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What's the status of the portal, and what would/could Sterling tell us about it? Can they close it? Will it stay closed? Do they seem able to control it? Would they give us any info about its relationship to the space and fantasy portals we encountered earlier this year?

The portal is still open for another ... day or so before it finally closes. It's been subject to study the entire time it was open. Nobody on this side has claimed any responsibility for closing it.

How are the kids, other than being super-traumatized (injuries, etc.)?

They were well-cared for. Your opposite numbers were desperate to keep them safe and/or healthy. The plan was to keep them to be the next generation, the only mutants untouched by necrogenesis and vaccinated against it. A couple of the more rambunctious one might have sported some skinned knees etc. that occurred while trying to book it, but generally speaking: they're in good shape.

Traumatized, sure, though.

Has there been any media coverage of the incident at Xavier's? Rumors about it in more underground internet sources, or reaction from the old X-Men crew that someone like Jeremy might be aware of (insofar as he'd share them with us)?

The old X-Men crew are all mad as hell, and/or depressed -- at least the ones that Jeremy is in contact with. It's been impossible to completely cover up what happened at Xavier's, but for now, it appears to be sidelined as an assault that happened because of anti-mutant tensions, and that was successfully repulsed.

Did Sterling pay us for this (hey, this was a job)?

Jeremy is submitting an invoice. Look for an IC mail about this soon.

Sao (talk)02:21, 29 November 2016