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Hello! I am a guy who was Magnes, Amadeus, and Leonardo on some games that people here might know. I'm also people on a bunch of games that people might not know, like Mega Man MUSH and other games!


You might also know me as...

Magnes, Amadeus, Leonardo, Ben Kavinsky, Sasuke Uchiha, Vegeta, Mortimer/Warren Jack/Ray, Noh-Varr, Samson J. Drake/Brick


GMT -5 (US Eastern)

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"I fly through the sky like a sparkling dragon in the winter sun, firing rainbows at all enemies who might threaten the planet! Those who would drag me into the smoggy depths of the Jetsons planet will be met with righteous and furious anger, and golden unicorn horn stabbings. Sparkle, you fabulous and beautiful person, sparkle and be yourself!" - Samuel L. Jackson