, so you can RP completing jobs which are not listed.
- Players should feel not only welcome, but encouraged, to GM jobs both for themselves and for other players. It's part of what keeps the game moving!
- Need some ideas for jobs? Check here and feel free to add your own!