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Revelation is a pro-mutant group that has been designated a terrorist organization by most national governments. They are indiscriminate in their use of violence to achieve their means and have increasingly little care for non-mutant lives.

Purpose & Goals

Relevation's intent can only be deduced through its actions, which have thus far been focused on silencing anti-mutant voices, releasing mutants from prison and other undesirable situations regardless of their past, and creating a place where mutants congregate without judgement.

Some claim that Revelation is a mutant supremacist group; others are more sympathetic and claim they are simply doing what they must in order to gain fair treatment.

While their ends may garner sympathy, their means are generally violent and without regard for non-mutant life.

And of course, there is the matter of the symbolism they suggest with their name and the motif of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


Revelation's resources come largely in the shape of mutants - they fight with mutations, they travel with mutations, they appear to discover information through mutations.

It is thought that they have several safehouses located around the world. They have been seen to have the services of a teleporter who carries members from place to place with ease.


Revelation is headed by former X-Man Rogue, who now goes by the codename Death.

Three other major leaders have been identified: Ellen Dramstadt, known as Pestilence; Sheila Novotny, known as Famine;Callisto, known as War.

At least one of the four Horsemen (or women, as the case may be) has been present at every notable Revelation attack thus far. They appear to act as deputies under Rogue's leadership.

Revelation is thought to operate in cells, which formulate and carry out attacks under the direction of one of the Horsemen. It is very rare for more than one of the four to appear together.

Important Figures

Currently Affiliated

  • Callisto (Staff NPC) - Callisto is also known as War, one of the founding members of Revelation recruited by Rogue. (Enhanced speed/reflexes; enhanced strength; enhanced senses).
  • Ellen Dramstadt (Staff NPC) - Ellen Dramstadt was a faithful member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, until after Erik Lensherr's death. Now she is one of the terrors of Revelation and goes by Pestilence. (Cellular manipulation).
  • Sheila Novotny (Staff NPC) - Sheila Novotny is the fourth of the founding members of Revelation, known as Famine, and she has some mysterious ties to the business of the now defunct X-Force. (Terrakinesis).
  • Rogue (Staff NPC) - Rogue was once a key member of the X-Men, once an Xavier's School student, and is now the leader of Revelation. (Powers absorption).
  • T-Rex (NPC) - T-Rex is a member of Revelation. ().
  • Miasma (NPC) - Miasma is a member of Revelation who exhales some sort of gas which can knock people out. (Breathes gas).
  • Grasshopper (NPC) - Grasshopper is a teleporter in his teens who is a part of Revelation. (Teleportation).
  • St. John Allerdyce (NPC) - St. John Allerdyce was a student at Xavier's School before he joined Magneto and the Brotherhood. Now he is with Rogue in Revelation. (Pyrokinetic).
  • Tempete (NPC) - Tempete is a member of Revelation and a weather manipulator. (Weather Manipulation).


  • 2032 - Revelation appears on the local radar after several assassinations of anti-mutant politicians and pundits in California, where a new mutant registration law is being debated.
  • 2034 - Revelation becomes a household name across the United States when it stages a massive prison break in upstate New York, freeing several members of the former Brotherhood of Mutants, including Ellen Dramstadt. Leaked footage from the attack shows Rogue bypassing what was billed as 'mutant resistant security' with terrifying ease. The resulting backlash starts a downhill spiral of renewed anti-mutant legislation and ghettoization across the country.
    • Later in 2034, edited footage from Rogue's attack went viral on the internet. Several shots of chaos and destruction from the prison break are spliced with an image of Rogue ripping apart anti-mutation modified body armor with her bare hands and throwing a guard into a pool of fire. She turns to face the camera as it flies close to her face in a closeup. She smiles, and says: "Welcome to the end times." It is from this video that Revelation publicly gets its name. Soon afterwards, no one is calling them anything else.
  • 2036 -Callisto leads an attack on Chicago's sewer system after extreme ghettoization forced many mutants into underground residence in its sewer tunnels. The resulting infrastructure damage shut down sewage treatment in the city for months and cost the city several million dollars. Chicago has still not recovered from the population and financial loss it suffered as a result.
  • 2039 - Sheila Novotny is first sighted as a member of the group when she destroys the headquarters of a multinational agriculture and bioengineering company in St. Louis, Missouri through means of a massive earthquake which also levels half the city.
  • 2041 - The group breaks open a research lab on the salt flats of Utah and burns it to the ground after killing all employees. They circulate footage of the process on the internet, highlighting a number of atrocities committed on mutants who were the subject of extreme experimentation inside the lab. In the aftermath, several cities experience mutant riots, and Revelation's membership appears to triple.
  • 2043 - After a public hospital in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, turned out several mutant patients following an anti-mutant riot, Ellen Dramstadt led an assault on the hospital that led to the deaths of seven nurses as well as numerous hospital staff. Two surgeons were left alive with the bones melted in their hands."