Rosalie Wentworth

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Rosalie Elizabeth Wentworth
Gender Female
Age 32
Mutation Weather Manipulation
Birth May 15, 2014
Height 5'0"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Fair
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions

Rosalie is a weather manipulator with issues. Don't startle her.

Public Information

Rosalie joined X-Factor after a hurricane swept through North Carolina while she was vacationing there. She's quiet, twitchy, and Canadian.


Withdrawn. Mostly because she could theoretically level Mutant Town if she got mad. She's with X-Factor in an an attempt to learn how to control her powers; at the moment the weather tends to change with her emotions.


Rosalie can, in theory, manipulate weather systems with a local area of about a 500 metre radius or so. She can alter temperatures, summon wind, cloud, rain, snow, and lightning, and can banish the same. In theory, if she had better control of her powers, she could manipulate these elements more directly (for instance, direct rain/snow to particular places, shoot lightning, manipulate wind to make her fly in defiance of physics, and possible other creative applications), but she does not currently have that degree of control over her powers.

At the moment, due to her lack of control, she tends to unconsciously affect local weather when she is experiencing strong emotion. Such weather patterns tend to correspond to the emotion (sun when she's happy, rain when she's sad, destructive winds when she's mad, etc, etc), but not always and are occasionally unexpected in nature. The only real control she has at present is to dampen her power via repressing emotion (or, sometimes, drugging the hell out of herself.)

If weather she creates drifts out of her range (or, alternatively, she moves out of range from the weather), it will gradually dissipate until it is balanced with the 'normal' weather around it. For instance, a pocket of rain on a fair day may drift away, growing lighter until it disappears. It requires energy for her to summon or banish a weather system, but as long as she is within range, weather systems will be self-sustaining. The greater the change, the more energy/power it takes from her. For instance, nudging the temperature up a few degrees on a hot July day would take minimal effort, but making it snow on the same day may wear her out.

The easiest things to do (and which will likely be the first for her to learn) are small, general changes, such as altering temperature a few degrees, summoning cloud cover, making already present clouds produce precipitation appropriate to the temperature. The most difficult things, which will take her the longest to learn, are changes that require fine control, such as creating very small localized systems, directing rain to specific spots, or wielding lightning.


Rosalie has a master's degree in archival studies, which is a supremely useful skill in Mutant Town. (That was sarcasm.) Having spent a few years hiding in Newfoundland sorting an archive of maritime history, she has accumulated some odd bits of knowledges. She has learnt many things in an attempt to keep herself calm, including crochet, knitting, meditation, yoga, sailing, and fishing. As a child, her parents pushed her to excel in both figure skating and violin (before her mutation emerged and messed with her life), and she still has a certain degree of skill in both.


Rosalie is very withdrawn and shy, reluctant to engage in case she starts Feeling things and causing Weather. She's twitchy, tongue-tied, and fidgety, with a slight preoccuption in making sure things are organized. She avoids crowds, booze, and sex.


The thing to know about Rosalie Wentworth...

Is that no one knows Rosalie Wentworth. Not any more.

She had a fairly ordinary life once. She was born into a well-off family in Toronto--her father, American by birth, was the scion of a wealthy southern family who was of a rather more liberal turn of mind than the rest of his family and fled to the great white north. She had a happy, secure childhood, never wanted for anything, and was well-liked. She went to school with a general passion for words, records, and organization, become an archivist and, at some point--changed.

She became quiet, reclusive, withdrawn. The list of people who she allows to call her by her first name can be counted on her fingers. She took a job in an archive of, to the mystification of most who knew her, maritime history in an university in Newfoundland. Campus rumour holds she is a chronic abuser of prescription tranquilizers. She speaks to as few people as possible. Twice a year, she takes vacation to visit her cousins in North Carolina--or, rather, to visit their house. She schedules her visits to coincide with her cousins' absences. They find it odd, but she's family.

She has shut out the rest of her family, who worry she's depressed.

The truth is a little more complicated.

When Rosalie was a teenager, her mother used to joke a little storm cloud followed her around. From about the time she was sixteen on, the weather did have a curious habit of mirroring her moods. When she was happy, the sun shone. When she was sad, it rained. When she had a horrible crush on her cute lab partner, the air around her with alive with the electricity of a summer storm.

It wasn't until years later, when she was finishing up her degree, and had one too many exams and presentations struck by abnormal weather, that she realized the truth.

It wasn't a coincidence. It was _her_.

She was a mutant--a weather manipulator. Except she has no idea how to control her power, and, in absence of active control, it responds to her moods. Which, she is well aware, could end up being extremely dangerous. In the absence of any mentor, or a handy 'How to Control Your Powers 101' course, she's fallen back on the one way she knows to keep things under control--to stamp down her emotions before the weather responds. And sometimes drugs.

It's not a fun way to live. But she's resigned to it. This is what she is.

Until something happens to make her care.


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