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Julia RadnofskyYes19Organic SteelJulia is a resident at Open Hands. She is from Hungary and came to the United States as a mail order bride before manifesting. She speaks very little English but is learning.
EchoYes25HypnosisEcho can boast having faced off with X-Force as a fledgeling teenage mutant. Unchecked, she has abused her abilities and used them to control other mutants for years.
Ilya SokolYes31Ilya Sokol is a police detective for Mutant Affairs primarily working a Mutant Town beat.
LoganYesAdamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factorLogan was a principal member of the X-Men and a keystone of the Xavier's School staff until shortly after Jean Grey passed away.
TaurusYes18Animalistic AdaptationsTaurus is a recovering drug addict and resident at Open Hands. His parents are both transplants from Mexico.
Pete BuchananYes19Allergen FieldPete comes from an affluent Upper West Side family that rejected him shortly after his manifestation. Although penniless, he has never been homeless. He is a resident at Open Hands.
Indira AnzanawiYes45Indira Anzanawi is the Captain of Mutant Affairs for the local precinct in Mutant Town.
Misty the Bat GirlYes19Animalistic AdaptationsMisty is a homeless mutant with a checkered and dubious past.
Raven DarkholmeYesMetamorphRaven Darkholme is a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the right hand of Magneto, and she's out there somewhere.
Sergio MirelesYes17PhotokinesisSergio attended Xavier’s but was expelled for fighting. He was arrested once in 2044 and once recently for aggravated assault. He currently resides at Open Hands while pursuing his GED.
Michael O'DonnellyYes42noneMichael O'Donnelly is a veteran NYPD officer in his 40's. He comes across as excessively macho, with something to prove. Formerly of vice, he's a recent transfer to Mutant Affairs and still socializes with a lot of his Vice comrades-in-arms.
Victor CreedYesPhysical mutations, enhanced senses, healing factorVictor Creed is a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, currently at large somewhere. No one really knows where.
PookieYes38ArachnidThe owner of a food truck, he volunteers his time at and makes all of the decisions regarding the kitchen ordering for Open Hands.
Erin DebauerYes54Erin is the landlady of Avenue B Apartments. Although not a mutant herself, she has lived in Mutant Town for many years, and her husband was a mutant.
Bobby DrakeYesIce manipulation, ice formBobby Drake is one of the X-Men and a former student at Xavier's School. He disappeared off the map 30 years or so ago on a mission. Even Charles Xavier wasn't able to locate him using Cerebro.
Tati PardeeYes19Density ManipulationTati was a homeless teen until seeking refuge at Open Hands. She is currently working towards her GED. She wants to go to school to become a beautician.
SieraYes20Animalistic AdaptationsA resident at Open Hands, she is a former prostitute and recovering drug addict.
Camille FrazierYes40NoneCamille Frazier is the LT for the Mutant Affairs precinct principally responsible for Mutant Town.
Nina CaruthersNo16Heat GenerationStudent at Xavier's School and the only daughter of Kade Caruthers and Sierra Oliva.
Adele LaneNo67NoneAdele Lane is a star of stage and screen. She likes to frequently reinvent herself.
AntonNoPyrokinetic wingsAnton is a member of the Russian mafia and a mutant with wings made of fire.
Song JinjiengNo49Song Jinjieng is a senior associate at Stagram & Wolf. She is X-Factor's hiring agent and primary point of contact with the law firm.
Samuel DriverNo58Samuel Driver is the Chief of Mutant Affairs for New York City.
T-RexNoT-Rex is a member of Revelation.
Robert RiderNo62Robert Rider is the younger brother of Richard Rider. He is a physicist and roboticist working out of Glen Haven, Colorado.
Kitty KonstantinovaNoTelekinesisKitty is a member of the Russian mafia and a telekinetic.
Sam SikorskiNoSam Sikorski is the best baker in the world. She's also married to Harrison Brady and mother to Tom Sikorski and Alexandra Brady, among others.
Isabel WeissNo59TelekinesisIsabel Weiss is a telekinetic who worked as an X-Force agent from 2010 until its collapse in 2040.
Ilad Tal-ShacharNo68PyrokinesisIlad was part of X-Force from its second year of operation through approx 2026, when injuries on the job rendered him paralyzed and wheel-chair bound. He writes young adult novels with queer and mutant themes and serves as a local part-time rabbi.
Mortimer ToynbeeNoPhysical mutations, agility, leapingMortimer Toynbee is a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants who has since retired.
Tom SikorskiNo56TelepathyTom Sikorski is Lexie's uptight older brother. He is also married to Isabel Weiss.
EvaNoTelepathyEva is a telepath and a member of Obtshak.
KashanaNo35Kashana is a warrior of Viranthe who more or less leads the resistance movement against Cyenar.
Adam RutledgeNo70DreamweavingAdam Rutledge is mostly retired. Before that, he was a member of X-Force from 2010 until its disbandment, where he served in later years as a primary governmental liaison to various security councils under Paige Northrup.
Jian WongNo29N/AHusband of Samad Gonzalez and cousin of Vega Zhang, Jian recently moved to New York from Beijing. He works for Mystery! Game Co. as a programmer.
St. John AllerdyceNoPyrokineticSt. John Allerdyce was a student at Xavier's School before he joined Magneto and the Brotherhood. Now he is with Rogue in Revelation.
MiasmaNoBreathes gasMiasma is a member of Revelation who exhales some sort of gas which can knock people out.
VitalyNoPower NullificationVitaly is a member of Obtshak with the mutational ability to nullify the powers of other mutants.
OnataNo20Quantum Portal ControlOnata is a mage who Kashana freed from Cyenar's control and stole away into the night.
Harrison BradyNo72ElectrokineticHarrison Brady was an X-Force agent from 2009 until 2014, when he retired and married Sam Sikorski. He is the father of Alexandra Brady.
Idris AtwellNo9Idris is the son of Irene and her only child. His father was killed in the Staten Island incident.
Erik LensherrNoMaster of MagnetismMagneto was the head of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the mutant terrorist organization that was the predecessor to Revelation.
GrasshopperNoTeleportationGrasshopper is a teleporter in his teens who is a part of Revelation.
AndreiNoPower AugmentationAndrei is a member of Obtshak with the power to augment mutant powers.
Louisa HernandezNo27Animal EmpathyLouisa Hernandez is a racehorse trainer, primarily based at Aqueduct.
IgorNoStrength, Metallic skinIgor is a member of the Russian mafia and a mutant with super strength and durable metallic skin.
WorldmindNoWorldmind is a sentient, alien supercomputer that resides in Richard Rider's head.
Ororo MunroeNoWeather ControlOroro Munroe was one of the X-Men and a teacher at Xavier's School.
TempeteNoWeather ManipulationTempete is a member of Revelation and a weather manipulator.

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