Talya Rasputin

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Talya Rasputin
Gender Female
Age 28
Mutation Illusions and New Rus
Birth June 20, 2017
Height 5'10"
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Skin Freckles
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School
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Talya is an illusionist and teleporter who can't teleport. She has a hint of fey old world about her, but hides it under snark.


Talya has two mutations: a realm like her mother’s, and illusions. New Rus is superficially similar to Rus, but it’s formed from Talya’s own mind and unconscious, and so not connected to her mother’s Rus. Wherever Talya enters New Rus, when she exits it, she always reappears in exactly the same spot. It means she can’t use it to teleport, but she can use it as a bolthole to escape a situation and return hours or days later when the heat has died down. She does manifest a portal with a visible light signature that she steps through, but she nearly always conceals it behind an illusion of nothing being there out of pure habit. Talya can take people into New Rus with her, but she risks losing them forever if she leaves them there without her also in the realm. She and others can survive there indefinitely, as it’s a landscape of non-industrial forests and cities, but it has working magic and a lot of monsters and so is fairly dangerous long term.

Talya’s illusions are psionic can only work on two senses at a time, but she can pick whichever two she wants. She can also transition an illusion from one sense to another by carefully fading one out and then fading another in. She can sustain an illusion for half an hour if she can concentrate fully on it, but after that she needs to rest and she can become exhausted if she tries to do too many sustained illusions in one day. Her range for her illusions is roughly 100 feet and she doesn't need line of sight.


Talya is based on a couple central conflicts: she likes attention, but fears that it will turn negative if people find out she's an illusionist; she wants to fit in, but resents when when she cheats with illusions to do so, people are accepting a fake version of herself. Her snark is an effort to convince herself and others she doesn't care about any of that.


Talya is the daughter of Illyana Rasputin and Jason Wyngarde. She was an accident and her mother concealed her from her father and Piotr until she was around a year old. Illyana gave birth in the real world, but then quickly moved into Rus. She raised Talya there until her missing her brother outweighed the shame she felt. From when she was one to ten, Talya lived a relatively unsettled life, in and out of Rus, and with Jason popping in and out her life according to his whims.

When Talya started getting close to puberty, Piotr finally prevailed upon his sister to let Talya stay in the real world and attend XS. A couple years later, at twelve, her astral plane powers showed up, trapping her in New Rus for a couple days. It was at this point she and her mother figured out that despite the appearance of Rus that Talya’s unconscious had granted New Rus, the two realms weren’t the same. Since they weren’t connected, Illyana’s searching in Rus did no good. Talya’s illusion powers manifested within New Rus for the first time, in defending herself.

Talya was a relatively well-mannered child, but she hit her rebellious teens pretty hard. Her uncle really wanted her mother to settle down, and he clamped down all the harder on Talya because of it. She responded by spending as much time in New Rus as XS would let her get away with, and picking up some of her non-standard fighting and concealment skills there. Her uncle also worried about her in New Rus, and made sure she got lots of practice at self defense and first aid.

When she graduated, Talya threw herself into college, focused on finishing as quickly as possible rather than the social scene that she fit badly into precisely because she could make herself appear to be whoever she wanted. Social interactions felt unbearably false to her, even though that was her own fault. She also started building up a load of subconscious guilt about how she could slide through the world hiding her mutation, when other mutants couldn’t.

With her newly-minted degree in graphic design, Talya drifted some, staying with her uncle and sometimes with her mother, who’d started spending the majority of her time in Rus after Talya went off to school. Still worried about the trouble she might get into while drifting, her uncle modified the fighting practice he tried channeling her into to include guns, perhaps as a way to anchor to the modern world as well.

Talya built enough pissed-off-at-the-world that she settled on a mission to find and then sneak up on her father without him noticing. The latter didn’t work, but the former did, and she shadowed him for a few months, whether he liked it or not. Seeing the way he used his powers straightened her out some, if only because she was rebelling against his path more immediately than she was against the one her uncle wanted for her.

Finally ready to settle down a little, Talya got herself a graphic design job in NYC and found a place to live in Mutant Town. She habitually uses her illusions to smooth the transition from one to the other, so she’s closeted at her job, but relatively socially connected at home. She’s more or less grown out of any Jason-like impulses to screw with humans for the sake of screwing with them, but sometimes she does experiment, supposedly in the name of figuring out the limitations of her powers.


Intellectual Property27 September 2016Software developer Sparkzant recently fired one of its employees and stole his computer and software. The program they wanted can remove most traces of a person from the internet, through accounts, articles and searches. It could be the perfect program for someone who wants to clean up their image...or disappear entirely.

X-Factor has been hired to get it back...hopefully before it gets into the wrong hands.
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