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Samad Gonzalez
Alias Hot Sauce
Gender Male
Age 37
Mutation Pain Inducement
Birth August 8, 2009
Height 5'8"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Tan
Affiliation Open Hands
Previous Affiliation X-Force
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Formerly an X-Force agent, Samad is a video game developer for a prominent gaming company. He recently relocated to New York from Beijing with his husband. He also volunteers his time in an administrative capacity at Open Hands.

Public Information

  • Nebraska State University '30 - B.A. in Computer Engineering
  • MIT '33 - Master's in Software Development & Programming
  • "Government Work" '34-'40
  • Mystery! Game Co. '41-Present
  • Married Jian Wong '45-Present
  • Board of Directors at Open Hands '46-Present


  • X-Force - Although not a particularly loveable member of the team due to his sometimes rigid adherence to protocol, "Hot Sauce" proved himself to be indispensable. Coordinating logistic operations, he was most often utilized as the eyes and ears of active X-Force agents in the field, remotely feeding them real-time strategic advice.
  • Mystery! Game Co. - Samad's projects have experienced momentous success worldwide. While not many people sit around reading the end credits of the game they just beat, there's a strong possibility that your character could be playing a game that Samad helped create.


Through his bodily fluids, Samad is able to release peptides that activate a particular heat and pain sensor in other living organisms. This sensor is known as the capsaicin receptor. The active ingredient in chile peppers does precisely the same thing. Local inflammation occurs at the point of contact and signals are sent to the brain that are typically interpreted as a temporary but extreme burning sensation. This can drastically lower visual acuity if affecting the eyes and is capable of momentarily stunning any assailant. Under ordinary circumstances, Samad’s ability comes on gradually, slowly building up into a burning sensation for those he makes contact with. In stressful situations where his body would produce larger quantities of sweat for example, the effects can be instantaneous.

Depending on the individual, prolonged and/or frequent exposure to Samad (or chile peppers) over the course of a few years can result in desensitization to these undesirable effects. This can include frequent proximity to Samad and does not necessarily require constant repetitive physical contact. However, if such an individual is left unexposed for a significant period of time, a vulnerability can begin to reemerge.


Samad is a fair marksman and has a penchant for strategic, calculated decision-making. He is proficient in the Eagle Claw style of Kung Fu, which is known for its gripping techniques, system of joint locks, takedowns, and pressure point strikes instead of the theatrical kicking that is often associated with the artform. Most notable is Samad's extensive education and experience in computer technology.




Samad is a first generation American. His parents met in the United States after separately immigrating from both Egypt and Spain as young intellectuals. They became highly Americanized and so, Samad was raised with very little emphasis on his otherwise rich cultural heritage.

His childhood was comfortable and markedly devoid of tragedy. He grew up in a tightly knit community in, of all places, a small town in the midwest. In a household that prioritized scholarly pursuits and put little prioritization of the established social hierarchy, Samad excelled academically while continuing on as an awkward and undersocialized youth. He was homeschooled until the age of thirteen, at which point he attended a private high school not far outside of his home town. His mutant manifestation was gradual and went unidentified until he was an adult, at which point he learned through a few bumbling mistakes to keep it concealed.

He attended state university for computer engineering and lived in his parent’s home until he moved to Massachusetts at 22, where he pursued a graduate degree in software development and programming. It was there that he devised a comprehensive program for Eyes that was initially meant as an illegal add-on for first person shooter games. The program’s capacity to identify and assess targets for ranged attacks when applied to real-life scenarios proved to have revolutionary military implications.

Shortly after receiving his Master’s, Samad was courted by the federal government. In the subsequent vetting process, he was identified as a mutant. At 25, Samad joined X-Force and remained for nearly six years. If the team were still in existence today, it is likely that he would still be on it.

When X-Force disbanded, Samad willfully fell from his former teammates’ radar. He briefly returned to his parents in Nebraska before accepting a position in Beijing, where he worked remotely for a high profile video game company.

It was during his time in China that Samad entered into a romantic relationship with one of his male coworkers. Jian, a human, had worked alongside Samad for years and subsequently become desensitized to his mutation. It was the first and only of such relationships in Samad’s lifetime. When Samad was coaxed into relocating to New York, the two married and Jian returned to the United States with him.

The former X-Force agent continues to work in video game development but has also recently heavily invested in Open Hands.


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