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Riley Rose Carter
Alias Cupcake
Gender female
Age 26
Mutation a+ vision, light bending
Birth March 21, 2019
Height 5'7"
Hair red, mostly
Eyes light/bright brown
Markings so. many. freckles.
Skin fair
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School, X-Force
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Riley Carter is a cheerfully enthusiastic former XS student and X-Force agent with a decently good head on her shoulders despite her tendency toward overt friendliness. Has a decent work ethic, and is expressively inclined via sparkles and baked goods


Riley's reputation doesn't have a very wide circle, but where it does exist she's know for being friendly, cheerful, and a hard worker, as well as the go-to hookup for baked goods and specialty ice creams.


Riley's mutations are twofold: one, a tempered-down version of her mother's freaky-awesome eyesight and accompanying just plain a little bit freaky eyes, and two, the ability to manipulate light to some degree. Due to the unique mutation of the light receptors in her eyes, she has above human distance vision -- like a really good pair of binoculars, or a pro-quality personal telescope -- without sacrificing clarity up close -- she's no microscope, but she can make out fine detail that someone with average vision would be more likely to overlook. Riley is, effectively, living in a world of super high-def; she's gotten good at not getting overwhelmed by it, but if tired or overstressed she has been known to have difficulty changing her focus, especially between long- and mid-range fields of vision. Light receptors also affect night vision, and hers is excellent: if a situation called for night-vision goggles, she probably wouldn't need them; relatedly, her eyes reflect in the dark, similar to a dog or a cat. Finally, she can see more than the usual human visual spectrum -- into infrared and ultraviolet. It took training for her to /not/ get caught up in or distracted by them, so now it takes effort for her to see them -- she can focus, but they don't overwhelm her.

The last part of one has been speculated to be tied in with her light-bending abilities: it helps to be able to see /all/ of what you're working with, after all. While not capable of creating full light-based illusions like some people, she can create a number of minor-league showman special effects, as well as a few more heavy-duty useful effects. The former includes things like sparkles, sparklers, aura-like halos or colored light effects around a room, which can be maintained for as long as her concentration lasts. The later, and more offensively minded: she can create short, intense bursts of super-bright light similar to the flash of a flash-bang, which are capable of temporarily but effectively blinding a room. Similarly useful, although more limitedly so, she can bend light around herself and objects so that they appear invisible to the naked (mundane human) eye or camera. She isn't quite adept enough to entirely fool infrared cameras, although she can trick them slightly. The current known limits of her invisibility ability are: herself and up to one other person, herself and another person's worth of /stuff/, or two reasonably sized adult males worth of stuff (or people!) if she isn't also included. If she's deploying this at her max mass range, she can only maintain the field for about 10-15 minutes before it starts to fizzle out and everyone/thing is visible again. When it's just herself, she can maintain it for approximately twice that long -- half an hour or so -- although in both cases disruptions to her concentration cause disruptions to whatever she is doing. She doesn't have to be touching things to make them invisible, but has to maintain either a reasonable line of sight or be reliably certain of the light conditions once they pass out of it; fortunately, her (unobstructed) line of sight is pretty damn decent.


Riley Rose Carter came in a little bit like the Spanish Inquisition: entirely unexpected, and yet ultimately the predictable end result of some less-than-stellar life choices on the part of at least one person in charge of the whole affair. Unlike the Spanish Inquisition, however, Riley's arrival ruined statistically fewer lives. Once the initial shock and self-recriminations were over, well after her father had disappeared (figuratively AND literally) at the first mention of pregnancy, Riley went to live with her maternal grandparents: a recently-retired chemical engineer, and his wife who presided over one of the most mellow kindergarten classrooms on record. With their encouragement, Aly went on to course-correct her life, opening the small combined bakery and ice cream shop she'd been in negotiations for when the pregnancy (and subsequent disappearance of her supposed business-and-potential-life-partner) was discovered.

Riley's early life was significantly more sedate than the corresponding time in her mother's: they saw each other with as much frequency as Aly could manage, although it wouldn't come out until years later that Riley was, well. Riley was something of a /secret/. Once she was old enough to start school (and once Aly had gained some degree of both financial and, let's be honest here, emotional stability), she moved in with her mother on a permanent basis; her first job, at six, was handing out coupons to the after-church crowd on Sundays. It wasn't a bad little life -- honestly, if you were to ask Riley, it was kind of an /awesome/ little life: their apartment above the store smelled amazing, she never lacked for friendly company, and she was /always/ a class hit when it came time to bring in treats for birthdays. Business grew, Riley grew like a well-adjusted weed, and for a while it looked like everyone's course was set.

Of course, with a pedigree like hers and a penchant for surprises established since birth, it wasn't nearly long enough (if you asked her mother) before precocious little Riley started growing like, well. Like a very /sparkly/ little weed. It had been years since her mother'd had any reason to think about the things her father could do /other/ than his little disappearing act, but it didn't take her long to figure out what was going on. It didn't take much longer before she was negotiating selling the shop, and calling on her alma mater for an entry interview: little Riley was a mutant, and it was clear she'd inherited at least some of her father's affinity for tricks of the light. Whether that was all was definitely in question, and since Riley was due to switch schools at the beginning of the next year /anyway/ -- the tiny family packed up and shipped back to New York.

Riley settled in at Xavier's, while Aly got herself re-situated in nearby Pelham -- close enough for convenience, but not so close that she would smother -- and re-opened Carter's in a much smaller storefront (property taxes being what they are in Westchester), but with a delivery service to make up for it. Riley /loved/ Xavier's, with the same kind of bright, reckless enthusiasm her mother had -- but with several more years as a student to steady her. It really /wasn't/ hard to make friends, even without the spectre of delicious baked goods and test-batch ice creams to draw them to her. She excelled academically; she met the world head-on with a surfeit of good cheer that did not, in her case, equal naivete; she managed to avoid romantic or near-romantic entanglements with terrorists, because that was a story that stopped being funny after a few less star-struck years. She started /officially/ working at Carter's once she was legally old enough to be on the books, because why look farther for an after-school job when there's one been waiting for you all your life.

While not quite the kind of student suited to one-day becoming an X-Man, she was one who had her eyes open, and her eyes on slightly more /sanctioned/ things; she didn't have the family credit to trade on, but she still hand family friends. More importantly: she had the grades and the skills (inborn and hard-earned) to catch X-Force's eye. She was recruited what seemed fairly early on to her; she joined as a probationary special agent once she'd gotten her AA under her belt. Of course, unlike some, while Riley had inherited a measure of her mom's excellent vision, that kind of farsight didn't extend toward actually seeing the future: she'd only been working as an agent (and rid herself of the probie designation) for a couple of years before the rift opened over Staten Island, and all hell broke loose.

In the wake of X-Force disbanding, Riley was a little bit -- adrift. While not without contingency plans, they were the kinds of things she hand't expected to need for /years/. Odd jobs seemed the thing to do while she figured out what to do; odd jobs lost some of their appeal without a steady source of income to supplement them, and it wasn't long before she went home: back to the family business. The odd jobs haven't quite /quit/, but after the last three fairly restless years, a little bird has put an idea in her head (an exasperated mother has said, hey, why don't you got talk to my friend). Which is how she ended up on the doorstep of X-Factor Solutions, bearing pie.


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