The Tougher Guide to Fantasyland

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The Tougher Guide to Fantasyland
Begin Date 2016/08/15
End Date 2016/09/01
Location Viranthe
GM Sao, Cate
Participants Rosalie, Alexandra, Huruma, Orianne, Christian, Diego, Micaela, Moody
Important NPCs Kashana, Onata, Cyenar

A warrior from a different universe comes to New York through a portal and asked for help.


  • An armored woman calling herself Kashana the Red Devil appears from a glowing portal in Tompkins Square Park and appeals to those gathered for sanctuary or aid.
  • Those willing to lend aid go to a universe that seems straight out of a fantasy novel to aid in a fight against an evil mage. They are ambushed when they arrive, but successfully defeat their attackers and loot their belongings.
  • The adventuring party and refugees travel out of the mountains into an enchanted forest to make camp.
  • A griffon and rider are crashed out of the sky, but it turns out they are allies not enemies in the form of the mage Onata's brother, Cheso who escaped the enchanted castle.
  • While scouting some plains, some of the adventurers come across the smoking ruins of a village. They then fight the dragon who caused the destruction and slay it.
  • At dawn, the party attacks the castle. A storm is summoned and drives the castle from the sky. In the battle, they best guards and mages while taking injury of their own until they are ultimately victorious.


Cyenar is slain in an attack on his castle and everyone under his control is freed. Everyone can begin to heal.


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