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2046-12-19 Email to Valerie


Hoping you check your email more often than your voicemail, sweetheart.

Anyway. I've helped Will and Misty with their memories and it's still--pretty shitty all around. The good news is that Echo's unlikely to be coming after me personally. If you want to know, call or comm me; I'll summarize.

Anyway. I wanted to thank you. For the other night. I still think I'm right--I need to be at Open Hands, with the kids, and I need to do this, for all sorts of reasons.

But you're right, too. This whole thing really got to me and I got way too much up in my head. You're good at getting me out of my head. I needed that, and I'm better for it.

I'm thinking of you.

Anyway. Wait, did I just say that third time in this email? With spectacularly bad timing, we're having a Christmas party on Thursday. X-Factor, I mean. Probably be a lot of drinking. I was wondering if you wanted to come? With me? If you want to, that'd be nice, and if you don't, that's okay. I meant to ask you when I saw you, but you're incredibly distracting. Getting me out of my head.

Anyway. Again.

Take care,


2046-12-08 To XFS Mailbox: PLEASE READ


To the XFS General Mailbox:

Heads up, you all.

Some feds showed up at Open Hands tonight, and they left some of their people here on guard duty. I don't think it's related to our recent portal-based adventures, but it might be just as bad. Most of you all probably remember Echo. Those who don't, she's an insane psionic who uses water to control people's minds. She was taken into custody after the last time we tangled with her, but apparently she's broken out. Or was broken out. I'm not exactly clear at the moment/.

Ainsworth did some memory-reading tricks. He said the feds think Echo was taken by the same folks who nabbed Will Hunt and that barista, Misty, from Oddball a few days back. No idea who that might be, or why they were taken.

No more details, but I'll keep my eyes open and update if we learn anything more.

- Kade Caruthers

2046-12-08 To Ciel



Wanted to get this to you before I sent out the blast to X-Factor. Echo's out. Some feds turned up at Open Hands tonight sniffing around about it. Ainsworth did enough memory-sifting to confirm it wasn't bullshit. Thinks it's connected to those people who disappeared from Oddball a few days back. This might be bad. I'm going to hang at Open Hands for awhile tonight.

Might want to touch base with Christian. I don't know how up he is on all this, or what happened with Echo before.

See you soon.

I love you.

- Kade

2046-12-07 Voicemail for Valerie



Er. I just wanted to say I was sorry. Think I was being an idiot last night. I just wanted to ask you to come over for pizza and--I don't know. Idiot.

Look, I-- *long pause. very long pause*

Okay. Sometimes I have really dark days. Not many lately, but I have--stuff. Sometimes it hits me, and I'm no fun. Yesterday I was really shaken, more than I realized at the time. Stupid, I know. And it's not fair for me to dump that shit on you.

And I really wanted to see you last night but--I'm usually not very good company on these days.

Anyway. Didn't mean that to get so heavy. The pizza was amazing and there's lots left over. It'd make a great midnight snack. I'm much better today. More out of my head. Drop by and see me sometime? Maybe tomorrow? Tonight I have to make up a lot of work like a responsible boy who cares a lot about his job.

I think I have some making up to you, too.

And... *another pause*

I won't take stupid risks. Promise.

2046-12-05 Left in Apartment


<< Item: One, dropped on the counter in the kitchen in a cardboard-backed paper envelope, note hastily scrawled on the exterior -- 'For Rent' >>

Contents: Showcase #4 (October 1956), first appearance of The Flash, one note.

I'm sorry -- I can't seem to stay for more than a couple of minutes, I don't know what's happening. I'm fine, but I don't know when I'll be able to fix this.



2046-12-03 Nov Social Media


Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 03

Welcome to a World of Pure Procrastination

< Picture of Willy Wonka >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 03

I have never in my life been so bored.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 03

Except maybe during some mission briefings.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 03

Anyone who's had to listen to Samad @mysterygames will know what I mean.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 04

Lol gamer babies are upset. U don't even know what ur talking about.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 06

Fall. Those are my kind of colors. [leaf emoji]

< Picture of Micaela near some brilliantly colored trees >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 06

< Picture of Diego and Micaela >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 07

Test over, time to party! Who's with me? [firework emoji, party hat emoji, cocktail emoji]

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 09

Date night. U jealous? [winky emoji]

< Picture of Diego and Micaela dressed up >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 09

< Pictures of food and fancy restraunt >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 12

< Several pictures of Diego and Micaela nightclubbing that get progressively blurrier >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 14

Ready to kick some ass...muay thai day!

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 14

Sometimes when you fight should see the other guy. [winky emoji, fist emoji]

< Picture of Micaela's really bruised fist >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 15

Thanksgiving next week. Already planning post-holiday workout.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 15

Will handle mother's disapproval the way I always have: Ignore it.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 15

Poor Diego is still really hoping she will like him this time, though. [heart emoji]

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 17

Colonel Cutie apparently needs a meeting again. Probably no dragons this time. We'll see!

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 17

Late to his own meeting. That's the government for you.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 17

No dragons.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 18

Got some saving to do. BBS [blow kiss emoji]

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 28


Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 28

I have never needed a shower so much in my life.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 28

OMG I have so many messages from my family. I guess we missed Thanksgiving.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 28

Hope you all have a better Thanksgiving than I did!

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 29

Sometimes to win, someone else has to lose.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 29

Some situations complicated and difficult. Not every win is 100%.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 29

Doing the right thing can be hard.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Nov 29

Anyway, Diego needs me & I have to catch up on school. [bleh emoji] Will be around less for a bit.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Dec 02

Ttly captured how awesome @diegoelmatador and I look. Props to Mr. Rasputin @xaviersschool

< Picture of black and white ink painting with Richard, Diego, Micaela, Kade, Ciel, Christian and Alistair beautifully done in heroic poses, leaping into action. >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Dec 03

What fresh fuckery is this??

< Picture of Homo Perfectus Project Billboard >

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Dec 03

It's pointed right at Mutant Town!

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Dec 03

Ppl can do what they want with their bodies-that is their right & I will fight for it. Do what makes u happy.

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Dec 03

But this is some srz body shaming of mutants! NOT OKAY!

Micaela Teller @hotrocket - Dec 03

It's only 'Homo Perfectus' if it looks human?? FUCK U

2016-12-02 Pay

Hi folks,

Everybody who went on that rescue mission: don't go back to work until you're feeling up to it. I know some of you have other gigs. That's fine. I'm paying you "vacation" on this gig through December 9. Sterling sent me a nice video note about the thanks of a grateful nation and so on. I'll forward it to whoever wants it. I answered him with an invoice that included a hazard bonus.

He paid it without comment, so each of you should get a $200 bump on your 12/1 check in addition to your mission pay. Is this what being a mercenary on government contract is like? Anyways, Merry Christmas.

Mr. Rasputin also sent us a thank you gift. It's in the lounge. I'm a little in love with it, but I have a real weakness for this kind of thing.

Have a good weekend.



2046-10-24 Things


So, well, here's the thing--

Well, that's part of the problem, isn't it? That word. Thing. So incredibly imprecise. And it was all I aspired to. Anything else--well, 'dating' is scary. 'Relationship' is terrifying.

Well, so I wanted a thing. For Valerie and I to be a thing. A small thing.

Maybe I have Rich to thank for clarity, really. I doubt he'll see it that way. But the picture he painted, of me as the sad wanker trying to force a free-spirited butterfly into a mundane trap, scared me. Horrified me--and made me wonder--is that what I am? What I always have been?

So I thought. And I thought more, sprawled in a tub with her, while I began to try to figure out how to put this so it wouldn't scare her, how to explain what I wanted--

It was then that I realized what I wanted--was what we already were. Anything more'd be too much for me right now, as well as her. It wasn't what we were when I was first thinking this way, but it's what we are now. Everything else, everything in the talk I wanted to have, would actually be surface. Labels.

And why did I want to have the labels?

Because I'd been crushed and humiliated. Because I wanted to show people that I still had worth, because someone--someone gorgeous--would date me.

Because I'd been hurt, hurt so much I'm still not quite sure if I'll ever be quite the same again, and I saw the labels as protection. A surety that I wouldn't be hurt again. Something to hold onto to make sure I didn't have everything wrong again.

But, you know, that's not important. Especially not if it was going to scare and hurt Valerie.And not even because she might run away--but because I didn't want her to be scared and hurt. She's what's important. Far, far, far more important than all my stupid fucking insecurities.

. Lovely, sexy Valerie with the spark of mischief in her eyes, and the smirk on her lips, and the way she drinks down life, with all her curiosity and playfulness. Those shadows that linger behind her eyes, and the way she freezes when confronted with something she can't handle, like a deer in highlights. The way she matches me in ways I didn't expect--in banter, in mischief, in lust, the way she fits into my arms.

It doesn't matter if she thinks we're a thing, or if we're dating, or if she calls me her boyfriend. What matters is that she's safe and happy, and when she's with me it's because she wants to be.

I don't think I have any right to ask her big questions until I understand the shadows in her eyes.For now--I'm happy just to be.

2046-10-20 Liking


So, last night, I went shopping.

Like, actually, you know, grown-up person shopping. I took some of the cash Jan's been giving me for exercising Magpie, and went and bought--bedroom things. Nicer sheets (clean ones). More pillows. Proper nightstand, with a lamp and everything. Holoprojector--second hand but nicer than I could afford new. Even a small bookcase for those old books that have been basically sitting in a pile in the corner.

Because I was right when I said my room's basically just a place where I sleep. I'm an adult (god, I'm depressingly old now), and I deserve an adult room.

Well. I'm saying that really loudly to myself to try to pretend I didn't just rearrange my room for the sake of a woman who might disappear tomorrow, for all I know, because I don't know what we are.

You see, I liked the other night. Sex was amazing, of course. But I liked coming home and finding her there, and cuddles and chat while listening to the rain. I liked the terrible midnight snack and the terrible movie. I like the mischief and the laughter and the teasing.

I think we forget how important liking is, sometimes, when we're thinking about big things.

I think something changed a little, that night. I think. When we kissed in a way that wasn't about sex, and she pressed close. But I don't know, because I'm not sure what we are.

I keep meaning to have a talk with her. The one I was rehearsing last month. About us being a thing. No big scary commitments, just--an understanding we were a thing and we'd decide what that thing'd be together.

But every time I say something just a little too intimate--hell, even some things I didn't think twice about--she startles. Wide-eyed and poised to flee, like a startled deer. And so I pull back, afraid I'll scare her. Soft voices, baby steps.

I thought I knew what this was once. I thought it'd burn out. But here we are, and it's been months(!) since our first night together, and she can still burn out my brain with a word, a look, a touch. And tenderness seeped in at some point and--it's complicated. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

And there are so many bloody ways this can go wrong. Her apparent desire to fuck my friends (but, you know, that might be great if I'm there). That fact that I'm increasingly certain she's earning money in a way that isn't exactly legal. (Look, no apparent day job, nice clothes, a familiarity with breaking into places? I'm not an idiot. On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure how much that bothers me.) My being my usual trainwreck, hopeless at dealing with people outside sex, and such a sad sack I'm not sure why anyone bothers with me. And--so many ways.

Maybe I should walk away before it does, before I find out we want different things and it won't work, before it means enough to hurt.

I'm not sure if it's already too late for that.

Oh, fuck it all. The fact is I've never really been a proper boyfriend, not really. The only woman I ever spent this much time with, that I came to love, tore such a gaping hole in my heart that hasn't closed over yet. This isn't love, but it's more than lust, and 'like' is such an inadequate word. I'm sailing in unknown seas, and the water keeps getting deeper.

And I'm scared. Fucking terrified, and I don't have the slightest idea what the hell I'm doing.

I just know I want her to stay.

XFS Postings - 10-10-46


Hey folks. We got some new contracts in this month, so there's work if you're working.

1) Fyodorov gave us a line on another bail jumper. Adrian Adriatti is on the hook for five counts of property destruction and ten counts of assault. It's $3,000 for us if we can bring him in. He's telekinetic and apparently likes to throw things, so be prepared.

2) Pro-mutant activist Subira Arendse is speaking at NYU and requested we provide additional security for her event. She expects protestors - and counter-protests from some of the student groups - so she wants extra bodies to keep anything from escalating.

3) A street vendor who works Mutant Town and the Lower East Side, Taloula Giffords, hired us to find her stolen hot dog cart. She thinks her ex might've taken it. Or maybe a jealous competitor. Or possibly aliens. She's a character. I don't THINK aliens are actually involved.

4) More requests for mutant moving services. There's a guy upstate, Marvin Kravitz, who needs help getting his stuff into what he calls 'a fully functional tree home.'

5) Stagram & Wolf has more papers for us to serve.

6) Open Hands always need security.

7) Neighborhood still needs watching. A couple more businesses signed on to chip into the pool for this contract, so there's (a little) more money for those covering shifts.



To Jacque Hart



We don't know each other well, but I knew Mikhail Leshin. Or I think I did. I wish I'd had time to know him better.

Luka Zdravkovic contacted Vega Zhang recently, and she showed me his letter. This isn't about him. I know he's trying to manipulate her, assuage his own conscience. None of us have any intention of contacting him.

But he mentioned in his letter that there are digitized files of his notes on Mikhail, and Mikhail's notes on his own abilities. We were wondering if there was anything there that might give us a lead on contacting Mikhail's people. His family, back in Russia. Or to let us know if he would've even wanted us to. His last days were so troubled, I'm not sure what he would've wanted. But if there's anything there that could tell us how to do right by him, I'd like you to look for it.

I'd understand if you just don't want to get involved in this, but I'd be grateful if you looked. I'd offer to do it myself, but I don't know that I've any right to. I just feel like I owe it to Mikhail to at least ask.

Thank you,

Kade Caruthers

OOC: Plot & RP Hooks


  • Healing
    • Limited Capabilities
      • Triage
    • Luka
      • Similar Light Effects
      • Foster Distrust
  • Russian
    • Illegal Immigrant
      • Fake ID
    • Bratva / Russian Mafia
      • Distrusts/Avoids other Russians
      • Father & Husband
        • Sorry! ;_; She can't marry you! She's already secretly married!
        • Eventually discovered / tracked down?
  • Former Stripper
    • Cam Girl?
      • Would need a website built/maintained
      • Would need to hide/ghost location
  • Poor
    • Discreetly pawn jewelry/gifts
    • XFS?
    • Roommate
  • Florist
    • Brings extra flower arrangements to hospital

2046-09-25 Conflicted

I really don't know how I should feel about him.

I mean, when I first met him, he seemed like this little kid; I know I was only probably about five years older, but he seemed a lot younger than me sometimes. I remember him following me around the market in Knowhere; he made me laugh, and smile, but... he was a kid.

And then we lost him. Off into some other world, left there by that jackass who says he's Adelle's dad.

Now that kid is long gone, even though it was only a month or two ago for us. I just can't see him that way, even if I wanted to. He's a different person. He's older than me now, and a lot of his laughter is gone. He moves through the world like he's afraid he might break it—or like the world might break him. He doesn't need protectors, but he needs friends. People to be there for him.

Plus, he's also gotten disturbingly hot somewhere along the way. Like seriously, it's a little unfair.

But there's still part of me that thinks I should remember the little kid on Knowhere, the one who wanted to play the guitar and get a laser-sword, who proclaimed he was Richard's sidekick and just threw himself wholeheartedly into everything. Like that's what I should do, even if it's what I'm not.

Time-travel and dimension-hopping are confusing sometimes.

XFS Postings - 9-25-46


Hey everyone. I heard you were looking for jobs.

1) Avenue B Apartments is hiring representatives willing to be present as keepers of the peace during a series of forced evictions scheduled to take place. Their fear is that the mandated police presence during such evictions will only worsen an already impossible situation. As active members of the mutant community, they believe that X-Factor may be in a unique position to help prevent these from escalating to violence or arrests.

2) The New York branch of Mystery! Gaming Co. is interested in compensating any mutant models willing to demonstrate their abilities for the character design team. We have been assured that they take the privacy and dignity of mutants very seriously. Who knows? You might end up signing autographs at a con someday!

3) Mutant Town Tours suffered some vandalism this week. As you probably know, they are a walking and bus tour company that caters to out-of-towners interested in ‘an authentic mutant experience.’ Recently the words ‘Race Traitors’ were spray painted across their storefront along with a few other colorful phrases of anti-human sentiment. Their only functioning tour bus was also subjected to the same treatment. In response, Mutant Town Tours is looking to hire artists willing to cover the offensive tags with new positive imagery and messages of unity.

4) Stagram & Wolf has papers that need serving.

5) The Ashers are a couple from North Carolina that were held up recently while in Mutant Town seeing the sights with their daughter. They are willing to pay any investigators able to retrieve Mrs. Asher’s wedding ring or information that may lead to its return. The ring has been in their family for generations and carries immense nostalgic value. Their daughter who attends college nearby and is our contact was able to snap an Eye image of their assailant but police have been unable to identify the man. Oh, and they aren’t incredibly tactful about what is and is not socially acceptable to say to a mutant so ...enjoy!

6) Open Hands has security guard shifts available.

7) Antiquarian bookseller Dr. Katsiaryna Maysenia is in New York from Belarus while on the hunt for an extremely rare historical manuscript. If authenticated, she has reason to believe that knowledge of its contents may put her very life in danger. This could change everything that we thought we knew! She would like to hire protection to accompany her 24/7 during her time here.

8) Neighborhood watch still needs a few more people for select patrol shifts.

XOXOXO, Boomer

2046-09-24 TO: Vega



I know that in succumbing to my own dark weaknesses, I have forever stained myself beyond redemption.

After several attempts to contact Jacque with little success, I can only assume that she has no intention of ever speaking to me again, as is her prerogative. As is yours.

Even now, I cannot fathom a reality where you might stoop so low as to indulge me with a response. I dare not insult you with attempts to invoke your forgiveness or understanding. I know that I am beyond it. My only hope is that you find it in your infinitely noble and just heart to take pity on this haunted man.

With my limited resources, I have been unable to make contact Mikhail’s family in Russia. My debts to them are beyond my capacity to repay, but I feel that I owe them an opportunity to seek closure should they require it ...and I owe it to myself to try, so I might wash the bitter taste of this boy's soul from my mouth.

The logs of my sessions with Mikhail are all digitized at Open Hands and with them, all that I know of his journey. I see no reason why they would remain in police evidence or be otherwise out of reach to someone of your talents. If there is any way you could use your investigative skills to seek them out on my behalf, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you.


OOC: Plot & RP Hooks


Tiffany Hooks

  • Poetry
    • Book signing?
    • Fan? Opposite of fan?
  • Succubus
    • Sugar Daddy? Sugar Momma?
    • Affair with former professor
  • X-Factor
    • Jobs
    • Forever Poor
  • Xavier's Institute
    • Flashbacks!
  • Psionics
    • Spying
    • Invisible
    • Psionic Defenses - 0 to Low against other Psionics
      • Fainting/Dizzy Spells
        • Protective headgear?
        • Wheelchair?
      • Body failing to hold her mind
        • Healed by telepath/psionic?
        • Placed in new body?
        • Body dies while she is away from it? Forever ghost?
  • Sister
    • Open Hands Counselor
    • Psionic Empath

Samad Hooks

  • Open Hands
    • Looks for Donors for funding - Fancy Parties?
    • Administrative
  • Mystery! Game Co.
    • Video Game Guru - Samurai Girl? Sucked into a video game type shit? Whut?
    • Maybe gets a protege?
  • Husband
    • Wandering Eye - Flirty. Dama? Jealousy?
    • Want Family/Baby - ...adopt Mutant? AU orphan?
    • Mystery! Game Co.
    • Beijing
      • Needs English tutor?
    • Vega’s Cousin - Drama?!
  • X-Force
    • Kung Fu- Eagle Claw
      • Shifu? Master?
    • Strategist
    • Hero Complex
    • Flashbacks!!
  • Ornithology
    • African Grey Parrot (Armando)

Christian Hooks

  • AU Baby
    • Culture Shock - Over-react violently to something?
    • Badass
      • Training?
      • Sibling Portal Combos?
      • Send someone to Africa? (Underwater)
      • Snowpocalypse?
      • Crocodile? Hippo?
  • Music
    • Tautirut
  • Open Hands
    • Needs GED
      • Tutor?
  • Probably Needs Job
    • Meat Shack?

2046-09-19 TO: Jeremy


TO: Jeremy Wallace
FROM: Irene Atwell
SUBJECT: Re: Self-Defense

Caruthers and I spoke on this subject awhile back--just before the month where we went missing. It's not how I imagined it going, but just about everyone who went has some training in self-defense and firearms now. I said before that I was willing to help practice and I still am. Assuming everyone isn't tired of my instruction after weeks in Knowhere.

As important as individual training is, most of the incidents that occur happen to more than one person. You should consider regular team-based exercises as well. This isn't about combat as much as it's about communication.

Any intense (destructive) mutation practicing should probably happen outside of the city. I know a few places.


2046-09-19 TO: Jeremy


Yo J,

Good idea. I can commit a few hours on the weekends to hand-to-hand and firearms. It'll be sweet to have this going on the regular. I'll try to drop in on stuff other folks are running, to work out my rust.

- Kade

2046-09-19 TO: Jeremy


J --

Can teach shooting and self-defense, sure. I'm also pretty good at sneaking around, if people want lessons in that. I mean...stealth.


2046-09-19 TO: Jeremy


Jeremy -

I can sign on to lend a hand with firearms and maybe basic hand to hand for anyone who might want to brush up on things. A little more practice wouldn't hurt me, either.

No bonus necessary. The amount of real this shit has recently gotten has not escaped me. I'd feel better if we had some solid skills under our belt.

If anyone has interest in working out kinks in their mutation and needs to get out of the city to do it - or wants some brainstorming on applications - I'd be willing to help out with that, too. We can be in the woods pretty fast.

- Ciel

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