Richard Rider

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Richard Rider
Alias Nova
Gender Male
Age 33
Mutation Supersonic Flight
Birth November 30, 1982
Height 6'1"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin Olive
Affiliation X-Factor Solutions
Previous Affiliation X-Force
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Richard Rider was once an X-Force agent who fell into an AU rift. He came out twenty-eight years later and caused its disbandment. He's kind of depressed about it.


Richard possesses the power of gravimetric manipulation that primarily manifests as the power of flight, coupled with heightened reflexes and slightly increased durability. Richard is built more for sprinting than marathons when it comes to the air. Though he can reach speeds of up to 1600 MPH (a little over Mach 2), he wouldn't be able to maintain them for more than about three to five minutes, depending on his condition. He is more comfortable at lower speeds around the 700 to 800 MPH area. At 1000 MPH, he can travel for about an hour before knocking himself out, and further on downwards.

While in flight, particularly at high speeds, his body tends to overcompensate for the stress to allow him a little increased durability. He will not be launching himself through steel doors, but it makes him a handy battering ram for the right situation. His reflexes are designed to enable him to fly at top speeds without killing himself, as well, which makes him a bit quicker on the physical uptake than the average bear.

The Xandarian Worldmind is his brain provides him with an additional level of artificial reflex; the Worldmind is able to complete complex calculations and keep its attention on many more things at once, which means that it can provide Richard with an increased ability to track and target multiple moving targets. As long as he's being polite when he asks. The Worldmind does not make him a science genius, nor does it mean that he has all of its contents in his active memory; rather, it's like an external hard drive that he can ask questions to. It's been able to learn a certain amount about Earth and its inhabitants for the last several years Richard has been back, but it's limited by his human ability to present information for it to consume, and it's not like Richard's keen to sit in front of Wikipedia all day. And with its own kind of sentience, the whole thing is really a complex, occasionally problematic relationship existing in Richard's head. Fun.


Richard Rider was born and raised in Hempstead, New York by parents Charles, a school principal, and Gloria, a homemaker, along with younger brother Robert. Rich was an average student, particularly in contrast to his brilliant younger brother. Money tended to be tight, and Richard was a freshman in high school when his mother found a job as a police dispatcher with the NYPD to help make ends meet.

When he was 14, his latest instance of bullying caused the manifestation of his powers as a quick burst of flight into a bully that left Richard in the hospital for a few days as his body adjusted to the manifestation.

Richard graduated with average grades and went on to lazily study film at an average college in New York City for lack of a better direction to put himself in. He didn't graduate. What he did was figure out what he wanted to do, and, after he enough credits, he did it: he joined the NYPD. With a strong sense of justice and an aptitude for physicality, he excelled as a beat cop with his veteran partner Roman Diaz. Roman became a close friend and mentor to Richard, but two years later, he was killed in the line of duty during a drug bust.

At 25, Richard was accepted into the NYPD Emergency Service Unit. He specialized in hand-to-hand combat in particular, though his training was naturally varied. He served with distinction for several years before circumstances forced him to alter the course of his life: in dealing with a hostage situation, Richard used his powers to help save a woman who would have otherwise been pushed to her death. Of course, this ended up in the common situation so many outed mutants find themselves in: he lost his job.

Which is about when he got picked up by X-Force. He spent over a year in the organization as a talented field agent, but in 2012, he was a part of the team that investigated reports of a rift opening on Staten Island. And like everyone else on that team, he was swallowed and disappeared.

What he disappeared into was a world very different from where he started. What would become known as the Annihilation AU was, to human eyes, something out of a science-fiction world: a galactic-level war waged between a coalition of races and planets against a hostile force bent on their annihilation. Richard, along with others from his team, managed to fall in with the coalition -- that is, the good guys. He fought with them for several years, his powers being augmented by alien technology to help in the resistance. He lost friends, both new and old, and eventually the war came to a climax. When the loss of Xandar, the most powerful planet of the coalition, seemed imminent, Richard -- well, he kind of had an alien supercomputer uploaded into his brain. The Xandarian Worldmind contained the entirety of Xandarian history, culture, and information, and if any of that was to escape annihilation, it needed a human rocket to get the hell outta dodge. And that was Richard.

He didn't know if the rift reopening was chance or technology, but he escaped back home, the sole returner of the X-Force team that had once disappeared. Unfortunately, a host of enemies followed at his tail, and thousands on Staten Island were killed in the conflict before X-Force was able to defeat them all.

And back on Earth, it was also over twenty years later.

With X-Force's subsequent disbandment, Richard was left jobless and homeless in a world he barely recognized, his friends and family decades older than him now, not to mention to guilt of so many lives lost. He tumbled from sofa to sofa, staying with his brother for a while, tromping across the country with too much alcohol in his pocket. He became, frankly, a bit of a mess. Now even Xavier's is -- if not closed, then changed forever, and the climate for mutants is getting colder every day. A bit of prodding -- that is, a major, forcible wake-up call -- from a friend eventually got him back to NYC. Maybe he can start learning to help people again.


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