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Annihilation is the codename for an AU that opened on Staten Island multiple known times. The second caused the decimation of Staten Island, and a series of others in Jun 2046 led to the events of Annihilation Anew.

Public Information

In 2040, a major disturbance occurred on Staten Island. The details are not publicly known, but the results are infamous: the near-destruction of the entire island and the death of thousands of residents. It is known that X-Force was involved in some manner, and that the incident led to the organization's disbandment.

Known Rift Openings

  • Staten Island (2012, 2040, 2046)


  • During Rider's debrief, he described events in the AU as best he could. He had spent the last three years fighting in a galactic-level conflict known as the Annihilation War. The war was not one of conquest as much as destruction, and he served on the side trying to prevent total galactic annihilation.
  • Time runs much slower in this AU.


  • In late 2012, a group of X-Force agents, including Richard Rider, responded to reports of a rift opening on Staten Island. In the course of the mission, several agents went missing through the rift and were subsequently lost once the rift closed.
  • At the end of the Annihilation War, when the destruction of one of the strongest planets seemed assured, Richard was asked and accepted to house the planet's Worldmind, a sentient supercomputer housing the entire history of the world's inhabitants, within his own mind. By escaping back through the rift to Earth, he was able to protect the destruction of the race's history and culture, even if he could not protect their planet or species.
  • In April 2040, X-Force agents once again responded to early signs of a potential rift opening on Staten Island. Once the rift opened, a hostile force of bug-like alien creatures were able to enter our world and cause massive destruction and the death of thousands of civilians before X-Force was able to stop them. Richard Rider was also able to pass through the rift and return home -- almost thirty years later, but only a few years older.
  • In June 2046, Richard Rider was taken back into the AU. An alien named Gamora appeared and offered members of X-Factor a chance to rescue him. Many entered the AU with her on a rescue mission, while some where later kidnapped by Annihilation forces as leverage. Members of X-Factor and a few civilians spent nearly a month in the AU during the events of Annihilation Anew before returning home.


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A rift open over Staten Island lets aliens - and one former X-Force member - spill into our world. X-Force tries to stop them.16 August 2015