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Who is Essex?


What additional information can we get on the location/layout/mutants defending the underground base of his Sterling's people mentioned?

She's not done a lot of work with them before -- apparently they were ~above~ the slave trade or some shit like that -- but she can get you descriptions for people who sound like the AU versions of Irene, Vega, Kade and Jeremy. Strangely she has only very blurry memories of anyone else even though she knows that there were probably more people involved.

You can have enough information to find the base by general location (i.e., which train tunnel etc.), but she has no idea from layout.

Why were the Xavier's kids kidnapped and what is this Essex planning to do with them?

What kids?

What happened to this world?

Magneto won. Then we all lost. This is what's left. Power goes to who takes it, and you might as well live for today, because there's no legacy left for anyone.

Sao (talk)16:24, 23 November 2016