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Vega Zhang
Gender Female
Age 29
Mutation Technopathy
Birth 12/25/2016
Height 5'5"
Hair Pink
Eyes Brown
Markings Custom Prosthetic Legs. Small spider tattoo at base of neck and shoulder.
Skin #FFF8DC
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation NYPD, Mutant Affairs
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Vega Zhang is a former Mutant Affairs Detective with ten years of experience in the NYPD. Most recently, she has joined up with X-Factor. Her technopathic abilities are not widely known, especially among the mutant community, due to her former position. While with the force, she was often seen with her ex-partner and also former MA Dectective, Irene Atwell.

Public Information

2031 - Listed in reports and articles as a victim of the 86th Street Station Attack by a Mutant Assailant on September 20th. The X-Men were called in to suppress the mutant. After the attack, Vega was noted as being in critical condition.
2031 - Later that month, a statement by the Zhangs was released to the media saying that Vega was in stable condition, but said that the damage was severe and she had lost her legs. They were optimistic about her recovery and thankful for the support of the community.
2033 - Early graduation from the Dalton School with a 3.7 GPA.
2036 - Graduated with BA in Criminology, Minor in Piano, from CNYU.
2036 - Joined the NYPD.
2046 - Dismissed from her position in Mutant Affairs after the events of 2046-01-24 The Bowery raid due to Internal Affairs cracking down on any ties with Mutants within the force.


Known as a hard-nosed, hardworking, quick-witted (former) cop. Vega will not give up until the job is done. She is annoying like that. Her focus is to protect the victims - be they mutant or human. Anyone who deals with her professionally quickly finds that despite her cotton candy hair, she is neither soft nor sweet.


Vega is a gifted technopath with a special knack for biomechanics. Her mutation allows her to understand machines and systems of any kind. It also allows her to use, design, and build them without training. Her strain of technopathy is inherently mechanically focused: a little bit Tony Stark without the hacking, AI creation, or the god complex. She couldn't crack the passcode on a door, but she could disable the alarm, unplug it, or dismantle it and open it the old fashioned way - with tools. No matter where she is, her mutation is always processing, making the technologically affluent world she lives in a constant hum of background noise.

Her understanding of biomechanics is grounded in an intuitive understanding of the body as a mechanical system: powered by electricity and automation, it breathes, it walks, it moves. What she develops (such as her own anti-grav boots or other adaptive prosthesis) can replace missing elements, support something that is failing, or enhance what exists. Anything regarding the delicacies of the brain or chemical processes of the body is far beyond her abilities. She cannot heal someone, but she may be able to sustain them in an emergency situation.

To this day, Vega's own bionic legs are the most notable and pivotal thing she has developed. Her prosthesis do more than correct her disability, they also give her above average leg strength, speed, endurance, and mobility. Most impressively, they are capable of low-altitude flight through anti-gravity technology. Vega utilizes a motion dynamic for propulsion in flight that is similar to skating, allowing her to fluidly move around the city with parkour-like smoothness. Her max speed in flight is 30 mph, but is only useful for short distance sprints (maxing out at 100 meters) or in attacking. She can fly no higher than 1,000 ft, before losing the 'push' to work off of gravity and hover.

The legs are fully responsive, moving according the neural impulses and offering some degree of feedback during both damage and impact. Her legs plug directly into her body, making repair or removal painful. While far more durable than flesh, her legs are not impervious to damage and a well placed bullet will cause trouble in the more delicate joints. They are waterproof and she can swim, although her weight (at about 180lbs) is more than her size alone would account for normally.

There is no mutational component that allows her to build more quickly and she is limited by her tools and human level of endurance. Anything she develops from scratch takes far longer than disabling or retrofitting existing technology. In the case of her legs, it was months of testing and adjusting before they were fully operational.

GM Notes

  • Vega is constantly aware of the technology around her due to the particularities of her Mutation. While it is possible for her to miss something in the constant stream of information she is receiving from the world around her, strange or out of the ordinary tech will generally stick out.
  • She can use technology intuitively, even untrained, and operate things she has never been in contact with before. This does not apply to software or computer systems.
  • Technopathy will be rolled to govern success of both instinct, sensing, and operation of her powers, except for reactions in flight - in which Anti-Grav Boots +/- your preferred modifiers would be rolled.


  • Taekwondo Black Belt
  • Accomplished Pianist
  • Really Good With Peroxide
  • Mechanic/Tinker/Fix-It


Never met a smart-ass joke she didn't like. Dedicated to her job and work.


The third star born in her parents' skies, amid her siblings Orion, Andromeda, and Leo, Vega Zhang always burned a little too bright. Quick-witted, curious, and stubborn, her name was an amusing fact of constellary accuracy to her parents; she was always the first to get into mischief or try something new. Born in 2017 to an affluent pair of mothers, Erin and Li Na Zhang - a former astronomer and a surgeon respectively - she grew up in a life of New York City prep schools (Dalton School), piano lessons, and after school Taekwondo. The hope being that martial arts would give her a patience and calm that she desperately needed to sit through her classes.

It did more than teach her patience. Taekwondo gave her an outlet for boundless energy and taught her determination, focus, and to work hard. Although less academically gifted than her siblings, Vega's grades increased as she practiced and competed. Even martial arts couldn't cure her of a smart mouth. Mixed with a protective streak, especially towards her siblings, she was sometimes moved to settle playground fights. And was summarily grounded for weeks. It was a normal, if privileged, life.

On September 20th, 2031, that all changed. In response to a mutant attack that left streets above the 86th Street Station trembling and the tunnel below in smoking rubble, the X-Men descended upon Manhattan. A pair of teenage boys, all swagger and slang in backwards baseball caps, had been acting up in at the Station. Newly manifested, one of boy's powers melted parts of the station and the police were called. When the police arrived, under the understanding that there was an 'attack on the station', the situation went bad. The police shot shot the human boy and missed the mutant by inches. Scared and furious, the young mutant lost control of his powers, leaving a cop dead and the station partially collapsed in melted slag and rubble. Vega had been waiting for a train home after school. She discovered hours later beneath a twisted pile of metal and rubble.

The boy never saw trial. When the X-Men went to hand him over to the NYPD, Rogue took him and left the team. Revelation became known a few years later.

Vega awoke days later in the hospital to a cacophony of sound. Machines were beeping in time to her heart, a ventilator gasping air into her lungs, and sustaining fluids drip-drop-dripping from an iv. Each telling her something, revealing something, as she tried to pry open her eyes past the heavy weight of morphine and the sudden searing headache as her powers manifested. Even with the morphine her body seared with pain, her hands tearing at the wires as she gasped in shock. She tried to get out of bed, tried to escape, heartbeat racing and setting of screeching alarms, but her legs wouldn't respond. They couldn't. There was nothing there. Her legs were gone from the the thigh down.

Her recovery was a brutal mix of healing, adjustment, failures, pain-killers and prostheses, and eventually relearning to walk again. In desperate need of distraction, she burned through her studies, earning her high school diploma at 17. Every ounce of patience she had was tested she painfully relearned to walk and adjusted to her curious new abilities. Her room, her phone, even her new prosthetic legs were constantly dismantled and tweaked - the latter most of all. She stripped away the fake-skin that 'improved' them, peeling it back to bare metal and refining their working processes. She was her own work in progress. Eventually, due to an inheritance from a relative, she was able to purchase a small and shitty warehouse in a bad part of town. There were Tupac quotes painted on the doors and the walls were mildewing brick. It became her workshop and home away from home.

The year she graduated, Vega told her family that she wouldn't be attending college. Instead, she would be joining the NYPD when she was of age. She wanted to protect others and prevent her own disaster from happening again. Driven by the protests of her family that she study something in the meantime, she enrolled in to pursue a degree in Criminology through the City of New York University. Each day was spent in a mix of study and training, pushing level required by the police academy, while her nights were spent refining a design for an anti-gravity adaption and improvements for her legs. In 2036, she earned her BA in Criminology with a minor in Music.

To the surprise of everyone, except Vega herself, at 21 she did exactly as she said and joined the NYPD. After a few years on the beat, she was promoted and moved into Homicide. Then later she was shifted into Narcotics, where she performed undercover as part of a sting operation looking to tap down on the distribution of bad coke in the clubs. The muddled drug had caused a wave of deaths among co-eds, inciting violent behavior and overdose. To fit the part, she dyed her hair what is now her signature pastel pink - which had the added bonus of making her seem younger and more delicate. It proved to be such a useful bit of camouflage, that she kept it to the annoyance of some of her superiors.

In 2040, after a position opened up, she was able to transfer in to Mutant Affairs. Her new partner and mentor, Irene Atwell was her equal and opposite in almost every way. Amid a mix of off-setting starts, cursing in Mandarin, and team-work they became a solid pair of partners and eventually friends. On the day of the Staten Island tragedy, Vega was on duty and heard the call come in at Mutant Affairs. Their office was called in on the emergency, working to support the officers there. It wasn't until late into the next morning that she learned Harper Atwell was among the dead.

Unable to do much for her partner, except watch while her world fell apart, Vega threw herself back into technology and tinkering. In her off-duty hours, she poured her time into refining the anti-gravity technology she had designed. This time instead of simply using it to add a smooth hovering to her gait, she'd use it to fly. She'd use it to help stop things happening. It took months to perfect it, to learn to use it, to not run into things, and to adapt it in such away that if not directly caught - her mutation would continue to go unnoticed.

So far it has. Her days in Mutant Affairs are rarely dull, keeping the mutants and the humans of the city as safe. At least, as safe as they can be.


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