Will Hunt

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William Hunt
Alias Will
Gender Male
Age 27
Mutation Light-based Illusions
Birth April 29, 2025
Height 5'11"
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School

Will works at a couple bars and has been seen around 18th Street and X-Factor Solutions. Irregular work here and there, he's much like any other person trying to keep his head down and make it in Mutant Town.


Wide-area, light-based illusions. As light-based illusions, they can be perceived by things like cameras or photography, but cannot be made selectively visible. They can be layered over things, or shift light to offset objects or make them invisible. As light, the illusion of light is also possible. His control extends to a radius centered on him, making the outside range of his abilities dependent on his location and the complexity of the illusions.


  • His illusions are visual only, no aural or tactile component.
  • 100m - Mostly static illusions (buildings, empty streets, parked cars, unmoving people, various light levels, etc).
  • 50m - Moving people and cars, though on something like pre-set pathing, no reactions or unexpected variation.
  • 20m - Reactive illusions, complex interactions (fights, explosions, etc).

[Public] Alexandra says, "IT'S ME, WILL"
[Public] Alexandra says, "YOUR BESTIE"