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<big style="font-variant:small-caps;">'''Welcome to X-Factor!'''</big>
We are a text-based, real time roleplaying game set in a futuristic version of Marvel's X-Men Universe. We run on PennMUSH and use [ Faraday's FS3 system].
The year is 2045. Advancing [[technology ]] has given us aircars, interactive holodisplays, and medigel. There are over 200,000 mutants in [[New York City ]] alone.
Public opinion and public policy has turned steadily against [[mutants|mutant-kind]], but that doesn't mean they don't need what they have to offer. A group of mutants with abilities and experience experiences across the map make up [[X-Factor Solutions]], a company that hires out their mutant abilities to anyone willing to pay.
They'll solve almost any problem, for the right price.