From X-Factor

1987: Magneto leaves Xavier's School and forms the very beginnings of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

1990: Dr. Moira McTaggart publishes her findings on the X-factor.

2001: October: The Brotherhood of Mutants attacks at Liberty Island. It is the first time the Brotherhood and Magneto come to public and national attention as a serious terrorist threat, although government authorities were already gathering information on their activities

2003: NYPD opens an experimental department known as 'Mutant Affairs.' It is the first such in the country.

2006: July 17: Mutant Registration becomes federal law, giving mutants 30 days to register in the MRA database.

2007: Dr. Charles Xavier and Dr. Jean Grey announce the existence of Xavier's School for the Gifted.

2009: X-Force becomes an official, secret agency of the US Government.

2010: March 2: In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court of the United States declares Mutant Registration to be unconstitutional.

2015: The first state law requiring registration of mutation in order to obtain a driver's license passes in Texas. A number of other states swiftly follow suit.

2017: An organization known as al-Sahra becomes publicly known after leaking information about the classified mutant spy force X-Force. They quickly become one of the United State's most recognized enemies.

2027: Many top members of al-Sahra are apprehended by X-Force and victory is declared. They cease to be a threat.

2032: A new terrorist group calling itself Revelation begins to commit minor acts of pro-mutant terrorism, focused in California as it becomes the 49th state to require registration of mutant powers to obtain a driver's license.

2034: Revelation stages a massive prison break in upstate New York, freeing nearly three dozen mutant prisoners despite the intense mutant-specific security. Leaked footage from the attack shows a single mutant, later identified as Rogue, bypassing what was billed as 'mutant resistant security' with terrifying ease. The resulting backlash starts a downhill spiral of renewed anti-mutant legislation and less formal ghettoization. Mutant businesses are forced to close their doors or move to more friendly neighborhoods.

2036: By now, most businesses that openly cater to mutants are located in Alphabet City, commonly called Mutant Town. It is heavily populated, due to the fact that New York remains the only state without registration laws. Crime and poverty in the area rise substantially, and rents fall accordingly.

2040: X-Force is shut down amid a public furor after causing significant, unexplained damage to Staten Island.

2044: Charles Xavier dies. Mysteriously, what political support had existed for mutants starts to dry up in several quarters. New York becomes the final state to require mutant registration to obtain a driver's license. The media begins to question the existence of 'vigilante mutants' more loudly, drawing attention to the X-Men. Comparisons with the disbanded X-Force are inevitable.

2045: The X-Men disband in an agreement with the US Government intended to keep the doors of Xavier's School open. They make a number of other concessions, including turning over the administration of the school to the Department of Children and Family Services and providing information on its students' mutations to the state of New York. The school's name is officially changed to Xavier's School for Mutant Children.

At loose ends, a number of former X-Men move to Manhattan and create X-Factor Solutions.