The Building with the Gargoyles

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Necrogenesis


  • How many guards are manning each tower? What are the entrances (windows and doors) to the towers? How are they visibly armed?

Two guards per tower. They are wooden towers that are open at the top, with a ladder up, sort of like this: - more about visibility than protection.

  • How many guards are at the pens?

Shifting numbers, but it looks like each pen has at least two guards on it, as well as more that move through the crowds checking out the wares.

  • How many guards are at the auction block? (Is there an active auction?)

Currently none. There is no auction during recon, but you hear there's one set for tonight.

  • How many people are in each pen approximately? What is their state?

The pens are different sizes, but people are packed tight. Not quite mosh-pit tight, but tight. We're talking 50-75 people per pen. Their state is not good. A lot of minor injuries from being jostled and rough transportation. Some outright bruises and bloodied noses and black eyes. Occasionally something worse. Few look very well fed, and most look as if they haven't bathed in weeks. Or months.

Tat (talk)01:09, 22 November 2016