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Unlike many games, X-Factor does not have a hierarchical staff structure. Members of staff work together as a group, with the strengths and weaknesses of each individual important to the success of the whole. They are responsible for a number of areas, including administration, applications, player management, and plots.

Staff works with players on plots and themes, and lends a hand where needed with player-run plots. Staff also serves as the last-stop authority on issues of theme. Likewise, staff is responsible for any issues that may arise from player conflict. If at any time there is an issue that is hampering role play and you are not able to come to mutual agreement, please contact a member of staff.

Staff Members

While on the game, you can type '+staff' to get a listing of the current staff members and their connection status. You can +finger staff members to see their alts.

Current staff:

Contacting Staff

You are always welcome to page a staff member. You can also use +request <title>=<description> for simple issues, or mail staff.

You should always assume that anything said to one staff member is shared with staff as a whole. If an issue needs to be kept confidential, please discuss it with the staff member up front.

Joining Staff

If you are interested in volunteering for staff, feel free to submit your name to staff. Be aware that being a member of staff is an important responsibility. We expect a positive attitude and willingness to work together from everyone who comes to the table.


Members of AppStaff help new and old players alike in the creation of characters. They work with staff to offer feedback and approve applications. You can see a list of AppStaff on game by typing +appstaff. Current members of appstaff are:


Storytellers help direct and run metaplot and keep the game's story moving. They have direct input on the game's direction and do a lot of GMing. You can see a list of STorytellers on game by typing +storytellers. Current Storytellers are: