Sumit Nehru

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Sumit Nehru
Alias Narwal
Gender Male
Age 28
Mutation Atmospheric Adaptation / Time Dilation
Birth June 06, 2017
Height 6'0"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation Garuda Mercenaries
Journal Feed:Sumit

Sumit Nehru was born and grew up on the sub-continent. The son of a fisherman and until recently an active member of the Garuda Mercenaries before turning up unannounced in New York.


Atmospheric AdaptationHis lungs can acclimatise and breathe in/on many different mediums, whether hostile, deficient, or even underwater. His lungs also filter away non-gaseous substances such as dust, asbestos, etc. can breathe toxic gases instead of oxygen and survive mountain, aerial, or terrene air deficiency, although not in a vacuum. This ability comes from a membrane that lines the respiratory system, from the trachea all the way down to the alveoli, that controls the gaseous exchange into the blood stream and converts the gasses that would otherwise be harmful into something his blood can bind to safely.

Time Dilation Sumit possesses the ability to create temporal bubbles, essentially a very specialized form of time manipulation within a confined space that can vary between the size of cricket ball, to an absolute maximum of about three meters. These bubbles have a maximum range of around twenty metres (around the length of a cricket pitch), the bubble simply 'popping' should it move out of range. Within this shimmering, sphere Ambrose is capable of hastening, or slowing the flow of time with no effect on the outside world besides some distorted, almost oily sheen, visuals for anyone looking through the walls of the temporal bubble. Once created a bubble can be moved and both expanded and contracted, but such changes take a large amount of concentration and can prove exhausting if done constantly. The bubble must also be actively maintained, which takes concentration, doubly so if the target inside the bubble has a sentient mind, which halves the length of time he can keep the effect active for, from 10 minutes to five. As such repeated uses, especially for extended times, cause both mental and physical fatigue. This time measurement is relative to Sumit, and while he is not immune to the effects if inside the bubble, he can choose to negate them should he wish.

General Limitations; -can only be generated within a 20m radius of his centre of mass
-can move once created, but can not exceed 20m away from his centre of mass
-can not be smaller than a cricket ball, or bigger than 3m diameter
-takes effort and concentration to use so can not be maintained indefinitely, and multiple uses in a short period of time cause fatigue.
-needs to be actively maintained
-can only have one bubble active at any given time
-can not rewind time in the bubble, just slow it down or speed it up
-time is constant at all points within the bubble

Specific Limitations Time Compression:
-maximum rate of compression is x20 (no sentience inside) or x5 (sentience inside)
-maximum maintenance time 10 minutes (no sentience inside) or 5 minutes (sentience inside)
Time Dilation:
This one is less quantifiable than Compression, but the more time is dilated, the shorter the time the bubble can be maintained;
-A speeding bullet can be slowed to almost a standstill, but for no longer than a few seconds
-In contrast, a bubble slowing time to half speed can be maintained for ten minutes.
-If a sentient mind is within the bubble, the limitations are the same as for Compression.


Shooting people. Blowing things up. Swimming. Fishing. Cooking.


Born in the summer of 2017 in the small, coastal, indian village, Sumit grew up with a large number of siblings and an even larger number of cousins. His father was a fisherman, as were most of the men, and up until the age of 12 that's what he thought he'd do with his life as well. School started early in the morning to avoid the heat of midday, and his afternoons were spent either mending nets, helping with repairs to the boat, playing cricket, or swimming with the other children. Being in and out of the water every day he quickly became a proficient fishman in his own right, both with his father's nets, and with spears while swimming.

His mutation manifested shortly before his 13th birthday, initially thought to be limited to merely being able to breathe underwater and it was explained away to others as lung capacity training to enable him to free-dive for longer periods of time. He had to be careful though, not to stay down too long and give it away. Someone must have noticed something though as when he was 17 the army came sniffing. Escaping, perhaps unsurprisingly, by taking to the water he ended up in Mumbai where he found casual work at the docks and it's there he first met members of the Garuda Mercenaries.

Deciding that he liked the look of the lifestyle he joined up, receiving extensive training to enable them to utilise his abilities to the max, and indeed discover the true limits to his mutation. Firearms, knife fighting, and unarmed combat were taught as a matter of course, but added to that was explosives training and basic infiltration techniques. Soon enough he was raking the jobs in, comms cables tapped or cut, pipelines interfered with, there were very few jobs he wouldn't take. The group became a sort of extended family for him and his opinions slowly turned more radical, he might not have suffered much anti-mutant discrimination, but he heard stories of those who had and his heart started to slowly harden against 'mundanes'.

Over the years though he gradually found himself being hired more and more by people representing the government and his talents were turned against the Chinese so he found himself working alongside the military he'd once run from. He doesn't talk of how many ships he's boarded, bugged, or mined, how many frogmen's airlines he's sliced, how many submarines he's tracked, bases gassed or how many foreign soldiers he's accounted for but there's no doubt that the military higher ups on both sides were taking him very seriously.

More recently though, a Chinese show of force in the Indian Ocean let to back channel calls for a misunderstanding", ideally a big one. To keep plausible deniability the job was farmed out to trusted 'contractors' rather than kept in house by the military. Sure enough, next time a Chinese sub's 'training maneuvers' brought it a little too close to the coastline he was there, with an EMP device and enough explosives to breach the hull and kill everyone onboard. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), one of those onboard was of China's senior admirals and life got a little too hot, so now he's laying low on the other side of the world.


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