Tiffany Newetner

From X-Factor

Tiffany Newetner
Gender Female
Age 26
Mutation Psionic Travel
Birth October 9th, 2020
Height 5'6"
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Olive
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School
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Tiffany is an impoverished poet living in New York who has spent most of her adult life being a notorious screw-up. She is largely reliant on her middle-class parents and only slightly more successful older sister, a therapist who works in Mutant Town.

Public Information

  • Xavier's School '38 - High School Diploma
  • Hunter University '42 - B.A. in English
  • Published Watching the Stars '46


Tiffany has the psionic ability to safely separate her consciousness from her physical body and travel the world freely as a disembodied mind. She does this by slipping through hairline cracks in her mental barriers. Each time she uses this ability, these cracks fractionally grow. As the cracks increase, she experiences moments of light-headedness, dizziness, and sometimes vertigo. In time, it will become more and more difficult for her to remain in her own physical body, making moments of lucidity fewer and farther in between.

Unencumbered by the limitations of a bulky physical body, Tiffany is capable of moving much more quickly than what would be considered humanly possible. She can travel away from her body for as long as she likes, but leaving herself for extended periods or distances creates obvious complications. She has no awareness of it or its immediate needs while she is gone and leaves it completely vulnerable. If her body dies while apart from her, she is capable of continuing to exist in the form of a disembodied mind. If the two are not separated and physical death occurs, her mind dies along with it.

While disembodied, she is incapable of perceiving the world around her on her own. Instead, she passively gleans surface information about her surroundings from the minds of others. This includes touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. In the event that Tiffany should find herself outside the presence of any conscious human beings, she would perceive only a black abyss.

At will, Tiffany is able to broadcast a one-way line of communication into the minds of those within range. This comes in the form an illusory projection of her voice and residual self-image displayed as if she were physically in the room.

GM Notes

Due to the cracks in her mind’s defensive barriers, she is more susceptible to mind-altering abilities than most.


Tiffany is a Jane-of-all-trades. She has a wide array of skills. Chiefly, Tiffany is a particularly fast learner. That said, she would be hard-pressed to find even a single skill in her repertoire that could aid her in a fight.


Tiffany is perfectly content being a disaffected loner. She rarely shows signs of excitement or anger and often uses a biting, esoteric wit to prevent people from getting too close. Despite this, she is still willing to go out of her way to help another mutant in need.


Before coming to live with her adult sister and brother-in-law, Tiffany attended Hunter University for her undergrad in English and briefly pursued her graduate degree before dropping out after an affair with one of her mentors went bad. Since then, if you name it, she has done it. That is, until she fluttered off to her next meal ticket. She’s burned through barista jobs, waitressing, bartending, secretarial work, data entry, dog-walking, and cashier jobs. She was once even a famous actress’s personal assistant for a whole week.

Tiffany and her sister Jacque grew up in monotonous suburban New Jersey, where their parents still reside. Although not at the same time, both girls manifested as mutants and attended Xavier’s Institute. Their devoted and loving parents were and remain as supportive as they can be under the circumstances.

Tiffany was brought to Xavier’s a few years after her overly-positive, empathic sister. Her manifestation presented itself through long periods of near-catatonic sleep from which no one could wake her. In reality, she found an escape from everyday life in hyper-realistic out of body experiences. Her disembodied state became more preferable to her than the mundane responsibilities of waking life. By the time they identified it as the effects of her mutation, she was asleep more often than she was awake.

At Xavier’s, she would spend much of her time there living in her more popular sibling’s shadow. Tiffany spent much of her teen years in self-indulging woe over her mutation, which paled in comparison to her sister’s seemingly much more applicable and helpful abilities. She inevitably sought sanctuary in theatre and the arts.

While sifting through a never-ending supply of rejection letters from publishers, Tiffany works as a secretary for a temp agency. The money she makes there barely covers her student loan payments. A bleeding heart and certifiable saint, her sister who works largely with the mutant population has used her professional and social connections to recommend Tiffany for work with X-Factor very recently.


Intellectual Property27 September 2016Software developer Sparkzant recently fired one of its employees and stole his computer and software. The program they wanted can remove most traces of a person from the internet, through accounts, articles and searches. It could be the perfect program for someone who wants to clean up their image...or disappear entirely.

X-Factor has been hired to get it back...hopefully before it gets into the wrong hands.
Annihilation Anew7 June 2016Something is knocking on the door between dimensions. X-Factor answers it - whether they want to or not.
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Hoofbeats18 March 2016A young--and mutant--trainer receives threats while prepping her prize colt for the Gotham Stakes, one of the New York-based Derby preps. She brings in XFS.
Chop Shop6 March 2016Someone is dealing in stolen cars around Mutant Town, and XFS gets taken for a ride.
Road Trip15 February 2016X-Factor is tasked with transporting an item safe and sound from Mutant Town, New York City to Glen Haven, Colorado.