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  • Yusef Sterling  + ('''Lt. Colonel Sterling''' is currently in charge of operations at the Glen Haven Research facility in Colorado.)
  • Maxim Ulyanov  + ('''Maxim''' is a Russian cage fighter and former criminal trying to keep himself afloat in NYC.)
  • Miasma  + ('''Miasma''' is a member of Revelation who exhales some sort of gas which can knock people out.)
  • Mikhail Lesin  + ('''Mikhail''' is a luck-maker who used to belong to the Russian mafia. Then he belonged to himself. Then he belonged to [[Luka]], who ate his death like a vampire.)
  • Paige Northrup  + ('''Paige Northrup''' served as the Director of [[X-Force]] from 2019 until its disbandment in 2040.)
  • Ravenous  + ('''Ravenous''' served as the head of Annihilus's Seekers and one of his most loyal generals in the [[Annihilation AU]].)
  • Richard Rider  + ('''Richard Rider''' was once an X-Force agent who fell into an AU rift. He came out twenty-eight years later and caused its disbandment. He's kind of depressed about it.)
  • Robert Rider  + ('''Robert Rider''' is the younger brother of [[Richard Rider]]. He is a physicist and roboticist working out of Glen Haven, Colorado.)
  • Sam Sikorski  + ('''Sam Sikorski''' is the best baker in the world. She's also married to [[Harrison Brady]] and mother to [[Tom Sikorski]] and [[Alexandra Brady]], among others.)
  • T-Rex  + ('''T-Rex''' is a member of Revelation.)
 ('''Tempete''' is a member of Revelation and a weather manipulator)
  • Tempete  + ('''Tempete''' is a member of Revelation and a weather manipulator.)
  • Tom Sikorski  + ('''Tom Sikorski''' is [[Lexie]]'s uptight older brother. He is also married to [[Isabel Weiss]].)
  • Valerie Hudson  + ('''Valerie''' is a barista at Oddball Coffee by day and a thief by night, a job made easier by her ability to slip in and out of photographs.)
  • Vitaly  + ('''Vitaly''' is a member of Obtshak with the mutational ability to nullify the powers of other mutants.)
  • Worldmind  + ('''Worldmind''' is a sentient, alien supercomputer that resides in [[Richard Rider]]'s head.)
  • Zev Kamdar  + ('''Zev''' is a British expatriate who'd been in the U.S. for over a decade. Formerly a Xavier's student, then a bouncer, then back to Xavier's as administrative staff and a member of the X-Men. He now works for X-Factor Solutions.)
  • Akihiro Howlett  + (<b> Akihiro </b> has been around the block a few times. He's survived suicide missions, had many lovers, made a few enemies, and even survived subbing at Xavier's for forty years.)
  • Raquel Isidoro  + (<b> Raquel </b> is an idealistic young woman who's quick to jump to the defense of her fellow mutants. A Brazilian by birth she seems preternaturally healthy.)
  • Solomon Hayes  + (<b> Solomon </b> is a former cop turned Marshall. He's lived, lost, and if you buy him a drink he might tell you how he got his scars, physical or otherwise.)
  • Adele Lane  + (<b>Adele Lane</b> is a star of stage and screen. She likes to frequently reinvent herself.)
  • Alistair Fraser-Urquhart  + (<b>Alistair</b> is a snarky Scot who is hanging around Mutant Town for reasons known best to himself.)
  • Armando Aguilar  + (<b>Armando</b> is a winged barista at Oddball Coffee and occasionally bartends at the Sloppy Pony.)
  • Bobby Drake  + (<b>Bobby Drake</b> is one of the [[X-Men]] and a former student at [[Xavier's School]]. He disappeared off the map 30 years or so ago on a mission. Even [[Charles Xavier]] wasn't able to locate him using Cerebro.)
  • Callisto  + (<b>Callisto</b> is also known as War, one of the founding members of [[Revelation]] recruited by [[Rogue]].)
  • Camille Frazier  + (<b>Camille Frazier</b> is the LT for the [[Mutant Affairs]] precinct principally responsible for Mutant Town.)
  • Carole Dembele  + (<b>Carole Dembele</b> is a precog and probability manipulator, a former Xavier Student and X-Man, and current X-Factor contractor with dreams of music stardom. Ah well, she's got her day job.)
  • Ciel Kane  + (<b>Ciel</b> is a former [[X-Force]] member, a former mercenary, a current PI, and the daughter of a couple of terrorists. She likes partying hard and working hard. Also flying.)
  • Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller  + (<b>Diego</b> Andrade de Prado-Teller is a charming speedster and former X-Force agent. He is also a bullfighter of significant renown who spent the last few years in Madrid with his wife [[Micaela Teller]].)
  • Eleanor Rutledge  + (<b>Eleanor Rutledge</b> is a doctor with an astral mutation that enables her to slip into minds by the back door.)
  • Ellen Dramstadt  + (<b>Ellen Dramstadt</b> was a faithful member of the [[Brotherhood of Mutants]], until after [[Erik Lensherr]]'s death. Now she is one of the terrors of [[Revelation]] and goes by Pestilence.)
  • Finn McLowry  + (<b>Finn</b> is an aspiring culinary artist who attends the NYC Culinary Institute and hopes to one day own his own restaurant. Currently, he's a struggling student who makes ends meet by bartending at The Sloppy Pony.)
  • Heather Walker  + (<b>Heather is...</b> a garbage pail mix of Australian insults and a will to lend a helping hand to the poor bastards who are forced to eat their dues with a boot atop their head.)
  • Huruma  + (<b>Huruma</b> is an empath of ambiguous and morally questionable intent. An independent contractor of various means, she somehow manages to find herself a niche wherever she lands.)
  • Idris Atwell  + (<b>Idris</b> is the son of [[Irene]] and her only child. His father was killed in the Staten Island incident.)
  • Ilad Tal-Shachar  + (<b>Ilad</b> was part of X-Forc
    <b>Ilad</b> was part of X-Force from its second year of operation through approx 2026, when injuries on the job rendered him paralyzed and wheel-chair bound. He writes young adult novels with queer and mutant themes and serves as a local part-time rabbi.
    mes and serves as a local part-time rabbi.)