Rohan Ainsworth

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Rohan Ainsworth
Gender Male
Age 39
Mutation Memory Manipulation
Birth June 4, 2007
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Markings He has tattoos. Ask me later.
Skin Brown
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions, Open Hands
Previous Affiliation Garuda Mercenaries
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Rohan is a recent arrival in New York, possessed of a bright smile and a Yorkshire accent that some find at odds with his appearance.

Public Information

He doesn't say much about himself. His father was English, his mother Indian, and at some point he was a mercenary in India. He generally leaves it at that.


Rohan has a form of telepathy that is restricted specifically to memories--he can basically rifle through someone else's memories and rearrange, edit, and delete them as he likes. His ability works best on short edits of recent memories for a single person: 'You remember me paying you.' 'You never heard that alarm." He can handle editing small groups at once, but he will struggle with anything more than four or five. He can sense other minds and can be effective in a range of about 100 metres or so, although the closer they are, the easier. He can go further back in someone's memories and edit them more extensively, but that requires a great more time and effort. He's very practised doing quick, recent edits--what he likes to call his Jedi Mind trick--but he hasn't put a lot of effort into doing more extensive memory rearrangement, which is much more difficult for him.


His specialty as a mercenary was not outright combat (although he's a pretty good shot and just as good hand-to-hand) but infiltration. He's a sneaky sort, and the fact he can reroute some memories so his passage goes unremarked doesn't hurt.

He has a certain amount of offensive and tactical charm. He sculpts with clay as a hobby (he finds it stress-relieving) and he, on occasion, plays football (soccer to the Americans). He at one point cherished dreams of playing for England until he turned an ankle at thirteen.


A charming rogue. A rogue who inwardly struggles with things like honour and morality and is it really so bad to change peoples' memories, but prefers to laugh at it all the same. He doesn't let many people close, choosing to carefully deflect them with a wink and a smile.


Rohan Ainsworth was born in West Yorkshire, the son of a family of sheep farmers on one side, and on the other, of an awful lot of curry cooks. His mother was the third generation to run the venerable (and creatively-named) Curry Palace, one of Yorkshire's finest Indian restaurants. Rohan, on the other hand, was desperate to escape the dubious fate of becoming the fourth generation to run the Curry Palace, and set his sights on the equally exciting goal of becoming a history teacher.

It was at uni, however, that Things Happened. First of all, he discovered how to use an odd talent he had since he was abotu thirteen. He had learnt, then, he could read people's minds. Or, specifically, their memories. At first he thought he was imagining it, but as time went on, he realized it had to be for real. He was a telepath--a mutant. And, while at uni, he discovered the extent of his talents. He could not only read memories, he could edit them. Rearrange them, delete them, add them, mutate them. He kept this secret from all but his flatmate and long time best friend, Ricky, because who would trust someone who could play with your memories? (Ricky, on the other hand, just thought it was cool.)

Secondly, Ricky got in over his head with a local drug pedlar, Lincoln, and decided, for reasons known only to himself, to attempt to save himself by explaining about his old friend's odd ability. Before long, Rohan found himself pressed into all sorts of 'errands' for the drug ring, all of the sort his mutation could make go much more smoothly, all to keep his old friend alive.

For some time, Rohan thought if he could just ride it out until he finished his studies, everything would be all right. However, one night a girl died, and he realized this was very serious. Time to Do The Right Thing and turn Lincoln in.

Lincoln disagreed. And the whole situation ended with Ricky dead, the Curry Palace in flames, and Rohan's entire family and friends very aware of his mutation--and completely unwilling to talk to him ever again. His life in tatters, Rohan fled to India to work as a mercenary. He honed his skills with gun and knife, and gained a reputation as an infiltrator, aided by a mutation he didn't like to discuss. Minor telepathy, nothing more. And he waited to revenge himself on the man who had ruined his life, and destroyed his family's legacy.

Three years ago the opportunity came, and Rohan threw himself at it, burning all his bridges--and ruining a relationship or two--in the process. For nothing. Lincoln got away, and Rohan disappeared into a bottle. After all, free drinks are easy to get if you can convince the bartender he already took your money. Until he finally washes up in New York...


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